Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I'm Going to The Party!

Oh, what oh what shall I wear?

My cousin Sares has a birthday today!! What a special day! She is so much fun. She is a great, creative little blogger. And today, on her blog, she is having a costume party! Click on the link if you want to join her, or see what everyone else is wearing!

Of course I am participating, I'm a clotheshorse and love to dress up. I should mention that I had grand plans for this party, which included a pink party gown and a pretty handsome prince-er, I mean, a spotted Appaloosa, and a Nikon. But plans fell by the wayside this week, par for the course for me these days.

I rounded up a few pictures of dresses that fit me, and the twist is a western theme of course, since this is a cowgirl blog through and true. They aren't as fabulous as my dear cousin's, her's is a gown in all it's glory, I tell you......but these will do. I wish I could dress up for real and celebrate with you, darling cousin, but I will see you soon and we can celebrate!

First up- a ruffle-trim chiffon dress by D&G (Dolce & Gabbana) and was originally featured on Jessica Simpson in the September 2008 issue of Elle Magazine, and priced at $3,325. Mercy! Guess I won't be running out to purchase that dress!

Next up is what I thought was a dress but is actually a shirt/skirt combination. I'm loving the flowy whiteness with leather and turquoise accents. The ensemble is Ralph Lauren Collection the blouse was priced at $295 and the linen two-tier ruffle skirt at $2,750. This was also from a magazine, over four years ago.

Now I really did not need to put the prices but I just had to for the chuckle of it. I should put together a "dress for less" look because I imagine there are similar outfits out there for a fraction of the price.

Then after a bit more browsing, I found this site with adorable, feminine, and very unique dresses. I love, love, eyelet, especially in the summer. This dress is called the "cotton candy eyelet sash dress." I mean, the name alone makes you want to wear it to your cousin's spring birthday party, don't you think? Don't the little blue pom poms remind you of preschool arts and crafts time? And I believe this one of a kind dress is a steal at $89, but unfortunately it is not my size.

I would have to throw on a good pair of cowboy boots with any of these dresses. But of course!

I could not just chose one! I could have spent all day looking at dresses online! I hope you enjoyed seeing what I might wear to the costume party.

Have a wonderful, wonderful day Ms. Sares, you deserve it and I love ya!


  1. You are one Couture Cowgirl! Great costumes Cousin! I thought about doing costume changes too, but my post would have been miles long! Thanks for coming to my party, you are a trooper! I know you've been busy with other things lately so I appreciate it. I wish I looked like Jessica in that dress. Do you think they had to photo shop her much?! Wish I could do that to my pictures!

  2. I can't believe that first dress was that exspensive!! It better come with boots, hat, hair appointment, and super hot cowboy date for that price!! LOL I love all your choices that white eyelet one is m favorite.

  3. Great choices PONY GIRL! See you at the party!

  4. Awwww....cousin of the birthday girl!!! :)

    So you've shown up as a true cowgirl, haven't you?! :)

  5. Nice choices sis! Of course you would be wearing your cowboy boots with all of them! It wouldn't be the same without them!

  6. OOOOh, I love love love the first dress, but geez the price, ouch!!! All of your costumes are great, Sares is the perfect hostess. And I wore ropers with my wedding dress, so you go girl, love it!!!!! (Love your blog too) Have fun at the party!
    ♥ Teresa

  7. Tell Cuz K I miss hearing from her and hope she is well.

  8. The first dress is lovely but at that price, I'd have to pass too!!

  9. Hi!!
    I love the first dress,adorable!

  10. Love your choices for the party!

  11. Hi Pony Girl,

    Cute post! I must say that I love that last dress...especially after I saw the back of the dress.

    Knowing me though, I would accidentally pull off those little pom poms as I kept hiking up the dress! LOL

    Happy Birthday to your sweet cousin!


  12. [Andrea}~ Good point, LOL! :)

    {Sares}~ I'm sure there was some Photoshopping going on...isn't there always?

    {Eclectic Pink Rose}~ Love the ropers with the wedding dress....did you make your bridesmaids do that, too? ;-)

  13. Pretty dresses! wow the prices though! Happy birthday Sares!

  14. Yikees, those prices!?!?! I like them all but I like the simplicity of the eyelet dress! Fun party!! :)

  15. Perfect choice for a Pony Girl! You look lovely!

    I am dressed and finally ready for the party. Please come visit!

    Hugs and Blessings,

  16. What are those little puff balls on that white dress??!!!! I love them. If I were to have a re-enactment of my wedding, I would love to wear that dress with the little puff balls!

  17. I can just see the bounce in the pom poms as you dance with your boots about the dance floor. Enjoy! heidi

  18. Love those dresses...have fun!

  19. Of course you were a Cowgirl...if I had remembered the party I would have been...a SALOON GIRL!!!!

  20. Always in fashion, that Pony Girl! :)

  21. Hmmmm... maybe something from that RM WIlliams catalogue that I featured here:

    Sweet dresses... can quite imagine you in them!

  22. Don't ya just wish that money was no object when it came to clothes! I'm sure you looked great in whatever you put on. Hope you had a good time!


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