Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Oh Baby!

With all of the newborn foals being born around blogville, I couldn't resist looking back at the few pictures I have of My Boy as a foal. I am lucky to have these.

I only wish I could have known the little spotted stinker back then!

I just love this picture of his face. Unfortunately, the photographer cut his ears of the shot.

But look at his eyelashes! And his little whiskers!

And of course, he doesn't really have sky blue eyes.

He looks so shy and innocent in this picture. Almost like a little filly. Sorry My Boy, but you do!

My heart just melts every time I see these pictures.

Because part of this charm is still present in that handsome 15 year old face of his.

It is why he is so hard to resist.

So hard to get mad at.

So hard not to spoil rotten!


  1. You're lucky to have photos of him as a foal - I wish I had some of mine! He does have the same sweet expressions as when he was a foal.

  2. You are so lucky to have baby pics of your Boy. I'm sooo jealous. Unfortunately I know nothing about Possum before I first laid eyes on him myself. He may be registered, he may have some terrific story of his breeding and or parents. I have no idea. I often day dream and make up silly stories of a handsome TB jumping the fence and mating with an appy mare in someone's backyard hahaha. I do know one thing though, someone atleast had brains enough to geld him. I couldn't imagine Possum as a stud, the world would be in trouble if he was.

    I actually have thought about having an equine psychic talk with him. I also wonder about his past abuse especially and what happened specifically.

  3. I thought we all spoiled our babies! He is a beauty. I would love to have pictures of my babes when they were little.

  4. Yes you are lucky! I'd love some pic's of my filly at that age as well!!

  5. He sure was cute as a baby! Almost as cute as you!

  6. Oh Pony've got it bad!

  7. My Boy is one lucky man to have you! It would be so much fun to have photos of Dusty a a baby!

  8. He was a very cute baby. You are fortunate to have those pics. He grew into a very handsome fella.

  9. Yes,you are so lucky to have some baby pictures, most of us a never seen one of our baby!

  10. Very cute and from what I can tell looks like the damn is sure pretty too! I love it when they are wild spotted! Thanks for sharing and hope your weather is getting better! 89 here today!

  11. He sure is a cute little man.
    I have one photo of Brandy as an 8 month old and since I still know her previous owner I have seen other photos of her from a yearling to around 6 yrs old.
    I only have Fritzy's baby picture on her registration papers. I am sure she was just as bossy than as she is now!

  12. Awww...what a cutie!, and I was glad to read that his sarcoid appears to be on the mend. :)

    PS-Your and Paint Girl's banter on my blog cracked me up!!!!! Do I need to haul up North and take you gals out for a long, wintery ride??? LOL!!!!

  13. How cool that you have foal photos! I wish I had some of Divna. Of course we spoil them -- no reason to have them otherwise!!

  14. Hey friend, I wanted to thank you for your kind words. What a wonderful support group this blog world turned out to be. It was so comforting reading everyones comments.
    Yes it is that time of year, babies everywhere. My boy was/is sure a cute litle dude

  15. He does still have such a sweet face.

    When I bought Emma my freind gave me her "baby book" so I have all the pics of Emma from newborn to
    2yrs, plus all that I have added.

    We even saved her baby teeth when she left them in her grain bucket LOL

    and people wonder why horse people are so passionate about their horses LOL we put as much or more into them as our kids sometimes! and there is a whole lot of money invested too!

  16. Hah! PG, You've got it bad for your handsome boy. hehe!

    He sure was a cute little colt, though wasn't he. And not much has changed either :)

    Give him a carrot for me.


  17. otally OT PG but I just had to share this link with you , Zebra stuff!

  18. What a cute baby he was...and a handsome boy now.

  19. What a beautiful baby, who grew up to be a GORGEOUS horse! He is just so pretty, love his coloring! You've got a great horse, what a lucky boy his is!!! :-)

  20. I love his baby pictures too!! He as such a cutie!! And you are so lucky to have them. When ever we sell a baby we have I always give them a bunch of foal pictures. I know I would like to have them.....

    And he does have a sweet face. Very spoil worthy!! :)

  21.!!! He is SOOOO adorable PG! I love his eyelashes...they are a Maybelline commercial :D

    Squishes to the handsome devil from his admirer :)

  22. He's precious, both then & now. What a cute little butt on him as a colt!


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