Saturday, December 12, 2009

Snow Dance

C'mon everyone, do it with me! The
snow dance! You put your left foot in, you put your left foot out, you put your left foot in and you shake it- wait! Wrong dance. Oh well, make up your own!

The weekend is here! I have SO much to do. I could really use a snow day Monday. A day where small children get to rejoice in building snowmen and drinking hot cocoa and adults can relish in a few extra hours to get some things done! (Particularly those of us who don't have small children to tend to.)

For me, it's mostly some blog activity that will keep my fingers a-typin' the next few days!

Someone I know is having a birthday tomorrow and she'd probably prefer I don't mention it or do a blog post about her. Too bad.

My book Alison Hart book giveaway contest ends tomorrow at midnight, so don't forget to go here and leave a comment so you have a chance to win! I will draw and announce the winner on Tuesday.

Yes, even Boston Terriers can do the snow dance, people! At least, I think they are Boston Terriers?

I have a guest blogger sharing her story about her special Appaloosa horse on Monday.

A few of you have asked about the cookies on my header. I made them at Christmas last year, they are very yummy, my family (especially my papa!) loved them. But Houston, we have a problem- I have no idea where the recipe is! Mom- did I happen to leave it at your house? I tore it out from a magazine. I am going to try to track it down.

Update: thanks to Latigo Liz, here is the link to the chocolate peppermint cookies!! Thanks Liz!!

However, I had the most delicious pie at a holiday party last night, so I am going to attempt that.

Wednesday I will have another guest author and giveaway! Goodness! I'm beginning to feel like an agent for my own blog, hee hee! I love it. I love sharing other's stories. I've always wanted to start an interview feature. I'm sure you're all a bit tired of hearing about me anyway, right?

Okay, I'm off to eat my Cheerios then get my horse some hay before the snowy icy roads have a chance to impede that errand.

Stay warm and toasty.

And don't forget to dance!

(Thank you to Photobucket users for the great pictures for this post!)


  1. I would be happy to ship you some of our snow!

  2. I'd have to say that we have enough snow here too. I'll be doing the "snow angel" dance. Very fun post though ...and stay warm yourself!

  3. From your own blog archive:
    The recipe is right there! ;)

    Hoping it snows here, too! Ponies, kids and snow. Fun! Plus we need more fresh snow in the mountains, for skiing!

  4. Fun post! I hope it snows too. Especialy when you come home for Christmas. We had so much fun last year when we went to town and walked around. Have a good weekend! HUGS

  5. Bah! Sn*w! I hope all of MINE falls on YOU!

    If not, bring your truck over and I'll shovel it all in. You can have it!

  6. Haha! Latigo Liz to save the day! Awesome- this is why I love blogs!
    PG that picture of you dancing is so cute! I want to print it and put it over my computer- it makes me smile!

    You can keep the snow- but I'll do the dancing today as I bake those yummy cookies too!

  7. I'm pretty sure you posted the recipe when you made those cookies last year.
    At least I hope so because I'm kinda wanting to try them myself! lol

  8. {Latigo Liz}~ Ha ha! You are a lifesaver! Now, why didn't I think of that?? ;)

    {Vaquero Girl}~ That is not me dancing.....we don't have snow YET! If it snows, I might take one of me, hee! That is from Photobucket images.

  9. yes those are boston terriers! My favorite dogs (I have 2) that is a great picture!
    p.s. what type of cookies are those on your header? They look fabulous!

  10. Thanks, Pony Girl, for making me think positive thoughts about the snow. I am getting a little tired of it.

    I love the photos - especially the Boston Terriers. Too cute!

    I can't wait to check out the recipe for the cookies.

    I am glad you got to walk your boy today. He probably loved that time with you!!!

  11. I have to comment on your Standard For All Cowboys photo. Yes, Gus is a great one, but for horsemanship, watch Tom Selleck. He's been in quite a few westerns. When he's horseback and it's time to leave, he doesn't just kick his horse up into a lope. He sets the horse up for a lead departure and eases him it. Beautiful. Also, you rarely see a horse Tom is riding with his head jacked up in the air.

  12. LOVE the snow! We had our first snowfall last Saturday. The Bostons in the snow is great!

  13. I thought that was you in the snow too! Ha! cute post.

  14. {Susan}~ Thanks for the tip. In an old post, someone suggested a few good Tom Selleck westerns. I have to admit I haven't watched many. Maybe over my holiday break! ;)

  15. Looking forward to reading the Appaloosa story tomorrow! We've been fortunate to have a wonderful Appaloosa mare who will have her 37th birthday in March. We are grateful for every day we have with her. Love reading your blog - great stories and photos!

  16. {Karen}~ Thanks for stopping by! Just FYI, the Appy story will be on Monday, not tomorrow.
    How special that you have a mare that is almost 37! That is truly amazing!!

  17. I'll only dance if it goes in your direction! We are 'done full up' on snow!

  18. Y'know, I was with you RIGHT up until the last salutation: Stay Warm and Toasty. Gah!!!

    I'll give you warm and toasty, darlin', with a heaping serve of SWEATY and SUNBURNED to boot! That snow looks divine... and it'd have the proverbial chance of lasting ten seconds here at the moment. (I'm pretty sure Granite Glen is NOT hell, but it sure feels like it sometimes).

    Have fun with your snowmen...

  19. Cute dancing doggies! They look like they are lovin' the snow. Thanks for the cookie recipe!

  20. Those are Boston Terriers, I have been wanting one of those for a long time!
    It is snowing here, so if you want to do the snow dance, you must come here.

  21. Great post, PG! I love the snow, too! Especially if I have nowhere else to go. I love taking walks in the snow, hanging out with my critters in the snow, and even just sitting inside with a good view outside to watch the snowfall as I sip hot cocoa with peppermint schnapps. (mmm!)

    Hey....I've got a question for you and Paint Girl. Did you ever receive a pony for Christmas?


  22. Thanks for that yummy cookie recipe! I'm planning to do some major baking next weekend & these are now on my agenda. YUMMY! :) Keeping my fingers crossed that you get snow! :)

  23. {Lisa}~ Yes- MY BOY! :) He was kind of a Christmas present. That was the only one, that I can remember!

  24. Please no snow till after Xmas...or I won't get to see all of my family again, like last year!!!
    I am trying to catch up on blogs...and way behind!!!

  25. Great photos - I love the dance! I can't wait to read what your upcoming guests have to write, and happy birthday to the mystery girl!


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