Tuesday, March 17, 2009

A Good Distraction

Well, it may be the end. You may be seeing less of me.

You see, I've found a new DVD series to become hopelessly addicted to. Who needs live TV when you can watch a whole series commercial free, whenever you want? As spring is a bit delayed and the weather remains grim and dreary, I've yet to permanently extricate myself from my couch, faux fur throw, and my television.

I went and did it, I bought the series "McLeod's Daughters" (pronounced McCloud's), Season One, and what a pricey little bugger, too! This Australian soap opera/drama is set around two half-sisters separated in childhood who are reunited when their father passes away and they inherit his cattle and sheep ranch called Drover's Run. So begins the adventures of ranch life, romance, mysteries, mustering cattle (oh, BB would be so proud of me!) and family. The back of the box features a quote from the New York Post which says, "The show isn't like anything else on American TV. It depicts female characters as smart, savvy, self-sufficient survivors."

Similar perhaps to American shows such as the 1980's Dallas or ABC Family's Wildfire, these sort of generational family dramas tend to be a bit addictive, despite their imperfections and tendency to be a bit unrealistic. But it's a soap opera, isn't that the point?

Some of you might remember that I won a little contest last year over on Bush Babe's blog, my favorite Aussie cattle ranching friend. I won two of her beautiful prints! They really remind me a bit of the gorgeous landscape in McLeod's Daughter's. Here they are again:

{Mustering cattle}

{Campdrafting up close}

Aren't they gorgeous? Which reminds me BB, I found another one on your site the other day that I might have to order up from you!

Now, I have yet to frame these prints because I am particular and I'm looking for the right frames. Wouldn't you know it, Andrea from her Swamp Suburbia blog went on "an adventure in swampland" and found exactly the kind of weathered wood I want in a frame for these prints! Andrea, can we meet up and do a little treasured old wood hunting together?

Chelsi over at her Adventures of a Horse Crazed Mind blog has also posted about "McLeod's Daughters", and, wrote an informative post about the Australian Stock Horse, which you can read here.

This handsome stallion is Brumby's Run Tech Coolaroo. I was inspired to find a palomino stock horse after the episode of McLeod's I watched last night, where one of the main characters, Claire, was breaking in Blaze, a filly that was sired by her deceased father's stallion, Sirocco.

Oh, did I mention the show is now in it's 8th season? With approximately 25+ one-hour episodes per season? You do the math.

That's right. See you in six months!


  1. Well you are going to have to take breaks to visit Pony Boy. Get WiFi for your car and post while you are visiting him...after all what will we do without you?

  2. That sounds like a great show! I bet it's frustrating to not have anywhere to ride My Boy in this terrible weather! We have a covered arena but Jack gets sick of going in circles and has taken to spooking at nothing lately to make our rides more exciting! I hope spring comes soon :-( Might as well enjoy your new DVDs and be cozy on your couch!

  3. Oh that show looks great!!! I wouild love to watch it!! So, when you are done with the firs season, can I borrow it?? :)

    And Sure, comeon over, there is a HUGE pile of more wood just like the one I got!!

    I am glad Your Boy's bump is getting better, it sure looks like it's doing what it's supposed to do.

  4. Just wait gang, she'll be off of that couch as soon as the weather is good for riding. She, like the rest of us, can't stand to NOT ride!

  5. You better still poop by and visit! And let me borrow it after your done... lol. Sounds like a series I could sink my teeth into!

  6. I hear you!! This weather is nasty!! Nothing better to do than curl up and watch a good movie. I've never heard of that series but it sounds like my kind of show too. Enjoy because before long sun's gonna be out and we'll be outside riding!! Yeah!!
    Oh, I love that picture that you've posted on your sidebar of Ray Hunt and his little grey mare. That picture was taken in Seneca, Oregon in 1999 at the clinic where I started Ladde. That's the horse that Ladde kicked and resulted in Ray slapping Ladde on the forehead with his flag. Ladde spun and bolted for the opposite end of the arena at a full gallop with Ray yelling at me over his loudspeaker "don't teach that horse that you can fall off!".
    Thankfully, that was not a lesson the Laddmonster learned that day, but there were plenty of others!
    :) Good times! and cherished memories.

  7. Your new little treasure may have to make it's way down to all your loveleigh relatives when you finish.You could even charge us a rental fee and recoup some of your expense of your purchase!

  8. Love the prints -- especially the one of the hooves. The TV series sounds great, but I don't trust myself to start watching. I'll get addicted and neglect things I need to be doing!! Hope you enjoy it....

  9. Hot diggity!!! We don't have live TV...but, we have NetFlix...and guess what?!? They've got all the seasons!!! I've got the first disc of season one on the way for Saturday!!!

    Thanks PG!!

  10. The Pony Cousins will miss you in at the Stampede in August, but maybe Your Boy could catch a ride with Paint Girl cause we have some cousins without ponies!

  11. Oh I love McLeod's Daughters....of course I saw it almost every night when we were in Australia...that's how I first got onto it but here I can't find it ....sometimes on Sundays! I really liked the stories.....always something interesting happening.....and anything with horses in it keeps my attention! The prints are wonderful!

  12. {Natarojo}~ Be careful what you wish for, I have a big Appy that might "poop" by sometime, LOL! ;)

    {Sares}~ At over $50 a season, I will definitely have to charge some rental fees....or I will be eating Top Ramen the whole time I'm watching it! Gttyup, great idea about Netflix! I am not signed up, by I might be soon! At least you can keep them as long as you need through that service...

    {C-ing Spots}~ I love your story about Ladde and Ray telling you "don't teach that horse you can fall off"! That is great. So amazing that you got to ride in his clinic! I got that pic from a website, but noticed it is also on his main page.

  13. Oh dear... sorry about that whole TV show addiction thing. But this one IS up your alley!!

    The scenery and the houses are magnificent - it was filmed in Victoria (not sure if it was affected by bushfires?).

    Glad you like your pics... looking forward to seeing what you do with 'em!!

  14. Sounds like your in for a treat! Have fun!

    Happy St Patty's Day,

  15. Hey, while you are lying around on the couch, does your mom get to use your chinks? Can i use your Parellie gear? Tena will probably want My Boy, but i think that Bronco Betsy might make you a deal... if you are serious about spending 6 months on the couch.

  16. {SMR}~ You stinker, you! ;) I think mom would fit into my chinks now, she's a waif. I'm not sure who'd want my spotted pill. Someone with some good gumption!

  17. Now we have something to watch when you come home! And your chinks still won't fit me!

  18. PG, I didn't see one spider when in Sydney....but that's the big city, perhaps if we were in the bush would have seen some? I could have taken a train to the Blue Mountains by myself one day but was too afraid...my husband would have been in surgery for many hours and I was concerned if something would have happened, I would be stranded. We were there for a month waiting on some little old lady to break a hip to do a a replacement since he works in orthopedics....was waiting for a case. It was really a lot of fun in Sydney but wish I could have ventured out a bit to the Great Barrier Reef and New Zealand.

  19. Okay, I am officially jealous.

    I have been wanting to see that show from the beginning forever! I keep thinking I will do just what you did and then I forget! GAh!

    You MUST let me know how fab it is!

  20. Just saw this post - I've been watching it on Netflix, from the beginning, and am now in season 4.

    I'm pretty much addicted to it. And funny, I have described it as a sort of Australian/horsey Dallas. :)

    It's a good show.

  21. I love BB's prints as well. I have three. I'll look for McLeod's Daughters next winter. Now that it is getting nice, I can't go getting addicted to TV.

  22. I love this series! It played for a little while on cable but they cancelled it! So when I tried to get it on DVD I did notice it was very expensive. You'll be busy for awhile!! LOL Goes along with The Man from Snowy River!!!! Love those stock horses


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