Friday, January 1, 2010

It's Here!!


Hard to believe, isn't it?

I remember the eve of 1999. At that time, 2010 seemed sooooooooo far away. Like by then, we'd be living on the moon.

Well, I'd live on the moon. If I could have my horse there with me!

Speaking of my horse. I took off his blanket since things have thawed at the Painted Creek. I also braided the front section of his mane because it is starting to flop over to the other side again. Hasn't done that in over a year.

He's not too keen on having a girly braid. Not that it will stay in beyond a couple days, anyway!

I longed him and mercy me he was full of it! I only had my 14 ft. line and every now and then he'd leap straight up in the air. A kind of convoluted bucking rear. A move any of Santa's reindeer would be proud of. I think being immobile on frozen mud resulted in a wound-up pony. I would not have put small children on his back that day!

After I put him away, I threw him a couple handfuls of some new hay Paint Girl has for her horses. It is less rich in protein, and less expensive than what I am feeding him. He munched it right up. I may switch him to this hay.

On New Year's Eve day, I finally wrapped up the gifts Emmi won on the Alison Hart book giveaway! Emmi, it's on it's way! Thank you for being patient. I loved picking out treasures to send with the book.

Isn't the cowboy boot stamp a kick? I got it at a yard sale last summer.

The package shop I mailed Emmi's gift at had some cards and knick-knacks. I found this card to mail to my friend who was just diagnosed with cancer.

I loved the saying.

This down pink puffer vest was a gift from my parents for Christmas. I actually picked it out for myself. I walked into the Gap and everything was 40% off so it was a super deal.

It is my anthem for 2010. I'm going to stop wearing so much brown, black, and gray. You'd think I was in mourning or something. I need some brightness, some vivid color. 2010- I want to shine like a big pink star!

I hope your New Years Eve celebrations were safe, peaceful celebrations!


  1. May you have a wonderful 2010 - your blog is always a pleasure to read and a delight for the eyes!

  2. Love the vest! Nice Post...Happy 2010!

  3. Here's to a wonderful, pink, puffy 2010! :-)

    Hope you have a great year!

  4. Happy New year to you guys too!

    ANd GO PINK! ;)

  5. Happy New Year! I agree, less black & gray, MORE PINK! I'm right there with you on that one.


  6. Happy New Year, Pony Girl. It may just be too early, but the picture of the braid? I thought it was someone leaning their head on his neck. More coffee please.....

  7. Happy New Year Pony Girl and My Boy!!!! I love your blog and I look forward to your photos and stories in 2010. I, too, have made the leap into brighter colors. Brian and I have been in earth tones for a decade or so! (Our family would say it is more like two decades). Anyway, he walked down with this bright purple River Driver shirt from LL Bean the other day and Maizie said, "What is THAT!!!" LOL!
    Happy New Year!!!

  8. Happy New Year to you and your bright pink start!! I hope 2010 brings all you want and more!

  9. Yes, MB's braid looks pretty good. He is certainly growing some long hair.

    Pink is a great color.

    Happy New Year!

  10. A very Happy New Year to you. More color is good, and that hot pink vest is a great place to start.

  11. Oh, the pink vest looks good on you! Yes, go for more color and have a bright colorful New Year!!!
    Love My Boy's braid! ;-)

  12. Color is great ! Picks up your day. You handsome boy looks wonderful and well fed . Have a Happy New Year, all the best in 2010

  13. Happy New Year to you too! I am glad you finally got to see your boy, it must be hard to stay away from your horse that long, I definitely know how that is! Also I am suuuuuper to recieve my little gifts, you wrapped them so pretty too! Oh my gosh, I really can't wait!

    Hope all is well.

  14. Time to wear color, hmmm. I will give that some thought, I always wear browns and greys. Maybe I'll try some turquoise......

    Happy New Year !!!

  15. You are a shining pink star in my eyes! Wishing you the best of things in 2010 my Pony Girl!
    Love you.

  16. Happy New Year! Yes, love the color on you!

  17. I love the braid. We call it plaiting. Max's is permanently on the wrong side now, so I must plait the whole lot over. I love the pink, too. Will it frighten MB when he sees you in it?! Happy new year to you.

  18. Gosh... I too dwell in browns and blacks (maybe its a photographer thing?). I try on colour then leave it... don't know why.

    Your shots are just getting better and better PG. May 2010 bring you all the little (and big) things to help complete your world.

  19. I love color, the brighter the better. Notice the hat and fleece coat in my picture. I get shit for it, but who cares.

  20. HEY! I love the move to PINK! I try to wear pink as often as possible! And do you know that pink looks GREAT with GREEN? And PURPLE? But I know what you mean about wearing brown and black. Personally, I think I look better in black than in any other color!

    Pony Girl, I so appreciate what you commented on when my brumby was being so bad the other day. I think you are right--the weather has a lot to do with it. Plus, she does not like being in the ring. Aaaand she can't run and play in the icy pasture these days and this might mean WILD BRUMBY. (Had the round pen been up, I would have immediately gotten off and put her to work in it). And indeed, I agree that she should be respectful no matter what bit she is in. I just know that when she busts out in a full gallop, having a tom thumb helps a lot with getting her to remember all the faster that I am in charge. As you probably know, it is so out of character for her to bolt and be so naughty. The good thing about that day was, in retrospect, that it was clear she wasn't trying to get me off of her. She was just getting crazy and wanting to kick up her feet. Truth be told, I was so startled by the gallop that I'm pretty sure I didn't even try to say WHOA, and I always try to start with my voice. (Well, not always apparently!!) I guess Lilly is just reminding me that she is a multifaceted creature. Now I know the signs of pent-up-crazy horse energy that much better!!
    Happy Trails in the New Year, PG!!

  21. You look adorable in that pink vest. Must be so nice to be so thin. I try to avoid anything that says 'puffy'. I'm too puffy already! lol!

    My Boy looks great, too! Here's to a wonderful 2010! I hope all your hopes, dreams and wishes come true this year!


  22. Wishing you the best in 2010! I need to venture away from the greys and blacks also! LOVE your new pink vest!

  23. Thanks for popping over.
    I remember 1999 too... MTV played Prince's video on a loop! Ha!

    Beautful pictures.
    Happy 2010 to you!

  24. I hate when the mane decided to relocate!

    Love the pink vest, I could use with more color in my life too. LOL

    Hope you have a Happy New Year.

  25. happy new year pony girl! love your pics! and those tags are darling...where did get them? i bought a stamp the other day at hobby lobby of a little fawn...the little cousin is so cute. one day she will have a horse of her own...

  26. Love the stamp. I bet you were so excited to find it. Poor little pony has to suffer through the braid, I'm betting he loves the attention from you though. I hope your New Year has started off well. I am STILL sick with my cold from Christmas, it just won't seem to go away. It is SLOWLY getting better. I hope next time you visit we can do something fun. Have a great 2 days before it's back to the grind!

  27. {Kritter Keeper}~ I got the blank tags at an office supply store, then stamped them myself! I used jute string from the craft store to tie them.

  28. Happy New Year to you and I need to get out of the mourning duds myself! Funny how we love to wear black! My Jackie Jack Russell makes my dark colors look ever so beautiful with the white hair all over them.......NOT! ha ha

  29. Your horse is so beautiful! Happy New Year! Welcome to color;-)

  30. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and your boy! I think I fixed my feed on my blog! :)

  31. There is not much better than a sale at The Gap, is there??? Well....maybe a sale at the Pottery Barn or a local tack!!!!

    Glad to see that all is well....

  32. Funny,I'm really into the black and gray right now!!!!

  33. {Melanie}~ They have sales at tack shops? Really? I've never seen one, LOL! :) Actually, our local tack shop has like one big sale a year.

  34. Your site is GORGEOUS! I haven't been here for awhile and I love what you've done with it.
    And your photography . . . awesome.
    Happy New Year to you.

  35. Reading your words, regardless of what color you wear, I can tell you shine brightly, my friend.

    Happy New Year.



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