Monday, March 30, 2009

Just Another Sunday on the Farm

Sunday was partly sunny, a good day to get outside things done. It was time to head to the Painted Creek farm to tend to my horsey chores!

First up, we got hay. I usually buy around 8 bales at a time, which lasts a little over a month. I was happy to see that the price had gone down a dollar a bale.

Next up, helmet shopping. The tack shop had the exact style and color I wanted, but not in my size. I'm telling ya, that always happens to me. I walked out with a pair of $4.95 gloves instead, as my favorite Ariat grooming and longing ones are getting a hole on one of the fingers.

Back to the farm to see my horse. I met him in the pasture and let him have some snacks as I started to groom him. Hair was a flyin' everywhere!

If I can just get this bucket tilted right....


It's not a good thing, grooming a shedding horse on a breezy day. Unless you want to close your eyes while you're brushing! I picked his hooves, applied some thrush medication, and checked out his scab. Of course I'll post a photo, because I know you are probably really, really missing the scab photos, right?

It looks about the same. Maybe a little better. The vet will be out to do shots in a week or so, I'll have her check it then and tell me whether I need to do another cycle of Xxterra.

I didn't bring My Boy out as I am feeling under the weather and trying to take it easy, but just seeing him, and standing in the sun for a while, felt like it make me a wee bit healthier!

Everyone on the farm seemed to be enjoying the Sunday sun, including Ralph, the cud chewing goat. Looks like he's starting his spring shed, too!

Even Paint Girl's mares were napping in the sun in the back of their pasture. In fact, nothing seemed capable of disturbing them too much. Not a photo-snapping Pony Girl. Not even the cacophony of sounds going on back there. Take a listen and see if you can guess what that sound of spring is (and no, it's not a UFO landing.)

As I got back to the house, I saw Domino the cat lying near the tire of the truck. I got down to snap a picture (can't go anywhere without taking a picture of something....even a rock makes a nice subject if my mood is right......)

He immediately got up and crawled over, threw himself into the gravel and began rolling and wanting some petting.

Not fifteen seconds later he took off running back to the tire in hot pursuit. Huh?

A-ha, I see, I see! He was after this little guy. Wait, let me rephrase that. He was after this BIG guy.

Cat pursued mouse under the truck and horse trailer for several minutes. The poor mouse appeared uninjured, just a little in shock as he stopped to rest under the horse trailer tire. It was his lucky day, Domino didn't look like he wanted a meal, just a little lazy afternoon play time and he finally wandered off to let the mouse be. Now if it'd been Paint Girl's cat Morgan on this hunt....well, that mouse would have been supper.

Not to totally change the subject, but just for you Jane, the vintage Dan Post buckaroos on my feeties! Please excuse the self-portrait-in-a-mirror shot. This has an awfully 70's retro vibe, don't you think? No, I'm not wearing acid washed jeans, I just think the mirror is dusty!

And after Tammy mentioned my Justin's boots might be lizard, I did some research online. I discovered that Justin still makes boots out of (iguana) lizard skin. Most of them are styled similar to, and have style numbers in the 4000's, like my pair. Also, they are pricey little buggers, nearly $300! So if I got a used pair in great shape, and they are authentic lizard, mine were a steal at $52! Coolness! Am I too old to use this word?

Speaking of the Painted Creek Farm....stay tuned, I have a surprise to announce to you in the weeks to come!

I hope you all had a great weekend and accomplished something that you wanted to, no matter how small!


  1. Love the boots! Don't you just love finding something you really want and getting it at a bargain price!! Hay has gone down a little in my area too thank God! It was up to $19 a bale!!!

  2. I hope you get to feeling better! You should know the first rule of thumb..never groom in wind! LOL I learned that last week and ended up with more horse hair in my eyes than i care to tell about! hee hee
    Good luck on the helmet search!!!!!

  3. What a hectic post... so much happening! Great mouse shots. Afraid I was egging the cat on in this series!!

    Has anyone mentioned what a great figure you have - or does it take a loud-mouthed Aussie to mention such things - those boots and jeans look awesome!!

  4. Wow you did well on the boots! Congrats! Oh my, I guess I've been whining a bit about our bales being expensive at $5 - $7 each here! I cannot imagine paying $19 a bale for our six horses like BuddahCowgirl! We don't feed straight alfalfa and it's a nice mix so I'll consider myself fortunate! Yes, I know all about the blowing hair too...we have it flying and yesterday it snowed! Big flakes! Yuck....I'm not a happy camper! I'm ready to get out of dodge to some shows! Enjoyed your post with all the photos! The little critter was so cute under the tire....we need your cat here! We're low on barn cats! LOL!

  5. Oh yes, Bush Babe, agreed... I was meaning to comment on those long lean model legs at the top of those boots! I'm amazed since I'm only 5'2"...those boots would be up to my ta tas! LOL!

  6. WOW! Lots of excitement at the Painted Creek Ranch! Let's see, you should have a contest to see if someone can guess what the big news will be! The mother doesn't even know. But my WISH would be a wedding or a baby!!! hehe

  7. {Blue-Eyed Tango & BB}~ Thanks for the sweet figure comments...hee! I'm only 5'3" (on a good day! my friend and I were measuring ourselves last summer and I think I've actually shrunk since high school, I appear to be closer to 5'2" now. I'm not giving up that extra inch, though! :) I will say though, I'm lucky in that my legs are long for my frame. Paint Girl's are even longer...and she's taller! Brat. Anyway, we can thank our mother and father for their genetics, I suppose. Although it wasn't always a blessing. In high school, I was always trying to GAIN weight and hated my skinny knobby knees!

  8. Aah yes, women always seem to hate something about their bodies no matter how great they look. I do believe it's our society that makes us think that we all need to look perfect...whatever that is. *sigh* A surprise huh?? For some reason, I immediately thought - pregnant??? Looks like your momma has the same idea, or is hoping!

  9. Scab's looking good! Our frogs have really started up (or were before this weekend's snow!) - but yours are even louder. Nice that you were able to get out and enjoy the weather.

  10. BUMMER you missed the contest, but there is ALWAYS next time!

    I love giving stuff away!

    I'll be sure and stop by more often!

  11. Love your boots. That's some nice looking hay too. Hope your boy's scab heals soon. And hope you are feeling better. Great picture of one lucky little mouse too.

  12. {Grey Horse}~ It is an orchard grass hay and fairly expensive, but has some alfalfa mixed in. You can actually see the bright green alfalfa stalks mingled in! My Boy doesn't need it, but until the local grass hay cutting, it's all we got! Besides, the bales are big and last a long time, and I can feed less. I used to feed him straight alfalfa, that was TOO much for him.

  13. The shedding is happening with our mares, too. It is amazing how much hair there is when it starts to let go!! Guess the birds like it to build nests with (nature's recycling). The cat photos are great -- very surprised he didn't kill that mouse. I can't count how many mice, rabbits, chipmunks, and birds I have taken away from our cats over the years. Love the boots!! Great bargain, too, which makes them that much more cool! And no, you are not too old to use that word.....

  14. What a great looking day . We are still coated in snow and MUDD

  15. {John and Regina}~ I loved your comment about nature's recycling! I used the tree trunk to scrape my brushes as I groomed, and there was hair everywhere on the ground...I'd like to think that hair is making a cozy little nest somewhere for some baby bird eggs!

  16. The boots look awesome! An was that frogs I heard? Hope you're feelin' better.

  17. Awww what a cute kittie!!!

    I know what you're talking about! Stewy's shedding like MAD lately. I really should go out today and work on him a bit more. I love when the real golden coat shows through, but I also like his little dapples he gets on his light, Palimino coat in the winter!


  18. {Lydia}~ I hate it when the hair sits on the surface, and one swipe and the brush is so full it won't collect more. It's a good workout for my arms, anyway! :)

  19. That's pretty looking hay. I hope prices come down down across the country. Last I heard locally was that it probably wouldn't drop. But that was from a feed store, so maybe they were just hoping to keep their prices high.

    The boots look great! What a find!

    Disappointing to not go home with a helmet. I couldn't find the right sized Troxel at my locals stores either. I tried several other Troxels on, found my size and ended up ordering the one I wanted online.

  20. Great pics, sounds like you got alot accopmlished! Love the boots! And a great deal to boot! He he he!

  21. We have frogs galore around here. I don't usually hear them like that during the day, usually when it gets dark they make an appearance and boy are they loud!
    Love your boots too!
    My Domino kitty likes to just play with the mice. Like PG says, if Morgan was around that would have been a dead mouse. She's my killer. I am always finding birds, mice, moles, shrews and the worst of them all....snakes! YIKES! She brings them to me alive and drops them at my feet, not good for someone who has an intense fear of snakes!
    Mother, no babies! Why is it you always think babies when the word surprise is mentioned? :)

  22. OOOOoooo! Love those boots. Lovely!!

    I have a question. My hubby & I are starting to look into buying horse property. I've boarded my horses since I've owned them and I really need to find out how many flakes of hay 1 horse eats per week. Also, how many flakes are in a bale (on average)? Any help is greatly appreciated!

    Again, thank you so much for stopping by my blog (I responded to your comment there). Going to peruse your blog now. I love your front page pic btw.

  23. Had to add, just noticed Gus McCrae there. Yes, a true cowboy. The Standard by which all others are measured. (I loved that book and Duval was perfect as Gus in the mini series doncha think??)

  24. Them mices are smart! I've found them hiding from my cat behind a tire on many occasions! I always feel bad when I see him chasing them & I try to distract him! Your appy boy is absoutely beautiful!

  25. Paint Girl: When your mother was growing up she had a cat named "Fangster" that also killed snakes. One am when we were teenagers your Pappy called out from his bedroom to your mom...come get your cat, who had snuck into his bedroom window. Pappy was not overly fond of our cats so she ran in to get him. As she turned to leave, Pappy said "get his friend too" yes it was a dead snake!!!
    Pony Girl: the boots are great, and the scab looks much better to me!!!

  26. Aw, the boy is so handsome under the sunshine and the cat and the mouse are really cute! I take it the mouse made it safely back home? Sheba (our Rhodesian ridgeback) doesn't waste a minute chasing lizards in the yard. I am amazed we still have any! :-) I tried the aussie saddle this weekend and on a comfort level, it was grand! A little too wide for our slender 1st generation barbs but I'm hoping for the next generation. Isolde will be seven months tomorrow but she's almost as big as her mother, so I can't imagine they'll be anything else but taller and broader.

    Warm greetings,

  27. Ooh, I love surprises. Do tell!

  28. Hi PG, good post! Oh, thanks for showing off the boots on your footsies (is that a word?) They look grand on you, wish we had places like that to shop around here, but sadly no! No tack shops with helmets, saddles or much of anything else; have to shop on-line.
    The hay looks good, BIG bales! After reading that so many have to buy hay, I am one lucky woman!!! I don't have to board my horse and we bale our own hay; we put up from 250 to 350 bales a year depending on the weather. Our fields are very small but enough to feed our livestock. Which right now consist of Gilly and Pokey; may get some more cows again in the future.
    Oh, the peepers singing!!! Ours haven't started to sing yet, still too cold for them; but soon. I love to hear the peepers in the spring time, then it wouldn't be long before the Whippoorwill will start his night song....ahhh, spring is on the way!!
    Beautiful kitty, my kitty hunts mice mostly but Lucy the Australian Shepherd is the real hunter here. She will kill anything!!! so the varmit population is almost nothing around here!! LOL
    My Boy looks handsome as ever, yes, all that hair is bad with the wind blowing! I always seem to get a mouth full too...UCK! Gilly's last place to shed off is his belly, he always has long feathers there! Of course he is very hairy in the winter, have long, long hair on his legs. Looks like feathery draft horse feet; he may have some draft in him, who can say?
    Feel better! :-)

  29. Sorry to hear that you are feeling under the weather again...I have been too. I swear that I have been sicker this winter, than I have been in years!
    Glad that you were able to make time for that spotted pill of yours though. :)

  30. Great photos! Love the kitty and goat AND new header!

  31. It's shedding time of year for sure, just don't wear lip gloss/balm when you are grooming like i did this weekend. The hair stuck like crazy...gross!

  32. Wow, busy day! Sounds like frogs and or crickets!

  33. Those are frogs, frogs in the video!! I hate tree frogs. They creep me out. They live on our windows here, and they jump on you when you walk outside. Oh how I hate tree frogs!!

    Girl, that mouse!! LOL!! That is too funny.

    And how cool are those boots!! You are so lucky to have found two great pair of boots for just about nothing!! Awesome finds!! Gotta love those flea markets!!

  34. {Andrea}~ I'll never forget your blog post on frogs, LOL! ;) I think that would freak me out, them jumping on me as I walked by!

  35. Great post, makes me feel the horsehair in my mouth! I usually wore a pair of safety glasses to shed out and demud my horse with a shedding blade in the spring months. Just too much flying stuff to be endured....Ah, I miss that. Thanks for all the shots. All that and a new hay supply, too. What can be better than a big pile of hay? (Answer: A really big pile of hay!)

  36. Wow! Those aliens are loud! The mares were so funny. They totally knew you were watching them. lol!
    Those frogs reminded me of a time when my family went camping at the beach in Georgia. The place was quite rustic and on the shower walls.....frogs...not just one...or two...but many!
    I stood there taking the quickest shower ever...afraid to touch the walls, afraid the little buggers would jump off the wall and land on me with their sticky sucker feet. Gah!

    I'm glad you got to spend a sunny day out with your handsome boy. His scab looks pretty good, too. I hope the vet says he's almost healed.

    That mouse is huge! Are you sure it's not a pack rat? Do you have them up there?

    Your vintage boots are sweeet!



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