Monday, December 14, 2009

An Appaloosa "Angel"

From time to time, I get emails from readers of my blog. Often they answer questions I've asked in their comment section, ask me questions, or comment on something I've written about.
Sometimes, they just want to say hello, that they enjoy my blog, and tell me their own horse story. One such story was particularly touching, and since it was about an Appaloosa, I just had to share it. The email is from a lady that calls herself "Shadow D."

Here is the story from Shadow D in her own words:

Hello..... I just read your website story about how you came to get your Appaloosa..... he is a pretty thing isn't he?..... I love Appaloosas....they are so different and smart.... I think they are much smarter than most horses. I wanted to write and tell you about my Appaloosa....its somewhat similar to your story.

I , too.... had not ridden much after I was a teenager. But, one day I had decided that for my 52nd birthday, I was going to get myself a horse, because, it was "now or never". So, I decided that I wanted to find a paint or an appaloosa, since I loved the patterns on these horses, and they were my favorite breeds, although I loved horses period, and had, all my life.

I kept thinking about names that I might want to call the horse, once I found "the one". I wasn't particular about it being a gelding or a mare.... but, the name kept eating at me. I had a Timber Wolf/Malamute , named Shoshoni, at that time, and since Paints and Appaloosas are "Indian" horses, I wanted a Native American name for whatever horse I found, no matter what its "real" name already was on file. I thought of many names, but the one that kept coming back to my mind, was, "Comanche".
So, I had the, I had to find the horse.

Not long after that, I was driving out of the Rockies, where I lived at that time. I suddenly saw a red barn roof, off the highway on a lower, side road. I thought, "I wonder if that is a private barn or a public boarding barn." I had some extra time that day so, I decided to turn around and go have a look-see. It turned out to be a boarding barn. I went in to see the manager there. Didn't tell him what kind of horse I was interested in, at all. Just asked if he knew anyone who had a horse for sale. He led me down to a beautiful little mare, who was 4 1/2 years old. I looked down, at her stall door, and her registered name was there............ it said "Comanche's Lunar Nova"....... I almost passed out!!!
Wow... was this a sign from God? Or what?

The man told me that she was worth 6 or $7,ooo ..... she was breeder's trust, Appaloosa registered. At the time, I had no idea what her breeding line was, but she has Man O War, thru his grandson, Wapiti, Plaudit, Yaqui Warrior, Double Six Domino, Buttons B, Mansfield's Comanche twice in her line, Sully, and, because of Mansfield's Comanche....she has the Goldolphin Arab, and the Darling Arab, both in her line, who were used to create the first Thoroughbreds in the world, in Britain, in the 1700's. She also has Poco Bueno breeding as Quarter horse...another top breeding line.

I told the man that I couldn't afford her. He said, "Lets call." I went to see the owner. She told me about the mare's breeding. She told me what she was worth. I said, "I only have a thousand dollars".... thinking that this woman would shortly laugh me out of her house...... She sat there for a few moments..... (probably stunned at my audacity) and then..... she said "Alright, I want her to go to someone who will love her.".................. I think my mouth fell open .....I couldn't breathe for a moment or two...... but, she was mine. My horse..... I do believe that my horse knew it before I even met the woman who owned her.

Comanche knew my car's motor sound within 3 days of my finding her. She would meet me at the door of her stable, and I could let her out without a rope or bridle and lead her around in the barn in a wavy line with her nose tucked into my hands crossed behind me, in just a couple of days. That horse knew I was hers and she was mine. She's a gorgeous thing...and, she knows it.... she loves to have her picture fact...she's watched me smile at my cellphone camera, and then, she turns her head sideways when I point it at her, and she smiles a big horsey grin. Its hysterical.

Comanche is very fast, and while I am not that kind of a rider, she tries to make sure I am okay when I am riding her. She's now 10 years old, and I bought her shortly after she turned 4 1/2. She's gone from being almost solid white, with black stockings and a silver and black mane and tail, to looking like a totally different horse. Its like having a new horse almost every year! She has a mark on her nose that I tell people is my guardian angel standing there, as it looks like wings in an upright position. I tell Comanche' that's why she has to be a good girl for me, since my guardian angel is riding on her nose.

Appaloosas are incredible animals. My Comanche' is a very smart creature. She "dances" with me in the arena. I move next to her, and she does the same thing I do, as I do the move. Its not choreographed, just spontaneous. Of course, I have a little secret..... I have a peppermint candy in my hand. Honey, she can smell peppermint from a mile away!!! Its probably her favorite thing for a treat. She'll do ANY thing to get that piece of candy. It just tickles people to see her "dance". After she chomps down on the candy, she'll walk over to another horse and "breathe" out into their nose, so they will smell the peppermint.... she wants them to know what they are missing! She's very protective of her "treats". Doesn't want to share any.... she wants them all!!!

I think its very special that God let me have such a wonderful horse, and even gave me the name ahead of time, so I would know which horse was mine. I am so glad I have her. And, I think she knows she's loved. I am glad I found your site. It proves to me that other people also get their soul mate horses. I love mine with all my heart.

What a special story! I truly think some horses come into some of our lives for reasons. I was so tickled that after my encouragement for Shadow D to start her own blog, she did! Be sure to stop the link here and say "hello." Most of us can remember what it was like when we first started blogging....waiting for those first few visitors!

Thank you Shadow D, for letting me share your story. I look forward to reading about yours and Comanche's adventures on your blog!


  1. What a great story. Hope the same happens for me when I decide it's time to have a horse of my own!

  2. That's a lovely story! I love it when chance decisions turn out to be packed full of goodness.

    I'll definitely hop on over to her blog, I certainly know what it's like to be just starting out blogging and having no visitors - I'm just barely clear of that stage.

    I'm enjoying the guest blogger posts you've been doing lately, especially heart warming stories like these - pefect for the holidays.

  3. That's such a special story! It totally touched my heart. Comanche is truly her dream horse soulmate.

    Thanks for sharing. The photos were too sweet.


  4. What a find! Just goes to show that miracles do happen.

  5. Way to go for sharing her story and link!

  6. What a beautiful story. Brought tears to my eyes. I could feel their bond and love. I will stop over and say hi. HUGS

  7. That is a wonderful story. I look forward to reading her blog.

  8. what a cool story! I love those heart puller kind!

  9. Oh Pony Girl - thank you for sharing this wonderful story! I will stop over there now. I love that mare already! You have a heart of gold to see the special people and horses out there and share them with all of us! Thanks!

  10. What a great story! I think it sounds like these two were meant to be for sure. She's sure a cutie isn't she! I love that she loves peppermints too. She sounds like quite the character.

  11. By the way, when I said I wanted it to warm up, I meant to snow levels. All we got was a snow/rain mix. Now it's straight rain. I was so bummed. I'm missing my old white precipitation. I had a reader mention my falling snow widget might be slowing down the loading process of my blog. I said I know but can't bear to part with it until I get some of the real stuff!

  12. Thank you for sharing this story, it was so heartwarming

  13. What a very sweet and inspiring story!! Thanks for sharing, and I will head over to her blog and check it out!

  14. Very inspiring to here how other people find "their" horse! Good job of sharing with us Pony Girl!!!

  15. Wow, what a great story. I love the "smiling" photo! Of course, I'm biased....apps are the best! =)

  16. What a great story! How awesome that she has her own ever changing Angel. How nice of you to share her story.

  17. That was a very sweet story!! Hope you are doing well...I am just trying to get caught up on blogs...I have missed so much!! :)

  18. well pony girl....
    i'm so glad that you stopped by my blog today because then i was able to find yours and let me tell you...i'm in love with your blog.
    i love your stories, your photos, all of it.

    my pony love began when i read 'can i get there by candlelight' in about 2nd grade.

    i have several posts about girlies are taking riding lessons. it's on my to do list {35 things before i'm 36} to take riding lessons this year.

    so nice to meet you. look forward to more.


  19. It is true that "the Lord moves in mysterious ways..." -- this is proof. I am going to look at her blog...........

  20. Brings tears to my eyes to see such a connection and can you believe they were willing to sell her for that. Was meant to be for sure

  21. Thanks for sharing Pony Girl, what a great story. It's amazing the way things work out some times and it definitely sounds like those two are soul mates.


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