Monday, January 18, 2010

Ask PG Part 3

Okay, let's interrupt horse shoes and crime scenes and get back to these answers. Are you tired of hearing all about me yet???

Don't blame me. You're the ones with all the questions!

Oh yea. I guessed I asked for it.

What is your very favourite food in the whole world?

Oh, it is SO hard to pick just one! I love Mexican and Italian style food equally, hands-down. I really love Recess Peanut Butter Cups. And Trader Joe's frozen Mac 'N Cheese. I know, I know, but it's really good!

If you could go anywhere in the world for a holiday, where would you go, and why?

Do you think it is strange that I've never been to Europe? I would like to go to Italy or England or France or Australia. I would like to take a holiday to a working dude ranch somewhere in the that would be cool, too!

If you could choose anywhere in the world to live and work, how far would you go from "home?"

I wouldn't go far from home. Maybe as far west as Colorado. At least not permanently. I think it would be a good experience to live someplace else for a while. I couldn't be far from my family indefinitely. But never say never.

What 5 things are most important to you in a potential spouse? Of those which two are the absolute most important "Deal breakers" and which one is something you would like but could live without?

1. Honesty and ability to communicate 2. Sense of humor. 3. Compassion 4. Ambition 5. Love of animals.

A love of animals and sense of humor are important. I like to laugh, I am sarcastic and (I try) to be funny and I think you have to be able to laugh at life and each other to try to stay sane and healthy. And how could I be with anyone that doesn't love animals? It's who I am. And if someone loves animals, compassion and kindness are usually already there.

Tell us your favorite book, movie, actor, and actress. Also...when you belly up to the bar...what do your order?

Oh wow! Okay.....
no favorite book (see next question.)
Actor: Robert Redford, Tom Hanks, Robert Duvall
Actress: Sandra Bullock,Kate Winslet, Diane Keaton
Bar order: I don't drink much anymore, but if I do: sour apple martini (if I'm out with the girls.) Jack and Coke (if I'm at a concert.) A Corona (if I'm at a sports bar having appetizers.)

What are your top 5 favourite books?

Don't have one favorite, but here are six (I added one for the question I didn't answer above!) that have really stuck with me and that I still have in my collection......Living, Loving, and Learning by Leo Buscaglia, A Walk in the Woods by Bill Bryson, Hope Rising by Kim Meeder, The Dog Who Spoke with Gods by Diane Jessup, and Last Days of Summer by Steve Kluger. I have linked you to the books in case any of them sounded interesting. Amazon has customer reviews and I found on these books, they are good feedback on what I enjoyed about them.

Do you like to travel? If yes, where have you been and where would you like to go?

On a trip to NYC around 5 years ago, we went to a taping of ABC's The View. My friend and I were chosen to do a commercial break announcement- yikes! Took 3 takes, but it was fun to watch for our 5 second spot!

I like to travel, but don't do it often. I am not sure why. Wait- I think I know why. Traveling is pretty expensive and I have a horse. So little there is fundage left for traveling. I also don't come from a big traveling kind of family. We must be missing that gene. We're homebodies. But if I had the funds, I would travel more! There are plenty of places in our great States that I have never seen. Maybe a road trip across the USA is in order first!

How many states have you traveled to? I know it's lame, but it is something I have always kept track of & now my kids do. And no, I haven't hit 50 yet, but I'm in the last decade!

Okay, I have been to Washington, Oregon, California, Nevada, New York, and Rhode Island. So- not very many! I have been to Mexico and Canada, although those obviously aren't states. After typing this up, I am surprised I have never been to Idaho, Montana, or Colorado. I would really like to see those states! And Arizona, and the Dakotas, and Wyoming. Oh goodness, I really need to take that road trip! Think My Boy is up for a ride across the U.S.??

What is your favorite pair of shoes...the pair you reach for first?
And, why?

I love my cowgirl boots because they remind me that I am a horse girl. However, my go-to boots are my Uggs. Now, I want to clear something up. Uggs are a fad that refused to go away. But if you have worn real Uggs (or the brand Emu Australia, which I like better and costs a little less) you probably know what I mean. The fake ones you get at Target for $24.99 are not the same. Imitations are like walking on cardboard, are not sheepskin, and they stretch out something awful. I have learned to only invest in the real deal, and I can't be without them. I usually buy one new pair a year. If you want to try Emus, I would recommend the "Stinger" style (sheepskin.) I wear them shopping, to run to the grocery store.....the only place I can't wear them is in the horse pasture!

What photography experience do you have, if any? Have you ever considered or wanted to do it professionally? What are your favorite photography subjects?

My only photography experience is what I learned in a high school graphic arts class (we developed our own film. That was before digital.) The rest is self-taught. I got my first digital point and shoot two years ago, and my first DSLR last April. I have always loved taking pictures and had more pictures from events with family and friends than anyone else. It is only recently, since I start blogging, and even more so with the purchase of my Nikon, that I started pursuing photography more creatively. I love photographing horses and people best. I would like to do something with this hobby, but I am not sure in what capacity yet. I do have one idea, which I will share with you all soon, as I'm still working on it!

Why did you start this blog and what were your goals with it? Do you feel you've achieved them?

I started this blog on Freewebs, for my family and friends. I soon moved to blogger and the rest is history! I was really afraid to go public and I am still a very private person. I am not sure what my goals were/are. I just wanted to keep my family and friends updated on the adventures of me and my new horse. Over time, this blog has really become a place for me to just share all of my interests, which are eclectic. Sometimes I wonder if I should start another blog, and just leave this one to the ponies. But I am not just all about horses. Sometimes I think it would be nice to get paid to blog since I enjoy it so much and spend a fair amount of time at it. But then, if it was a job, I wonder if I would like it so much?

What collections do you have and which are your favorite?

Hmmm....what do I collect? I seem to collect magazines! I recently started collecting vintage ceramic horses. And snowman decorations for Christmas/winter. And jewelery. Funky, fun, costume jewlery. And Uggs and cowboy boots. Those are bad ones!

What is one of your pet peeves?

People who don't wait their turn at 4-way stops. That really gets me! I'm sure there is more, but I can't think of anything else right now.

If you had to live on an island for one month and could only take 5 belongings with you, what would they be?

Is my horse a belonging? Hee hee! 1. Cell phone 2. Book 3. Box of power bars 4. Fleece blanket (I know it's an island and all, but it might get cold at night! 5. Chapstick

Interestingly, a horse could be useful on an island. You could ride him around trying to find food and explore, and use him to pull logs to build a shelter. And he'd be good company. But I'd also worry about him, would there enough food for him, would some wild animal get him. So I'm not sure I'd bring my horse.

Tea or Coffee?

Coffee. Decaf. With french vanilla creamer or as a latte, to be more specific!

Speaking of which, I'm off to make my morning coffee.

Be thinking of Martin Luther King Jr. today, everyone!


  1. Oh wow, we have quite a few similarities! Right now I have 3 pairs of Uggs, they are my favorite go-to shoes also! And the 4-way stop thing, I was actually going to do a post about that! So many times in the last few weeks someone has taken my turn at one! Its really been wonderful to learn more about you; I hope that we can meet in person one of these days. Its not fair that my husband has ridden with you and I haven't!

  2. {Mama H}~ I think we'll have to make you an honorary Pony Cousin member! And next time my cousins and I come to the desert (which we are dying to do, if we could just win the dang lottery), we might enlist YOU to take us out riding in desert country!! ;)

  3. Any time you want to come to Montana, you're welcome at our place. Of course you might find yourself with a pitchfork or shovel in your hand, but your horse would be welcome too.

  4. This is good fun.You answered my question .And I am not surprised . Your family seems to be very important to you in all your posts, so I suspected ,you would not want to be too far away. I know the feeling

  5. Well... am I seeing a girl crush going on before my very eyes??? Mama H and Pony Girl are you trying to ace out The Desert Rose as your Trail Boss??? Are you saying that the unfortunate overnight stay in the 5500ft, 30 degree temps have scared you away from my leading abilities??? Apparently 16 hours in the saddle, jumping rocks, cliffs, trees, over 6 mountains is not your idea of a "safe" ride??? Did you ever hear the saying...cowgirlthe %$@#up??? I promise that you can be in the middle of the huddle! LOL

  6. Yeah, I'd take a pass on The Desert roses offer, unless it's a planned over-nighter! I wonder how long it took you to come up with these answers? I knew most of it about you, there were no major surprises, is that good or bad? Hee Hee! I have never read any of the books you mentioned, I may have to borrow some sometime or check them out at the library. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Reading all these things about you makes me realize we are more alike then I thought! Ha! Only in certain things though! We are different in alot of ways too!!

  8. Love this! Like you, I would love to take a vacation to a dude ranch...sound like so much fun. I've never been to MT, but I have been to Colorado & I bet you'd really like it. I've been to quite a few different states and so far Colorado is my fav. next to Washington. Although I have a feeling that if I ever get to Montana, it might get bumped. ;) Since you mentioned Trader Joe's Mac & Cheese I definitely want to try it! In turn, you must try their frozen Parmesan spinach dip. Oh.So.Good.!!!

  9. Ahhh.... Uggs. God love 'em. They seem to be more of an acceptable fashion item in the USA than Down Under. I have hot pink ones that are considered 'slippers' but I would not be caught dead wearing them in town. That said, my new volley versions have a sneaker kind of sole and are outstanding for shifting sprinklers or meeting early morning guests at the front gate!

    And I spy AUstralia on that travel list... come on down, PG!! (Do you have The Price is Right in America... if not this line will be completely lost on y'all!)

  10. I have the EMU brand too. I had asked for Uggs for Christmas a few years ago, and instead got the EMUS. I was dissappointed at first, but now I love 'em - they cost a bit less too, so it's not as terrible when they wear out :).

  11. Great answers. This has been fun, since I dodn't know everything about my Pony Girl!

  12. {BB}~ I have heard that even though Uggs are from Australia, they are not as accepted to wear there as here. Isn't that funny? And yes, we do have "The Price Is Right" here. In fact, when I was a kid, it was my favorite show!! I will certainly let you know if I ever head down under, I'd love to meet you!!

  13. Great answers! What are you going to do with that cell phone seeing as there's no cell phone tower on that island? hehe!
    Yes, a horse would be a great thing to bring. Most islands don't have predators large enough to eat a horse, except for maybe the ones where Komodo Dragons live. Eeep!

    A horse would be a better companion that a ball named Wilson, though. ;)


  14. Oh! And I noticed you had Arizona on your list to visit, but not New Mexico! wah!


    ps. Thanks for all the wonderful comments, encouragement, and words of advice you've been giving me over at my blog. They are much appreciated :)

  15. I love this series of posts! It was really fun to get to know you. Maybe you'll start a trend here in blogger land. =)

  16. So fun to hear all your answers and learn more about you!!!

  17. Actually, Pony Girl, if my husband is DR's adopted nephew, wouldn't that make me family?!?! We should definitely discuss this.

  18. loved reading about you....great answers!


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