Thursday, March 12, 2009

A Kiss From My Boy!

My Boy's bump was different yesterday. It was flatter, and, it was OOZING. What? It wasn't oozing much, just a tiny drop of watery cream colored ooze. It looked like it had been oozing for a day, as the hair underneath the bump, was kind of matted with Xxterra and ooze. There is no smell. I can still touch it with no-to-minimal irritation on his part (it's hard to tell if he's just sick of me touching that part of his head in general.)

I highly doubt it is an abscess, I think the pressure of an abscess bump would have been very painful, and the vet ruled that out a week ago. Then why is it oozing? There is no swelling or inflammation. Perhaps it's the Xxterra's way of ridding this sarcoid? I called the vet from the pasture but it was after 5:00 and I got her voice mail and didn't hear back, so I cleaned the bump with warm water, an aloe wound cream, and paper towels the best I could, then reapplied a new coat of Xxterra.

I could not get a good picture today for the life of me! For some reason, I could not get my camera to focus a good macro shot. Although My Boy eating and moving his head wasn't helping!

So again, here is the bump the day the vet came out:

And yesterday's mangled mess:

You know what it reminded me of? I described it to Paint Girl this way. Remember when you were a kid and you were wearing shorts and you fell on gravel or cement and got a good scrape on your knee? And how a few days later it'd scab over and the scab would be kind of yellowish and infected? That is what the bump now reminds me of.

My Boy came down to the gate for his grain today. I loved how his tail glowed as the sun set behind it. (No, I did not love the glow of the melting snow and mud.)

I even got a tongue shot for you too, which I didn't notice it until I downloaded it at home.

I brought My Boy out to walk him a bit. We went up to the arena to find it covered in snow, which compacted quickly in his hooves, providing him some pretty fancy stilettos. Therefore, our walk was cut short. I took another short video clip of My Boy. You'll see him on alert and listening to the neighbor's dog barking, nibbling the snow, and then giving the camera a kiss (which was surely directed to ya'll, I'm positive!) Please excuse my silly banter. I tried so hard not to talk to him while filming because I didn't want to hear my voice on video. I did a good job for a minute, but then I just had to talk to him. It's what my family does to animals. I know, it's silly.

Hopefully the vet will call me back tomorrow and I can find out if this newest development is normal for Xxterra. I know the sarcoid was supposed to get nasty, but I wasn't sure if oozing, even minimal, was a normal part of the process.

I'll keep you posted (no pun intended!)

And since it's technically Fashion Friday, My Boy insisted that I leave you with a picture of these cool slouchy cowboy boots:

Oh, they belong to this cute country star, Carrie Underwood. I love how she wore her jeans tucked into her boots. I did this on my birthday dinner out on the town and I wasn't sure it was cool...but hey, if Carrie is doing it it's got to be cool, she's pretty hip!

Happy Friday, everyone!

Update 1:11 p.m. : I just spoke to the vet who said this oozing was normal. She said every horse reacts to Xxterra differently but what My Boy is experiencing is not enough of a reaction yet to stop treatment. She said some horses experience large inflammed pus-filled sarcoids before they slough off. She wants another three days of treatment, at least, before we rest it. Then we would do an additional 2 cycles before giving up on the Xxterra. Whew, at least I know that something is starting to happen! And I'm keeping my fingers crossed that my horse is an exception to the rule and this won't get big and nasty, rather, it will quietly dissapear completely without a fuss!


  1. Hmmmmm... At least it looks better! Let us know what the vet says... I have been reading up because I am going ot be doing some internships with vets this next year. On top of my day job!

    And I love that look, just not sure if I can pull it off like you cute blondes can! LOL

    Happy Friday!

  2. I agree, atleast it looks better, and it certainly doesn't seem to bother him by looking at the video hehehe. I'm amazed at appy's sometimes at how alike their personalities are. I could just see Possum standing there like "what are you doing mom?, you are weird" My boy has a similiar expression on his face. Too bad your all the way across the country, it would be cool to take out the appy's together.

  3. Ughhhh...aren't you just SICK of the snow and the mud??? I say bring on the heat, right??? LOL!!!

    I think that My Boy's sarcoid is looking a lot better, and that oozing is probably part of the "getting worse before it gets better" routine. :)

  4. I love the look of jeans tucked into attractive cowboy boot. It really gives the legs a pretty lean look, too. Go Carrie!

    I have no clue about why My Boy's wound is weeping, but it sounds like that's what's supposed to happen. I'll just be waiting for an update after the vet visit to see what she says. I'm sure it will be all good, though. He sure looks good! What a handsome fella, as always :)

    And I'm thinking you should just paint up My Boy' face like Gene Simmons, the way that My Boy always has the tongue hangin'! He can go as a KISS band member for Halloween! lol!

    My mare's tongue just never hangs out. lol!


  5. least it would be a first for your boy...NO FUSS!!!

  6. Looks like the bump is getting better; it's looking much smaller.
    Oh, there is an award over at my blog for you! :-)

  7. Looking better to me!

    I say go for the tucked in look! I wear my boots like that all the time! But of course I don't really care if anyone likes it or not! Oops, I'm not current on the fahsion trends, I just do it because I like them that way!

  8. I am glad he is looking better and he is so cute!
    The boots are really cute Carrie has on, she is so sweet. She is from my neck of the world, Small town Oklahoma!

  9. Good progress I would say... have been checking back regularly to see how your readers are coping with the gruesome details... I have a little foal op I am thinking about sharing... but don't want everyone to pass out!!

    Hugs to your boy..

    PS Thanks for the lovely comments at my place - you really are as sweet as you seem here on your blog!!!

  10. He has the most beautiful expressive eyes. It sounds to me like a part of the healing process. It's definitely flatter isn't it? He is in great condition.

  11. Since you're such a great horse-owner, you're going to get two awards today - I see Jane has given you one- and if you come visit me, there's another waiting for you.

  12. I just took our boy dog Quasar to the vet 2 weeks ago. We were sure he had a fastly growing tumor along his spine. The vet looked at it, thought it might be a cyst, and before she could lance it, well, ugh.... Turned out it was a big zit! Who knew dogs could get pimples? Maybe it is only such a problem with My Boy and will heal quickly (and that's why it's oozing).

    Best wishes.

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  14. I am glad Your boy's lump is doing what it's supposed to be doing. It's so great of the Vet to call you back and reasure you that it's doing what it's supposed to do.

    I love the "glowing" pictures!!


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