Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Latest Scoop

I drove to the Painted Creek Tuesday after work to see My Boy and put the Xxterra on. I told Paint Girl not to feed him his grain, but to let me do that when I got there (incentive for him to stick around for his meds!)

It was a lovely crisp day. The wood stove fire burned against a blue sky and snow still lingered on the roof of Paint Girl's house. The air smelled like.....early November. Bizarre. That is my new word of the month, everything is bizarre these days.

There were lots of tracks in the snow.

Birdie tracks.

Doggie tracks.

Pony Girl tracks!

My Boy was half finished with his hay. He was waaaayy in the back of his pasture. Like the wonderful horse owner I am, I hauled his grooming tote and bucket of grain and carrots to him, slopping through two inches of wet snow on top of 2 inches of mud. Yes, he would have come down for his grain. But I wanted to hang out and groom him while he ate, anyway.

Before I show you Tuesday's bump picture, here are three previous pictures of My Boy's bump, I will label them by date.

Sunday, one week ago:

Friday, day of vet visit:

Sunday, after two days of treatment:

Tuesday, after 4 days of treatment:

Hmmm. What do you think? I'm sorry the photos were not all taken from the exact same zoom range, hence the possible difference in size. It was hard to tell what is happening because it is so caked with dried Xxterra. After I took this last photo, I tried to brush it off a bit before applying a new coat.

The bump appears to be a little "flatter" to me, but has obviously not inflamed and gotten worse. Worse in a good way, because it is supposed to be getting worse before it gets better! Patience is a virtue, and I will continue to apply it for 3 more days. Then, I will call the vet and proceed according to her advice.

I groomed My Boy. He even let me pick his hooves while eating his hay. Then I just hung out with him for a bit. It was peacefully quiet, the sun was setting behind the trees and the air was still. It was cold but not unbearable, and after a long day at work, I found it surprisingly relaxing listening to him munch on his hay. Goodness he was silly, using his little muzzle to work that hay around, getting to the leafiest scraps.

Oh- I took a little video, so watch for yourself!

Of course, he couldn't miss going for an extra lick in the bucket. You know, something might have appeared since the last time he checked!


  1. The best stuff is always on the bottom! I think the bump is flatter too.

  2. Hard to tell about the bump - wait and see what happens over the full course of treatment - it does look a little different.

    Love the video of those lips and muzzle in action! Only a horse person would take such a video and only a horse person would watch (and enjoy) it!

  3. The bump is changed slightly , maybe the inflamation is more subdermal and you won't see anything until it starts to peel or open up?

  4. "You know, something might have appeared since the last time he checked!"

    That is the exact same thing as when people open the fridge and walk away then come back 5 minutes later and open it and stare into it, waiting for that magical mystery food you might have missed the last time, to appear. I am guilty of doing that all the time.

    Isn't it amazing how sensitive their lips are. Look at him wiggling his to feel around for the bits he wants, however small they are.

  5. Your Boy could be a stunt double as a vacuum cleaner.

  6. Yes, the bump is flatter for sure. That is some really green hay. He is enjoying it. I see he is decked out for St Patrick's Day!

  7. I like his big eye and the soft expression! I think the bump appears flatter. I agree only a horse person would appreciate the video....we could watch em for hours!

  8. I love the sound of a munching horse. I've often thought if I could record hours of that and listen to it at work, the day would be much less stressful.

  9. It's cute how he moves his lips around to get the good crumbs. And the lump looks like it's healing right.

  10. Hmmm, based on my experience with Xterra, it should be far more inflamed by now, if it truly is a sarcoid. However, it does appear to be slightly flatter, but that doesn't make sense either. It should look very angry, nasty and quite inflamed if it's working. They usually look larger (more inflamed) before they either fall off, or are easily removed by picking at it. should be very painful by now. Does he not want you to touch it?? Or does he care?

  11. {C-ing Spots}~ It is not inflamed and he doesn't seem to mind if I touch it. Like you said, I don't think it is working the way that it is supposed to. Angry and nasty are what the vet said it should do, too! I will see what is happening tonight, but my guess is I will give it a rest, then start another round in a week. Perhaps it is not a sarcoid after all?

  12. A horse's lips are amazing. They are more sensitive than fingers. My Boy was totally focused on finding those tasty morsels at the bottom...until he noticed you and seemed to be wondering, 'uummmm, what are you doing with that camera thing, Mom?' lol!

    I don't see much difference in the bump. What does that mean if the medicine isn't doing what it's supposed to?

    Does My Boy seem to be irritated at all by the Xterra?

    At least he doesn't seem to mind you being around him, so that's a good sign, right? :)


  13. I can't tell much differance PG. I loved the video of him eating. Spending any time with my horse is always a pleasure. I let Dusty graze outside again today, and I just watch and listen to him munch away! Crazy I know!!!

  14. Does look flatter to me as well! Of course I've never used the med you are, so I don't know how it's supposed to work!

    Love the video!

  15. It looks better, I think! A champagne gray mare I had (Ellie) came to me with a tiny little bump. Over time it got bigger and bigger so I phoned her old owner and asked if it as something she knew about. She said that it would come and go but she "forgot" to tell me that she used to treat it when she saw it getting bigger with a little cream of some kind. I could never remember the name of what she said until I read your post! Thats it! It worked for Ellie! Hope it does for My Boy, too.

  16. it's a mystery what it's not working like the vet said??? Video was too cute!

  17. Don't know anything about the bump, but the beautiful hay made me hungry! Great video, thanks for posting it....I miss the big critters! This helps.......

  18. Thank you for posting the video, seems all horses are so much like... scoot the long stuff away to eat the flowery fine stuff first, then eat every last bit of the hay too. Sometimes I wonder if they come up for air.
    take care Ponygirl


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