Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Ask PG: Horse Answers, Part Two

Well folks, here is the last bunch of the horse-related questions!

What animal (besides horses) in your life has touched you the most? Made the biggest impact on you?

Besides horses? I'd have to say cats or dogs. It'd be a toss up because I have known so many great ones. Growing up, we always had cats and dogs. My first pet was a cat that I owned for 18 years, even when I left for college and left her with my parents, she knew she was mine when I came home. I think cats and dogs taught me responsibility, affection, and respect. I had to give it to them, to get it in return. And they love unconditionally and bring so much joy to my life!

My questions are: Do you have a list of names for future horses, dogs, or cats that you may come to own? (and) Did "My Boy" have a different name before you came to know him?

I haven't had to name an animal in a long time! If I were to get a dog or cat right now, I think I would name it Bella. And I'd like to have a mare named Angel (and hopefully she'd live up to that name!) It also depends on the pet, it's color, and personality. I also don't like to change animal names unless it's something really awful or doesn't fit them.

In regards to My Boy, that is not his real name! His real name is part of his registered name. In fact, in a post somewhere on this blog, I reveal his real name. Does anyone remember what it is?? And shhh, family members- you can't say! I don't know why I gave my horse the "My Boy" pseudonym when I started this blog. I guess because I gave myself one, I thought he needed to also be under cover? Actually, now that I call him that, it seems more fitting on this blog than his real name. And when I see him, I always ask, "How's my boy?" so it just kind of fits.

My question is...which one of these would you rather follow the Desert Rose through on horseback...and why??? A desert windstorm, a swift river, or a snow covered trail?

Okay. Funny question, considering it preceded the great stuck-in-the desert-for-a-night adventure the Desert Rose just went on! So definitely, at this point, a snow-covered trail. Why? Because I detest riding in the wind and I've always wanted to go trail riding in the snow! And I would trust the Desert Rose to lead me home safely. As long as I packed my pup-tent, food, and thermal underwear- in case of an overnight stay!

A horse-related: What was the best trail ride of your life?

I have been on a lot of great trail rides the past few years and many have been great, but none really stand out as being the "best" in my life. I will say that several years ago, when I had just gotten back into horses, I rode in the desert with my aunt, sister, and cousins. It was my first ride on a gaited horse (Tennessee Walker), we rode different and more difficult terrain than I'd ever been on, it was warm and sunny, and we even loped on the trail! After not really riding in 16 years, it was a fun experience, and a great one to share with family!

Have you ever had a reoccurring dream or how about this one....have you ever been dreaming a great dream, been awaken and went back to sleep and continued the same dream? Do you listen to your subconscious dreams or believe they don't mean a thing about where you are in life, hopes, desires or struggles?

This question doesn't pertain to horses specifically, but my dream does so I put it here. I have a reoccurring dream, maybe once or twice a year. I am in my early teens, and I am with my parents and sister on the property we lived on for 15 years, where we had our ponies and horses. And I realize at some point that I have not fed my horse in days. It is the most sickening feeling of anxiety. A similar dream is that I have forgotten to show up to a college class to take a test. I know I have had these dreams more than once. They are disturbing and I imagine they are tied to stress or anxiety in my life.

What are your favorite things to take on a trail ride?

My must-haves: Food! I always have to take snacks because I get hungry, and, I am afraid if we get lost, I will get hungry and get a migraine. I also always bring an extra shirt of sweatshirt, no matter the weather. I get chilled easy and that way, I am always prepared. I also bring a cell phone (hoping we have service) in case of emergency.

Do you like to ride the trails by yourself, just you and MB?

Nope. I wouldn't feel safe. I think if the trails were on our property, I would be fine and enjoy it. I really enjoy riding with others and feel I can do it and still feel "in my own world", especially since talking while trail riding, single file, isn't always possible.

If money were no object what brand of saddle would you buy?

I'd probably have to do some research and try different saddles out, but I sat in a saddle like the new one my mom is getting and I like it. It's a barrel racing saddle made by Billy Cook.

Can you ride bareback while trotting? Cantering?

I can trot bareback, I have done that recently. I have not cantered bareback since I was a kid. I am sure that I could now, but not sure I will be attempting it anytime soon!

What's the scariest thing that's ever happened to you while horseback riding (besides the crazy wild monkey experience. LOL!)

Hmmmm......lately, there isn't anything really scary. Things that made me uncomfortable for a bit, maybe. As a teen, we were riding home through the trails as it was starting to get dark, and we started singing songs. I remember being scared. Our ponies spooked and galloped away with us, I wrote about that experience in this post.

I got one: What is your ONE (maybe outrageous) horse-related dream? Mine is (or used to be I should say) competing in professional Show Jumping.

This is a fun question. Honestly, this might surprise some of you. I'd love to ride saddle seat, and in competition. Sounds kind of crazy for this cowgirl in the making, eh? I think being around the high-steppers at Paint Girl's new workplace has awoken (or re-woken) this interest. When I was a teen, I loved saddle seat. Never rode it (that is probably why I was so fascinated by it.) My favorite breeds were Morgans, Saddlebreds, National Show Horses, and Tennessee Walkers. Interesting, that I never ended up with one of these breeds, or rode saddle seat. It just seems so exciting and intense. I love watching it at the Arabian shows, hearing everyone hoot and cheer on the riders. The horses are so flashy and seem to soak up the energy and just strut their stuff! I guess it's never too late to learn......

Did you ever have a horse you are sorry you parted with? Have you ever seen/know a horse that you didn't buy, and were always sorry you didn't?

Saberdance, my 18 year old Arab/Appaloosa

Yes, I am sorry I parted with my Arab/Appaloosa pony and my QH mare. I didn't outgrow him in size, he was small but I am petite and could have ridden him my whole life. But he was older and was kind of "a been there done that kind of horse." He was really sweet though, and I wish I could have kept him just to ensure he never went into bad hands (we rescued him.) My friend was showing on the Quarter Horse circuit and although that wasn't an option for me, I wanted a Quarter horse. The barn I worked at gave me the opportunity to purchase a 2 1/2 year old bay QH filly. She had 120 days professional training on her. I cleaned a lot of stalls to pay for that mare! I enjoyed riding her until I went to college, took her to the fair with 4-H that year and did well with her in the training horse classes. I kind of regret selling her because she was such a nice horse. Even as a youngster, I don't recall her ever giving me any problems, either on the ground or under saddle. She didn't like to load in a horse trailer, but that was about it.

Would you ever sell My Boy?

There are some people out there that don't believe every horse they purchase has to be a "forever horse." They buy and sell depending on the horse, what they want to do with it, or their horse goals. I wish I was that kind of person. But I am not. I get too attached. It is what it is. At this point in my life, I can only own one horse. Therefore, to get another horse, I'd have to sell My Boy. There is no reason for me to sell him. I enjoy trail and pleasure riding, and he is perfect for that. He is easy to handle, I can manage his quirks, and we get along- we've bonded. He is kind of a one-person horse and I'm his person. I do not think I will ever sell him, unless circumstances left me no other option. And then I'd be begging one of my blogger friends to take him! At this point, I think I will keep him and retire him in ten years or so, depending on how his hocks are. I am hoping that in ten years, my life will be at a point where I can still keep him, perhaps for my own children to learn to ride on, and get a new horse for myself.

Oky doky artichokies...I will attempt to tackle the non-horsey questions next. Some of those might make posts on their own, as some interesting topics were brought up.


  1. This has been great ,getting to know more about you. I keep thinking "My Boy " is Rebel? or something like that ,whatever his name he is a handsome boy and I can totally see why you wouldn't want to let him go. If it ever came to it though,you think he would like Alberta?

  2. So funny that both us "cowgirls" have english, high-falouting riding dreams! If you ever pursue your saddle seat aspirations, I'll have to pursue my show-jumping dreams!

  3. Haha this is great.

    Does your boy really have bad hocks? I know reiners often times have this problem.

  4. {Fern Valley~ Well his name starts with an R, so you're on the right track! And I'm sure he'd be fine living with anyone who has a place called "Fern Valley APPALOOSAS", LOL! :)

    Mama H~ I may be getting back to you sooner than later on this comment.... ;)

    Sydney~ His hocks aren't awful, but he has the beginnings of arthritis there. He's not built for reining and I don't think he was ridden hard, but, it'll be his downfall as a senior citizen.

  5. Thia has been fun. Even your Mama doesn't know all the answers to the questions!

  6. Yeah, you might want to reconsider following the Desert Rose! Unless you pack for an over-nighter. Love seeing the picture of Roo Roo!

  7. Your answer to the "scariest moment" question did not address the sighting of the "mutant monkey". Was it not as frightening as your sister might have suggested, or are you concerned about giving your readers a few nightmares?

  8. Enjoyed getting to know more about your horsey experiences. It is too fuuny that my question to you was almost on the eve of my unfortunate mountain overnight stay! If you had been there...that would have been your scariest moment on horse back. Needless to stay I am not interested in repeating this adventure too soon in the future. Your Pony Cousin B sure did cowgirl up and I am sure will have so much more confidence on any plain old silly trail now!LOL

  9. Can't wait for the next installment. So I have a spinoff question - Why did you choose to adopt pseudonyms when creating your site?

  10. Love the questions and answers! I relate to your dream worries. I have a reoccuring dream that I forget to show up for a class. My students are there, but I don't go!

    I think "My Boy's" real name is Reiley (Reilly -sp?). I don't remember reading it on your blog, but I think I read it on your mom's. I felt like a real Nancy Drew when I discovered that months ago, but now I feel like a bad person by putting in out here in black and white! I thought you used pseudonyms because you are a teacher. Pony Girl and My Boy are perfect names.
    Thanks for sharing your questions and answers. I can't wait for more!

  11. I think your boy is just such a lovely horse - he's just very pretty, and seems to be a once in a lifetime horse.

    If you ever find yourself in Michigan and want to ride some Saddleseat Morgans and even a walking horse - let me know ;).

  12. These are very good questions, and extremely interesting answers. I feel like I know you a lot more now. Might have to go down this route myself sometime!

  13. {Saddle Mountain Rider}~ Actually, the mutant monkey trail ride was more bizarre than scary. I mean, we were so fascinated and mystiqued by what it was, but it never felt scary, because there was no threat. It never even looked at us (or at least, not when I saw it) it just ran across the trail away from us. It had been a good ride, a warm sunny day, and I wasn't afraid. Which is actually pretty surprising for me! Or maybe it's been so long now I've just forgotten that I was afraid? ;)

  14. I read you on not parting with your horse, unless one really had to... For me, Arwen is everything I could ever wish for. Petite but fast and super-obedient, always up to any challenge! I would trade her for any horse in the world, even bigger, faster or fancier ones. If those would even happen to exist in my books! :-D

    Sending a big hug to The Boy!

  15. This question answer was a good idea. Fun to get to know a little more about you.

  16. What fun questions and answers! And I remember what Your Boy's real name is!! Riley!! I am not sure if anyone else already said. I think you are right though, that My Boy just seems to fit.

  17. Oh and I forgot to tell you, I rode saddle seat for a while and girl, it's a lot harder than it looks!! Those are some really powerful horses!!

  18. I love that last picture, it brought tears to my eyes cause I used to lean into my appys neck and tell her how great she was.

  19. Nice of you to answer all the questions. I can't imagine you calling MB, Riley now. He's been MB for so long. hehe!

    Ok, so now I want to know if you've finaly found a cowboy, because you mentioned that in 10 years your kids can ride MB!
    First you've got get married, right? And then have kids. And then they will need to be big enough to sit up on MB on their own.
    Girlfriend, you need to get moving with those plans!

    As gorgeous as you are, I'm sure you've gotten a whole slew of marriage proposals over the year, too.
    He must like horses!


  20. Great fun ! I hate riding in the wind too, and right now ride only bareback. A little trotting but haven't tackled cantering. I think we will have to have a saddle for that ! Love the photo of Saberdance, what a sweet looking boy.

  21. I've been enjoying all of your questions and answers. Makes for a fun read and we get to know you a bit better.

    The stable owner saw Skipper having what she thinks was a convulsion or seizure. He was standing with his head over his door and she went to get some hay just a few feet away and started to hear thrashing. She came back and he was like spinning around in his stall on the floor and thrashing all over the place. He then got up and she took a hold of his halter and his eyes were bulging out but he calmed right down. She took him out of his stall and he was a bit shaky but that stopped and that's when she called me and I called the vet. He could find no reason for a convulsion but did do some blood work that has been sent to Cornell for testing. I just don't know what to think, the vet is coming on Monday and will check him over again. Very scary.

    I have those anxiety dreams occasionally too where I am still at boarding school and I haven't done my homework, can't find my homework or didn't know we were going to have a test. The other one is where I am still working as a hairdresser and can't get anything done but more and more people keep coming in the salon but I can't get anyone finished! Had that one last night and I know it's because of all of this with the critter kids!

  22. I have a reoccuring dream very simular to yours. In the dream I forget to feed water or even let the horses out of their stalls and usually when I remember it I am someplace else and have to try to call someone to fix the problem. Then sometimes I have trouble calling them or remembering their number or even making the phone work. That is a terrible dream.
    I think it is just an example of my overwhelming sence of responsability to my horses and their well being.

  23. Ok, I'm sure I'm not the only one who thinks the name "My Boy" suits "My Boy" perfectly. (lol) Riley is a very cool name, but it'll take some gettin' used to! :)

  24. What, is there a plan for grammy to have grandchildren some day!!

  25. I might get to ride saddle seat someday at the barn. It does look like a lot of work, and as Andrea said, they are very powerful horses!! You will see tomorrow when you stop by!! I don't know if I would have the strength to do it!! HA!

  26. I think you've discovered a whole new way of blogging - so interactive and interesting! Too bad we can't ask My Boy some questions - I know he'd have some great answers too.

  27. This was a great read, I enjoyed learning more about you & reading your answers. I am a forever kind of horse person too. ;)

    Thank you for the kind words about my Billy & Coco's passing.


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