Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Apples, Eyeballs, and A Little Red Dot

I had a nice moment in the pasture with my horse the other day.
Paint Girl was going to groom her filly in her pasture, so I decided to do the same with My Boy near the back of his, so we'd be in sight of Chance.

He ate his bucket of apples and carrot cookies and then stood nicely with the lead rope tossed over his back while I brushed him and cleaned out his hooves.

Eventually, he was pretty sure that if he checked, more apples and carrot cookies had magically appeared in his bucket.
Or that the bucket had turned into a giant apple itself.

I tried my hand at our self-portrait, by holding my camera out at arm's length. This is much more difficult with a heavy DSLR than my little point and shoot. After numerous attempts, I realized that part of the problem was that I was zoomed in wayyyyyy too much. I adjusted my lens and it got a little easier.

My first attempt.

Not much better.

My Boy looking across the property to the road.

You could barely see it between the trees, but there was a gray horse going down the road. The horse was being led by someone, and there were a couple of kids tagging a long, one on a bike. They were far away. But my horse's keen eyesight spotted them. Uncanny at times, these prey animals' senses. I would never had noticed the horse it if My Boy hadn't caught the movement behind the trees lining the driveway and turned his head.

I took off his lead and walked to the back fence to watch Paint Girl work on teaching Chance a lesson on backing up.
My Boy walked up and stood at the fence by me, also watching.

He's really relaxed a lot about me being in the pasture with him. Some of you might recall my past posts about my hard to catch horse. His fear of being "caught" has seemed to diminish a lot. I can't wait to start working with him again this spring, once we have the round pen set up, and his pasture is dried out.

I want to get that ghastly turnout halter off of his head.
For good.

The only thing good about the turnout halter? It's broken his previous pattern. We don't have the issue of being caught or haltered in the pasture right now, because I am not haltering him there. At almost sixteen years of age, I'm not sure this problem will ever go away completely. So far, it's been a "come and go" issue over several of his owners, including me. There were months where he'd literally push his nose into the halter, and months where he wouldn't let me get near him and gallop around for half an hour until he was too tired to fight anymore.

One more thing. I have a mystery happening and I need my Scooby Doo gang to help me solve it. Look closely at this photo.

Do you see the red dot?? Now look at all of the photos on this post and see if you can spot the red dot on them (they are there, I found them.) Camera experts out there- what on my lens is causing the red dot? Any recommendations on operation red dot removal?


  1. Pony girl,

    It has to do with hot pixels and is quite common.

    Hope it helps.

  2. I can't help you with the red dot camera thing, but those are some neat pictures. And My Boy is so pretty, he has such a pleasant expresstion, love him!

  3. The photos on this post are so crisp and clear. Very nice. And I want to thank Fairfieldhouse for that link. Lots of good info.

    I hadn't known what a hot pixel was! I have some dust inside one of my lenses and I just clone out the spots in PS. Kind of a drag, but at least I can do it!

  4. {Fairfield House}~ Oooh, hot pixel, cool! Like fairy dust?? :) I will check out your link.

    And if anyone needs some help in spotting the red dot, click on a photo to enlarge it!

  5. that is weird! hot pixels huh? Well he sure is a good looking horse even with his red dot accesory!

  6. That is called a hot pixel.
    It's a defect in the camera sensor but don't get all excited it's easily fixed. You get a lot of them if you are shooting with a higher ISO. Look in your manual for something called or similar to pixel mapping, it should explain it better.
    Shooting in RAW and editing with a program normally takes it out for you. Just another reason to shoot in raw.

  7. Cute pictures. Pony Boy looks so cuddly with his little bit of winter coat. And I am jealous, I want a DSLR camera. I found an online course for taking horse photos but really need a DSLR to justify taking the course.

  8. How funny, the red dot mystery. Your experts seem to have solved the problem for you. Ask and ye shall receive! Hasn't the weather been so nice, I can't wait for Spring.

  9. That picture of your boy licking his bucket is hilarious!
    Looks like you have your camera issue resolved already!!
    That eyeball sure is creepy!!

  10. My Boy looks happy! I think he likes you hanging out with him. I know we have had some great weather the last few days and I think the horses are enjoying it,

  11. No advice on the "red dot". Just wanted to let you know, I think you are doing an incredible job with your horse... :)

  12. Glad to be of service!
    On another note, having owned horses into my twenties I am now your blog barn rat! My first horse was 18 hands high (I was 9) and she would she our car pull in to drive and run to the pasture gate! They are such intelligent and beautiful animals. Thank you for sharing yours.
    - Deborah

  13. Neet post! I absolutely love the last photo of your boy with those reddish teddy-bear ears! So cute!

  14. Glad to hear that MB's no longer playing hard to get.

    Great shots, as always.

  15. So my "naked eye" could only see 2 red dots...! Guess I need new glasses? Glad you got some nice is pouring down here, has been for 3 days and is expected for at least 3 more days!!! I have a ride Sunday with Momma & Cowboy H...may get rained out, our last scheduled ride was "winded out" and they CLOSED the Indian Canyon as we drove in to ride!

  16. Great photos of Your Boy licking his treat bucket and his fuzzy ears. Does Paint Girl live in a horse community? I knew she was having problems with crime, but a horse being led down the road beside kids on bikes? That sounds like a scene from a horsey book written in the 1950's. You guys are lucky with your weather and horse friendly neighborhood! Good for you solving Your Boy's catching issues.

  17. he is so pretty....i love his woolly winter coat.

    thanks for the book tip :)

  18. {Juliette}~ Paint Girl does not live in a horse community, but a lot of people that live there do have horses. I have seen a team of horses pulling a cart (wagon?) down the road, someone ponying a horse behind a golf cart, and people riding by. Paint Girl and I ride around the neighborhood a bit in the summer, too. It's fairly light in traffic (except some people do drive way too fast!)

  19. Pony Girl,

    I believe red mystery dot is from your red hat! :) Just a hunch!

  20. Sometimes just spending time hanging out with your horse is so nice, relaxing and rewarding. Bella used to be very difficult to catch; she would pin her ears and grind her teeth and make you follow her all over pasture before finally standing still. Maria, on the other hand, sees my truck pull up and watches me like a hawk until I come get her. She is always waiting right at the gate (unless its eating time).

    And I did find the dot in all the pictures! Hopefully you can get that resolved as quickly and easily as possible.

  21. Hahahahahah! Bahahahahahaha! I love the creepy eyeball! It is such a PRETTY creepy eyeball that it really isn't creepy at all! How about those big ole blues? What very pretty eyes, you have, Pony Girl! Is that red dot trying to mock you? Or is it some kind of all seeing eye? Let us non-photographer types know when you have figured it out. I also love those pictures of Your Boy with his bucket. Just plain adorable.

  22. Awesome Horse blog!
    Enjoyed my visit..


  23. Wonderful photos as always dots and all. I really had to hunt for the first one! lol! Yup, Stuck Pixel (always reads high on max on all exposures, Hot Pixel (reads high on longer exposures and Dead Pixel (pixel that reads zero (black) on all exposures. I think I'd rather have a red dot than grey....those are the creepy ones (not your eye balls)that look like orbs. Have a great weekend....we have freezing rain coming our way! Ugh!

  24. Ahhahhha! creep eye is funny. I always get a creepy nose and goofy eyes when trying to get self portraits of me and my horses, but then I know zero about taking good pics. Yours are wonderful. Thanks for stopping by to wish our Trainwreak a Happy Birthday! I'm glad I didn't get all dressed up with no place to go!

  25. Interesting about the red dot. Since they were in all the pics and in the same spot I thought it was external, but apparently not. That's how much I know about cameras;)

    Loved all the pictures! Super cute blog:)

  26. LOL - Creepy close up! You crack me up!

    Thanks for all the support, btw. I really appreciate the feedback.

    I'd leave the red dots in - now it's like a challenge - find the red dot!! :)

  27. Your horse is so beautiful! You are such a lucky girl. The close ups are hilarious.

  28. Hey! The red dots. It's a game. It's like Find Waldo. lol!
    Seriously, though I would have never seen them had you not pointed them out. These photos are great. I especially like the one with My Boy and his tongue on the bucket, and the one of his ears. I'm also impressed that you included a self portrait. Look how far you've come, my friend.
    A year ago, you'd never show your face. You were like Wilson on Home Improvement! hehe!

    And you look beautiful, creepy and sleepy eye balls and all! lol!


  29. {Lisa}~ Ha ha- Wilson! I remember him, peeking over the fence, LOL! Loved that show. You crack me up. Thinking of you this week, dear friend!!!

  30. Love the shot of My Boy's ears! They look so cute and furry. I hadn't noticed the red dot, either, until you pointed it out. I'm going to go check out the link on hot pixels that was mentioned, because I'm intrigued.

  31. I never would have seen those red dots if you hadn't pointed them out. I will have to keep an eye out for them on my photos. Great pictures by the way!

  32. I love these shots. Looks like he's up for a lot more treats.
    The picture of you two is wonderful too. It's so difficult getting a self portrait, isn't it?

    Your banner and blog layout is awesome.

  33. I didn't see the dot until you mentioned it and have never heard of a hot pixel so I wouldn't have been of any help! Love the pictures you took of the two of you, very sweet, don't we just love our guys?! The one of him lapping his bucket is a howl too! They do seem to think the buckets will automaticly fill up with goodies again!!

  34. i have a red do ton my nose from left over Jello-shooters :)

    Your pony sure is photogenic! I cant wait for Spring !

  35. You can get rid of the dot in a photo editing program like photoshop elements and use the clone tool. it's super easy! Gotta love some photoshop! Hope you get your hot pixels figured out!! I love the pictures of Your Boy licking his bucket!! His big ole tongue!!

  36. Mr. Boy looks very relaxed and happy in these photos. I'm sure he loves having you hang out with him. It's good for your soul and his.

  37. So true about horses being super aware of what's around them. If I see my two standing and starting intensely, I'll go check it out because more than likely they've spotted some deer. They're almost like pointers!


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