Friday, December 18, 2009

Etsy Holiday Finds

Before I start officially this post I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed reading your comments about mares! Truly, I did not know so many people felt the way they did about mares- and in such a positive light. Most of what I have heard about mares has been in terms of them being "mareish" and less than favorable. Thank you for your insight, I am now inspired more than ever to read Betsy's book!

'Tis the season! Still need some last minute holiday gifts? Some of you might be familiar with It's a wonderful site for artists of all kinds to sell their handmade goods. You can even find neato vintage treasures on there, too! Artists set up little online "shops" to sell their wares. I know, because I've become addicted. Mostly with browsing, but I have purchased a few items and have been completely thrilled with every transaction.

The other day I did some searching for horse-related Etsy items, and here is some of what I found. Click on each artist's name to follow the link to their page. I have not shopped from these vendors specifically, I just like their items. By the way, everything I've featured is under $30! And you have to act quick on Etsy, many items are one-of-a-kind and sell out quick (some of my original choices for this post, which I started over a week ago, have since sold!)

Be fair warned though, once you click over, you will not be able to leave! Make sure you have a cup of hot cocoa and some good shopping music playing in the background!

Black Beauty 1952 vintage Children's book found at Ismoyo's Vintage Playground

"Dancing In The Clouds" 8 x 10 signed Giclee Print by LGraceOriginals

Giddyup Jada Oval Belt Buckle Wearable Art by
M "n" M Treasures

Girl's Custom Boutique Horse Lover's Dress from Vintage from A Vintage Touch

Christmas Horse Holiday Gift Tags by
Judy's Crafts

Women's Backstage Horse T-shirt by Stevester
(they have great tote bags too!)

Modern Mare Original Horse Art Pendant by Gypsy Mare Studios
(she has a blog too!)

Happy holiday shopping! And if YOU have an Etsy shop you like to tell us about, please leave a link in the comments section.

You can be sure I'll stop by!

Speaking of the holidays....I've been trying to bring some festivity to my own little place....I will share some pictures in my next post!


  1. Wow! I had never been on the Etsy site. I did a search for "western" and up came 517 pages of delightful items for every taste and price range imaginable. (I might have to narrow my search a bit.) I'm always a sucker for hand-crafted treasures both for gifts, and myself... Thanks for the tip. Etsy is now saved in my "favorites!"

  2. You want to read this blog ponygirl. It's equine etsy artists. I used to have an etsy but I just sell based on e-bay, local ads or word of mouth cause I do custom horse hair items/horse shoe dream catchers I need to be supplied the horses hair that needs to be made into something.

  3. Love the horse pendants from Gypsy Mare Studios. I have an Etsy shop where I sell handcrafted jewelry. My pieces vary in style, but I am especially proud of my Cowgirl Jewels collection. I offer bold and chunky pieces similar to those that can be found in many catalogs for much less! You can check out the entire line at Thanks for allowing me to get in a plug!!! P.S. If anyone decides to make a purchase, please note in the notes to seller section that you heard about my shop on this blog, and I'll refund 10% of your purchase price (not including shipping) through PayPal!

  4. Pony Girl - Etsy is an inspiring site that does a wonderful job promoting art and artists. I set up my shop in August of 2007. I sell my paintings on canvas and painting on tiles. I paint retro images from my childhood. Thanks for letting me link over!
    You can find me at maizie jane .

  5. I love etsy. Such wonderful, creative items in their "store". Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  6. I have seen Gypsy Mare creations and read the blog before. Beautiful stuff.

    Looking forward to your festive holiday photos. Every mom deserves to humiliate her horse for Christmas.

  7. I have to chime in with a testimonial for Shelly's Stuff Jewelry! I recently ordered a necklace (for a gift) and bracelet (for me) from her and they are BEAUTIFUL! Really unique jewelry at VERY affordable prices. The jewelry arrived very quickly and in very nice packaging.

    So, yeah, I guess you can say I've been to Etsy! I also ordered a crafter's apron off of it this past summer, which I totally love. You can find anything! But you're right...once you start, you can't stop looking!

    Thanks for the gift ideas...I had never thought about looking for books on there. Hope you have a wonderful, festive weekend! :)

  8. I'll have to check etsy. Also, it's the last day to sign up for my book giveaway. Click on my name for details. Thank you everyone for your interest.

  9. Love it! I definitely need to go and check it out :)

  10. Oh girl, you know I love my Etsy!! Thanks so much for your sweet comment on my last blog post. Have an amazing Christmas!

    Erin :)

  11. How weird! I just did a post on friday and I mentioned my love for as well.
    My favourite shop is I just love the simplicity of her pieces, I'm planning on buying some for mother's day.

    Have a great Holiday!

  12. Pony, I have a tote from the seller you mentioned! I LOVE it and have gotten so many compliments on it!

    Etsy is an awesome place to shop!

  13. Great post! I like Etsy much better than eBay for anything handmade especially. And many times, you can have custom items made, too.

    Shop til you drop....without ever leaving your house. That's the way I like to shop!


  14. I want that red t-shirt SO bad!!!!
    I LOVE it. :-)

    Happiest of Holidays to you my friend!

  15. Hey PG, nice post about Etsy artists! It truly is addicting. I've had my shop on there for almost 2 years and it has been so much fun and I have "met" so many nice people (sellers and buyers alike). There's nothing like buying handmade from an actual person who has put their heart and soul into their work.
    Happy Holidays to you and Your Boy!

  16. I do miss not decorating my house...never did get happy with blue and silver! LOL Looking to seeing you all soon!

  17. Great holiday shopping items! I love the vintagae book, and the face on the t-shirt is gorgeous. I want that shirt! Thanks for posting!


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