Friday, December 4, 2009

Thank Goodness It's Friday!

I feel like I've been hanging on like the last leaf of autumn this week. It's been nothing but crazy and I am exhausted.
I've hardly had time to get around and visit your blogs at all!

Why am I with my horse in the dark by moonlight, sensor lights, and flashlights?

For one, the sun sets around 4:20 around these parts. Second, My Boy is requiring some medical attention after I get off work this week, hence seeing him in the dark. He is off on a hind leg, most likely a hoof abscess. All the signs are pointing this way, from experience with an abscess he had a year ago.

My attempt at a self-portrait using my point-and-shoot.

There is no wound or apparent swelling, just a little heat, a slightly stronger pulse, and resting and pointing of that toe. He is walking and putting weight on it, but has not been the usual "gallop to his hay" kind of pony. The recent wet weather and newly trimmed tender hooves have me believing he either got a bruise that abscessed or just a weather/mud related abscess. So for now he's getting the boot.

I am soaking it with Epsom salts and hot water, hoping to help it draw out and drain. If it gets worse or will not burst on it's own in a few days, I will have to call out the veterinarian to see if she can find it. Abscesses are a pain in the you-know-what to deal with but overall are the lesser of possible evils, at least with treatment it will heal up and he'll be fine.

I have some exciting things to share with you in the coming weeks, including a guest blogger story and a few book reviews.
Have a great weekend, everyone!


  1. I absolutely loved riding horses while growing up. My favorite was jumping fences. I hope your horse heals soon. The moonlight pic looked neato!

  2. I love your new header! Great pics!

  3. Hope that he heals quickly and without much trouble.

  4. Looks like slick "boot " for soaking the foot . I just use a pail, and wear half of it!Good luck with sorting it out . Your news sounds exiting

  5. {FernValley}~ The boot doesn't get the water quite as high as I'd like on his leg, but when I tried the bucket method last time My Boy wasn't happy about it, and I figured a hind foot would be even harder to get in a bucket. I might try it again, though! ;)

  6. At least the rain is gone. But it's SO DARNED COLD! I still have to put up Nana's outside lights and I'm dreading it to the core...burrrrrr. I hope your Boy's footsie heals up fast. I heard from Mom earlier and she said the hotel was beautiful. I Googled it and it's pretty impressive. Hope you have a great weekend!

  7. Oh no bummer. Makes me so grateful that my mare hasn't had any absesses. Her barefoot hooves are always so dry here and as tough as boulders.

    I wonder why your farrier trims your horse's feet so much as to cause tenderness? My farrier always says he'd rather take off not enough than too much. Baby Doll has never been tender after he trims her.

    I hope whatever is causing his lameness goes away quickly and he is healed and back to his healthy self....and so you can stop worrying and having to go to the barn each night.


  8. In my experience dealing with abcesses (barn sitting no less not even my own horses) farriers are the guys to call about feet, not the vets. If it is an abcess and the farrier finds it a bottle of penicillin is 25$ as recommended by the vet of course. Saves you usually 100$ or more.

  9. Hope your Boy's abscess opens and heals nicely. That boot looks helpful. I am not up on all the new gadgets. I have to agree with Sydney regarding the farrier/vet abscess call. Pie's abscess was seen by the farrier - $340 and nothing. I finally called the farrier - $35. In Pennsylvania, the farrier can get in a lot of trouble for opening an abscess, though, so we will just keep this our secret!
    Speaking of secrets - I can't wait to hear your exciting news - Sares mentions a nice hotel - what is up!?!

  10. oops...meant the vet - $340! Too early on Saturday morning!

  11. {Juliette}~ My mom and aunts are in Vegas, staying at a fun hotel for the National Finals Rodeo! ;) The rest of the family is very jealous, as you can imagine!
    I am not sure my vet would do the abscess for me, but it makes sense and I know he has done it for the trainer I bought my horse from.

    {Lisa}~ My Boy's hooves don't grow very fast and the last time he was trimmed, he really didn't need it but it was scheduled. I scheduled him out further for the next time and will change the appointment if his hooves look okay. He also had the hind shoes pulled the shoeing before, after wearing them all summer, so that is why they are tender. Plus, it's been so wet so his hooves are soft.

  12. Oh no! An abscess! I hope your Boy is not in too much pain! I like the little boot you are using--looks more convenient than Lilly's big blue baggie that Bill and I have been using for the good ole epsom salt soak.
    I still do not even know now abscesses form. Don't they seem a little creepy--creating themselves and then busting out all this yucky gunk? I did not know that a bruise could turn into an abscess. I do not know how Lilly got her current abscess--I thought maybe she stepped on soemthing sharp and it shoved some bacteria up in her hoof?
    Oh, our poor dears!!!
    I hope you Boy heals soon and without any drama!

  13. Aww, I hope he feels better. And gorgeous photos too ;)

    I have been reading your blog for a while and have loved every minute of it! I just never had the means to comment :/

  14. Love the last leaf photo you've got!

    Dang, girl...that pony of yours really struggles doesn't he? So sorry to hear he's making you drag yourself out across the frozen tundra in the dark (if you can call frozen mud tundra...?) and that he heals up soon.

  15. I'm lucky so far, in never having to deal with abscess problems. Good luck with that boy's foot !

  16. With all the mud you guys have had, an abscess is not at all surprising. He'll be over it in no time!

  17. Haya's PG, Thanks for the visit and nice words.
    I am so sorry for My Boy's absesses and leg injuires -Drat it all!You are doing the best anyone could and I know it hurts your heart to have him off.
    I have not had to deal with any absesses in 4 years..what is with that..she has to have had some? Her hooves may be better than the normal Thoroughbred, I guess.

    Well, you keep your chin up and stay by the fire. It will turn for the better a flash...seems like that is how fast it got here, anywho!

  18. Oh goodness!!! I hope he is doing better by now!! Such a good horse mommy out there taking such good care of him!!

    Man that stinks, dark at 4:30!! And I complain about our 5:30 LOL!

  19. Your Appy is a dreamcatcher App- like mine.
    Check the face patterns.

  20. Sorry to hear that your boy isn't feeling well. Hope he's doing better now. Can't wait to read the guest blogger and book review posts!


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