Monday, December 28, 2009

Holiday Happenings, Part One

Oh goodness, the holidays were non-stop! I was busy behind the camera. No surprise.
I think I took nearly 500 pictures over the holiday (and I'm not done yet.)

Let's start chronologically. My Christmas day at my Nana and Pappy's was filled with the noise of young children. Did I mention it was noisy? Many of my young cousins just have the most precious faces. Here are a few of my favorites shots.

Look at those cheeks!

I couldn't get a good shot of this one.

Oh, the looks on their faces! Pure holiday joy.

As their cousin stole their toy then ran.

But all ends well, and before long they are running together again.

I got to spend time with Rosie, my parents dog. I printed and framed this picture for my dad for Christmas.

Of course, there was plenty of horse time, too! A Christmas morning trip to my mom's stable to visit her Dusty.

But back to the cousins. This one. She is trouble.

Yes, she tried to steal my Appa-paloosa! I will have to show you all about it next time, when I tell you about the day after Christmas at the Painted Creek!

Before I go, I wanted to share the recipe for the Milk Chocolate Pie. A friend shared it with me, it is their family Christmas tradition. This is an easy, no-bake, delicious pie. It has cream cheese in it. Everything is good with cream cheese in it, don't you think?


4 oz. milk chocolate (I just use Hershey chocolate bars)
1/4 cup milk

2 Tblsp sugar

1 pkg. 3 ounce
cream cheese, softened
1 container 8 ounces Cool Whip, thawed
1 prepared graham cracker crust

  1. Heat chocolate and 2 Tblsp of the milk in saucepan over low heat, stirring until chocolate is melted.
  2. Beat sugar into cream cheese. Add remaining milk (2 Tblsp) and chocolate mixture and beat until smooth.
  3. Fold chocolate mixture into whipped topping, in a bowl; blend until smooth. Spoon into crust and freeze (about 4 hours.) Serve frozen or just slightly thawed.

Hope all your holiday festivities were joyful!


  1. Wonderful pictures as always ;) That pie also looks delightfully scrumpcious!

  2. You tell THAT ONE that they hang Appa-paloosa theives, lol!

    Lovely shots you got of the little punksters in your clan, Pony Girl, and let your mum know I see a round pen there in that that surely needs a mustang!

  3. Cute pictures.
    Oh no you don't have an appa-paloosa thief! She would have a trailer full and then some at our place...

  4. Great pics! don't leave us in suspense about the appa-paloosa Thief! I need to be prepared in case she ever heads north!

  5. Mmm...the pie looks wonderful. I love the pictures. Who took the one of you taking pictures? That is good too! I love your mom on Christmas day with her boy.

  6. Such beautiful pictures of your young cousins!!! How come I did not get any of that pie???

  7. {Juliette}~ My cousin Sares took that picture of me, I didn't know she took it! I'm glad she did, because it is kind of funny that now I'm behind the camera so much, I never have any pictures of myself at any family event! :)

    {DR}~ The pie was on the porch staying cool...I brought it in at some point. I know your hubby got a slice!

  8. Can I hire you to come take some family pics.? You really have more than one calling. YUMMO! You can bring that pie to Cle Elum!

  9. {Cousin B}~ I'd love to start doing photography on the side.....just really worried about being such a rookie, LOL! And although the pie is very good, I don't think it was as good as some of the delish deserts that YOU make!!

  10. Beautiful photos! And I'm impressed with the positions you can twist yourself in to take photos, PG (ie that first photo. lol!)

    My fave pic is the one of your Mom and Dusty, though. Awwww. Dusty sure looks handsome, too!

    The pie recipe sounds delish!
    Thanks for sharing.


  11. All the young cousins are so cute! And yes, that one, she is trouble!! I can't even imagine what she is going to be like when she is in her teens, like we were talking about!
    Now that you know how to bake, when are you going to learn how to cook?

  12. Great shots! I've yet to pull my holiday post together, what with the maniacs here and all!

  13. That pie looks delicous and it sounds easy enough...we'll have to see how mine turns out LOL!

  14. How can you go wrong with chocolate, cream cheese, and Cool Whip? My favorite food groups :-D

    Hope you saw where those photo mugs were ordered from WalMart's online photo store.

  15. 500 pictures! Wow, good thing you are so great at it. :) Love the cheeks and thanks for sharing.

  16. Sounds like you had a wonderful Christmas....and your photos are fabulous. I love the horse photos.

  17. What a very nice series of pictures. I love the kids expressions, sparkling eyes and the portrait of your mom and dusty.
    My favorite is the picture of Rosie, not just because the picture is simply perfect, also because she's such a beautiful dog! :)
    Happy New Year all the way from Sweden!

  18. Oh those kids are fantastic in really, truly captured the moment with them!
    I am so happy for the times you caught...and with 500 pics...we shall see many more happy times soon here!( My normal 2-3 hour trail ride renders about 200 shots)

  19. Mmmmmm...milk chocolate pie! Sounds yummy, and no bake is right up my alley! The photos of the kids are stunning! Where did you learn how to take such amazing photos? You inspire me to try harder with my pictures!

  20. {Michelle}~ I'm really into close-ups of faces these days! I use my zoom lens (55m-200mm) and try to stay back, then just zoom in on what is happening naturally. I was watching a professional children's photographer recently and she was just snapping away, taking a ton of shots, even of the same pose. I think that is the key to getting a good shot.


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