Sunday, January 10, 2010

Ask PG: Horse Answers, Part One

Unfortunately, I did not get any horse time this weekend, thanks to my cold virus. I spent most of my weekend recuperating on the couch, watching movies. It was actually a fairly nice weekend weather-wise, which made it even more irritating that I couldn't get my horse out and maybe even go for a ride.

Instead, I just had to sit here and stare at my little plastic Appy. NOT the same. Sigh.

The free time did give me a chance to work on answering the great questions that you emailed/left me in the comments section! There were too many to answer in one post. In fact, I decided to break down the horse/animal questions into two posts, and then I will address the miscellaneous questions in other posts.

If any of you are getting in on this late, feel free to leave me a question on the original post or on this one.

Alrighty then, let's dig in!

What was your first pet? How old were you when you discovered you loved horses and couldn't live without them?

I honestly don't remember my first pet! I am thinking it was a cat. Although being a lover of all critters, I'm sure it was probably really a caterpillar or a tadpole or something. Paint Girl and I were talking about how we came to love horses. Especially since we did not come from a horsey family. Paint Girl blames it on me. I am not sure how horses came into my life. I suppose for little girls, a love of horses is inherent, and whether it becomes your "thing" or not depends on the paths of fate. I do know that neighbors with horses, opportunities to ride, and access to horse paraphernalia probably helped encourage the passion to bloom!

Questions, hmmmm... what is your all time favorite moment with your horse?

That is a tough question! I would have to say competing at the family playday "rodeo" every summer. We had some fun events (like keyhole) and it was unlike anything I've done with him in the few short years I've owned him. Also, doing a Parelli groundwork presentation to music for my family one summer. My auntie said I made her cry! I have it on video but it's a weird format that my computer won't recognize, or I'd download it for you all.

If you and My Boy could spend 7 days riding any trail in the western USA, which one or where would it be?

Oh goodness! On My Boy? He's a darn good trail horse, but does not have mountain experience, which is where I think I would want to do a ride. I have heard parts of the Pacific Crest Trail are pretty amazing. Or maybe part of the Chief Joseph Trail. I know the Appaloosa Horse Club does a ride there every year. That would be amazing! I would qualify, since you have to ride a registered Appaloosa to take part.

Ok, here is a question for you: If I ever realize my dream of creating an Equestrian Park on our farm, and I finally organize a "blogging friends" ride in Pennsylvania some summer, could you and Paint Girl join in? I think it would be so great if blogger friends could all ride together. We probably wouldn't all be on our own ponies, but it still would be fun! There's a question for you, Pony Girl!!!

Oh this sounds like SO much fun, Juliette! I love this idea. If there was a way Paint Girl and I could get to Pennsylvania easily (like, we'd click our boot heels three times and chant there's no place like Pennsylvania, there's no place like Pennsylvania, there's no place like Pennsylvania....) then we'd be there in a heartbeat! As it is, Paint Girl and I are on such tight budgets, we can barely afford to visit our families in nearby states. But should an opportunity ever arise, we'll certainly let you know!

If you could be any breed of horse, what breed would you be and why?

This is an interesting question because I bet there is a difference in what breed others would describe me as, as to what breed I would want to be! But since the question is from my point of view....I think I would want to be a Morgan. I fit that breed because I am down to earth, yet stylish. I am good at a lot of different things and have a lot of different interests (versatile.) And I'm a bit old-fashioned. I love music from Frank Sinatra and vintage clothes and antiques. That seems to fit the Morgan breed a bit, don't you think?

This is a fun question, so I'm going to throw it back at you all. What breed do you think you most represent??

Would you ever want to have a ranch someday, and what would your ranch look like?

I'd love to own a big ranch. I would have a few horses of my own to trail ride, and a fancy show horse that I could take to big shows and the National Championships- just once! Then I'd adopt or rescue horses and ponies that needed a second chance at life. I'd like to have a program where children could work with these horses. Dream big, isn't that what they say?

What made you want to do western instead of English?

I don't think there is any reason in particular. I rode both as a teen. And I took hunter lessons around 13 years ago. But when I got back into horses around 3 years ago, I just ended up trail riding. My Boy can go both styles, but he is more "western" in his training (reining) so I just ended up there. I also feel more secure in a western saddle while trail riding. I would like to ride My Boy hunt seat more this summer, though! You can see here more about our first hunt seat ride last summer. In the next post, another answer regarding style of riding will be addressed.

Okay, that should about wrap it up for this post. Next time, part two of your horse-related questions.

I hope you all had a super weekend!

and... P.S. Thanks for helping me get out of my blogger slump!


  1. Great Q&A - I LOVE Morgans.

    Now if I was a horse I would be a Warmblood. Big and affable, showy when I need to be, but mostly one that has a go regardless of whether I am qualified or not!!

    How's that?

  2. Hope you are feeling better and glad to help you out of the slump. You may need to return the favor sometime ;-)

  3. I'd be an Andalusian because I envy their grace & beauty!

  4. Morgans for the win!!
    Haha my verification word is ponyful

  5. Great post, Pony Girl! That is terrible that you are not feeling well and missed a weekend ride, though.
    Thanks for answering our questions. I can't wait for the next installment of "Ask Pony Girl"!
    I dream big too and I AM going to have you and Paint Girl and other blogging friends for a riding vacation sometime!
    I am going to come and work at your dream ranch too. It sounds perfect!
    Feel better soon!

  6. Interesting so far. Me I am an Appy through and through,even have Appytude at times . Steady ,a little stubborn. Tough ,though as I age a litle less of the "get it done " attitude

  7. Haha, I like that you picked Morgan. A lot of people think my Maria is a Morgan. I would probably be an Appendix Quarter Horse. Long (long) legs and quickness for barrel racing, but also (hopefully) quiet enough for trails.

  8. I love reading all the answers that you posted. I also love that picture you posted of that remarkably long trail ride. I think it might be kind of fun to do that. I wonder what would happen if all those horses just started running? That would be very exciting. And probably a very bad idea. I think if I were a horse, I want to be a paint like Lilly. That way I could be pretty AND trustworthy, and would look good in western tack!

  9. I think I would be a grade horse, no fancy pedigree, but with the sensibilities of a Quarter Horse. I'd throw in some Thoroughbred for beauty, some Arabian for endurance and maybe some Paint or Appy because I love flashy color. But a little Morgan wouldn't be bad either. The question is an impossibility for me. I've known too many good horses of all breeds. And I have fond memories of "nothing special" horses who simply did their jobs honestly every day.

  10. If I were a horse, I'd be a QH. I'm strong yet sweet. I am versatile, sometimes lazy, but quick when I need to be. I have a quirky sense of humor and I'm tough as nails... usually. I like to get down and dirty and I work hard.

    I love that photo of you riding MB english! I'm a western girl myself, but that's just a really nice picture.

  11. What a great, fun post! I love getting to know you a bit better. I've always wanted to do a part of the Chief Joseph ride, but have never made it a priority. It would likely be a very powerful trip, though. As far as what kind of horse.....I have no idea. I'd have to think on that for a while.

  12. I have no idea what breed of horse I would want to be. An Arab because I am high energy and sensitive, a Paint because I can be lazy and laid back and a Mustang because I can be a little wild, well, okay, maybe in my younger days!!

  13. Love the answers! I definetly would be an Arabian--they've got stamina, attitude, smarts and they're not bad to look at :) LOL

  14. Hum...I'd want to be a horse that was loved, well cared for, and had a forever home ...for life.

    Ice Pony Girl
    (the other pony girl) ~:O]

  15. Fun post ~ I'd be a rocking horse!!!

  16. You had such a good idea...we all get to have fun! I would probably have to be an endurance horse! Breed would not matter...just would want to go on LONG LONG rides!!!

  17. PG,
    This was so fun to read and you really should be writing, you have a nice way in organizing your thoughts on paper and you make it interesting. DR, I think you're a Paso Fino, long smooth ride, drinking Mimosa's and not spilling them and all the while a little fancy! LOL!

    This is me: height: 14'2, stocky, broad chested, well muscled hind quarter (the older I get)and compact body (short waisted), head short (tiny head, hard to find hats), wide eyes set, cannons short, hocks flat and low set, innate cow sense, known to be a bay, brown, Palomino, Buckskin, Cremello and now GRAY! Intelligent (some would debate this one) and sensible. Known for quality above all other, truly American and can go a quarter mile without a problem.....the Quarter Horse or Paint.

  18. Just wanted to reiterate....this was the definition I found on the American Quarter Horse.....I'm not a QH snob (known for quality above all other, don't agree with that one,there's many great horses)I love all horses just thought for the most part this description fit me. Also like a miniature....built small with a LOT of attitude and heart! LOL!

  19. What a great idea, PG! I enjoyed learning more about you from the questions asked. I also liked your macro shot, too.

    I hope you and MB get around to riding that PCT someday with the Appy Organization. How cool THAT would be!

    I suppose I would be a mustang because I'm a bit of rebel and a free spirit. I'd rather be running free than be tied to any form fitting idea of how I'm supposed to live by anyone else. I ahve tough feet and prefer to be barefoot. I don't mind weeds in my hair or mud on my legs and I'm all about exploring new places while hiking steadfast and surefooted on the trails.


  20. Wow! Your ranch dream sounds a lot like mine. I've always thought working with horses is a good way for kids facing difficulties to gain some self esteem, confidence and to have a "friend". I liked your comparison to a Morgan. I'll have to ponder that one for myself...


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