Monday, March 23, 2009

My Snorty Boy

This weekend My Boy had his farrier appointment. I wanted to work him out beforehand, since the sarcoid and bad weather had put a recent stop to the good workouts I'd started him on.

When I led My Boy out for grooming, his head was up and his senses were heightened. I could tell he was "full of it." He needed a good grooming, he's shedding like mad. The scab is still a big scab, but looks like it is close to coming off, perhaps sometime this week. My guess is it will get itchy and he will rub it off. Until the scab is off and I can see what is underneath or how it is healing, I won't know if the sarcoid is completely gone or if we'll have to do another treatment.

Up to the arena we went. I sighed with relief that it wasn't too muddy. I wanted to just turn him loose and let him go at it! I walked him around a bit to warm up, and he quickly spotted something in the woods behind the arena.

Two does creeping through the knobby trees. They were so quiet. He didn't hear them, but he saw the flash of movement.

Finally, I got him to lose interest and turned him loose, flicked my carrot stick, and he was off! He felt good and it showed! Bucks, snorts, blowing, head up, head down, heels out, rollbacks, extended trots. I saw it all. Can't wait to muscle up that hiney a little more this spring!

Once again, he's fixated on something in the woods, probably the deer as they exit the property.

Okay, back to business! He was going sooooooo slow in this photo. It makes him look like he is on his tip toes, a little horsey ballet, maybe? No worries, My Boy is in touch with feminine, graceful side. After all, he sported a pink bow in his forelock last summer! Shhhh!

Once in a while he would stop, raise his head regally, smell the air, and just blow. Also, it was all about the tail. For some reason, he just had to flag, lift, and parade that tail!

I got a little video of his snorting as he turned from this position in the above photo and started snortin' around the arena.

I let My Boy be for the rest of the weekend as his back (unshod) hooves are always a bit tender for a day or two after being trimmed. I worry about his hooves getting too soft with all of this wet weather, and applied some thrush medication. It's nearing that jolly old abscess time, I hope Paint Girl and I can avoid them this year. Last month, My Boy lost a shoe, and then her mare Fritzy lost a shoe two weeks afterward. Last year, Fritzy got a hoof abscess and a few months afterward, My Boy did. These two need to stop giving each other ideas!

No sarcoids Fritzy- don't even think about it!


  1. Thank you for sharing the clip. I always enjoy your pictures but really liked watching him move! He looks really good!

  2. No sarcoids, no sarcoids, no sarcoids! Fritzy will be repeating this for the next couple months!
    Your boy looked like he was having fun in the arena! Those deer are so quiet that you don't even know they are there! My 2 horses flipped over them a couple weeks ago after my shoeing appt. It is so funny to watch them. They see the deer everyday!

  3. I don't wish an abcess on anyone, that's for sure! Jaz's hooves are soft and crumbly, and I still can't believe how FAST that happened. We're already treating two of them for thrush. YUK.

  4. Love the pictures - he's a handsome boy and moves very well. The video was particularly fun!

  5. What a lovely way of going he has! He must be a real joy to ride!(when he isn't farting around) BTW I lovethe photoshop pic from the last post.

  6. Enjoyed the video! Nice floaty trot! I wanted to let my boys loose in the ring last weekend but it's still too slick. The mud was just started to dry but now it's raining. I'll be begging for rain this summer but right now, it's not good.

  7. Hey PG! I wonder if my My Boy and Baby Doll were getting their feet trimmed at the same time. BD had her's done at noon on Saturday.

    My Boy looks like he's feeling some Arabian with his tail flagging all pretty like that. And my 6 yr daughter overheard My Boy snorting and said "Is that a kitty purring on the video?" lol!

    He's so full of himself and having a great time! :)


  8. {Lisa}~ Too funny, he DOES sound like he's purring! A very BIG kitty, though! ;)

  9. I think I would worry also about all of the soft footing they have. But what else can you do?

    The video was GREAT! I loved the snorting noise and his head tosses.

  10. Great video and pic's PG. Love the new look!

  11. Heh, that video made me laugh! Snorting horses are so entertaining.

    I like the picture of My Boy on his tip toes as well!

  12. Cute video - my old horse Jackson used to make that same snorting noise - kinda cute!

    He sure is a handsome boy! I hope you and Paint Girl can avoid any other horse problems!

  13. I just read this new article on sarcoid treatment and thought of you -

  14. Love the new spotted butt banner!!! Your boy sure has some pretty spots; love the snorty video. He does sound like a BIG kitty purring! LOL
    He's one handsome boy and a very nice mover.

  15. Nice pictures and fun video. That's an impressive snort he has.

  16. All I can say is... "Man, I do LOVE Appaloosa's!!!"

    That snorting thing, well my Appy does that too. LOL He is also quite the show off when he is 'full of himself'. Maybe another Appy trait?

    I hope when the scab does let go, it will be healing time next! :)

  17. Looks like your boy had fun romping around! Whata pretty boy he is. Love the new Header!

  18. Great video! He looks like he has a wonderful trot. He was feeling good and seemed to enjoy his little work-out. We've been having very wet and windy weather here as well. I am so very tired of winter and cannot wait for things to dry out and get warmer. I am more than ready to get the riding season underway. I haven't even been on my horse since last fall...way too long. The horses have had no conditioning since last fall and other than what they do in the pasture, no exercise either. We've got our work cut out for us.

  19. Oh, PG, I love love love that new header! Fabulous. Your boy does look like he is enjoying his lighter coat and a good romp-around.

  20. Well look at that handsome spotted devil move, will ya?! He looks beautiful!!!! Love that video and him bucking a few little spunky bucks :D Hi My Boy! LilyBearGuppieLips would like you to come over and play!!!

  21. Loved the video, your boy is so handsome! The purring/snorting is really funny! My boy likes to let out one big LOUD snort after he stops running, bucking and um, (to be polite) passing gas, hehe.

    I recently found a great shedding tool called the Furminator. It's amazing and removes more hair then a regular shedding blade and doesn't break the hair off like a pumice stone. I got the large 4" for 30. on Ebay. Worth every penny!

    Like the new look too!


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