Wednesday, March 4, 2009

A Game And A Goodbye

Tracey from The Mustang Diaries tagged me in a game of photo tag. The game goes like this:

Find your 6th photo folder
Find the 6th photo from that folder in your files
Then post it!

This is kind of a scary game! Okay, I will play and play fair. So here is my photo.

Hmm. What is this? No, it's not my place.

Let me explain. A few years ago, my family started searching for a farm with multiple homes on the property. This property would be purchased and then become a sort of small family ranch. During one of the first property searches, there was one farm we really wanted to look at. It was a beautiful historic homestead with a hundred year old barn and a creek. It had a large farm house. The above picture was actually the guest cottage attached to the farmhouse. I remember when we toured the place, it was late afternoon, a beautiful day, with that flow of the afternoon sun. Everything was silent, except for the sound of crickets. It was an amazing, peaceful place.

Here are more pictures of what we called "The Train House." Yes, a train track ran close by. Really close by. That sound of crickets probably would have been drowned out quite often, should my family have moved there.

The barn, with 6 pastures fenced and cross-fenced.

Unfortunately, this property was not in the cards for our family. The dream is on hold, but still in the works.

I'm going to tag my friend Hayseeds and Horsefeathers (who just posted photos of a darling island cottage she used to own!) and my Auntie Cowgirl J over at A Cowgirl's Grace.

On a sad note, our English friend Sarah over at Scary's West is saying goodbye to her blog....forever! She was one of the first few blogs I ever read, along with The Pioneer Woman and Teachings of the Horse. I am so bummed. Please stop over and wish her well on her new journey!

Have a good weekend everyone. I will have a My Boy update for you on Monday.


  1. Lovely property..someday huh!
    I doi play the lottery sometimes with that kind of propery in mind!
    PS thanks for visiting !

  2. Wow, that place looks incredible! Where is it located?

  3. What a cute place! I loved it even if the train tracks ran right by it!

  4. Great place!
    Hope you are feeling better in yourself whatever is going on.

  5. Wonderful looking home! You never know what you'll end up CAN happen! Believe and dream!

  6. Hey there PG!!!

    Sorry it has taken me so long to answer your arena question. Here it is....We are lucky to have about 10 indoor arenas in our area to choose from, and they all charge between a $15-25 haul-in fee and between $5-10 per rider/head.

    Luckily, we have known the owners of the closet arena forever, so they drop the haul-in fee, and just charge us $5 per rider. Nice huh???

    Now on to your post...that little cottage is amazing!!! I hope that your family can one day realize their dream of owning all that land. :)

  7. What a cute little cottage!

    Someday I hope to live somewhere that will let me keep Buttercup in the backyard.

    That would be the best!

  8. That looks like a lovely, rambling farm property, and a neat idea for your family (minus the train tracks of course)- and thanks for tagging me, I posted a photo:)

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  11. Those are great photos of a beautiful place! Would love to live there!

    My photo is on my Blog & Pony Show at

  12. Great reminder of the ranch search...however, I don't remember anyone ever mentioning that there was a train nearby??? This cowgirl needs her beauty sleep and that would not work for the "Princess" to be awakened by a choo choo!!!

  13. Thanks for the note about Sarah at Scary's West. I will miss her too. I posted a note there.

    Garlic Man aka Gus McCrae
    Jack County Gourmet Garlic
    Circle P Farm and Ranch
    Jacksboro, TX

  14. Hey Pony Girl how's your boy doing with letting you catch him? I was over at Cowgirls Don't Kry to see if she had a new post yet and saw your question. Do you have a round pen? I don't mean run him round and round either....not my philosophy of training but if you're interested...I have a couple of stories on my mare I could share with you.....she used to do it and doesn't now. I even got her used to cows at a clinic she had never seen before just doing some round pen methods. I had a John Lyons certified trainer help me with her. It has been wonderful.

  15. I have been wondering about My Boy's bump. Will check Monday for the results.

    (love the ranch btw, trains aren't that bad!)

  16. The picture of that porch is divine. I can see myself curled up with a great book in a rocking chair!

  17. {Blue-eyed Tango}~ No round pen, but I am usually able to longe him in the end of the arena, similar to a roundpen (the arena is fairly small.)
    The catching hasn't been a problem, but that was never the worst of it, it was the catching & halter combination, he'd pull of out before I got the crownpiece buckled. Drop me an email and let me know what has worked for you, I'd love to hear!!

  18. What a great place -
    love to hear a train whistle in the distance!!

  19. Oh how cute!! Looks like an ideal place...or would have been! We have the "Grain Train" go by us, but it is so slow and quiet. The only problem it causes is about once a summer, it starts a fire out by the end of the driveway! Luckily, there is a creek to keep it at bay...but when I see smoke in the distance, I worry our wooden bridge will catch fire and then I'd really be stranded!!

  20. It sounds like the dream is still alive, and a good one it is. I would love to have an area big enough with guest cottages all over for my kids to be able to come and stay or live if they wanted to. I think I would need a few hundred acres with having 6 kids... LOL
    Take PonyGirl.


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