Sunday, December 20, 2009

Deck The Halls, Part One

I wanted to call this post "Deck the Stalls." But I don't have a barn. Ah well. I just love decorating for the holidays! Goodness, I think I could leave it up year round!
Let's start with my pony.

He was not very thrilled about wearing my snowflake scarf.

Suck it up, cute Appy boy! Just be thankful I didn't have a Santa hat and antlers!

After sufficiently humiliating MB, I made it up to him by letting him chow down on the green grass growing in the corner of the arena. He was happy. I took off his blanket for a while as the big freeze had thawed and it's been fairly mild out. By the way, he's recovering well from his hoof abscess. While longing him yesterday, he broke into a trot on his own and even threw in some frisky head tosses. I think he would have kicked up his heels had the arena not been a bit muddy and slippery!

On to the home decor.....I'm pretty sure this Santa was my Nana Vi's, so he is at least over 25 years old. I found it in the garage sale pile at my parents and I snagged it. I don't have batteries in him yet, but if it did, then he would shake his arm and ring that bell. If I remember correctly, he might even march in place!

Its hard to tell in this picture, but this Santa has very blue eyes.

I started collecting snowman "stuff" years ago. I just love snow! The groovy thing about snowman decor is that I don't feel so guilty leaving it out through January.....since it's more winter decor than Christmas decor. Right?

This snow woman (I dubbed her so) is new to my collection. She was a gift from a co-worker. She has a primitive style to her. And details that I adore, like a yarn scarf and real twig arms!

In her twig hand, she is holding a glitter star.

O, holy night. The stars are brightly shining.

Here is one of my two little Christmas trees. This one is white ceramic with a bulb inside that lights up the little red birds. I got this one at a garage sale, but many years ago, my Nana B made a similar one. It is green and has light bulbs, not birds. I remember it from my childhood Christmases at her house. She still puts it out every year.

I bought a set of white feather birds at the dollar store. I had a vase of bare branches left over from my fall decor. I added holly to the vase, then wired the little white birds onto them.

Because winter is so dark, I find comfort in the glow of candles during the holidays. Here are my birch wood candle holders. I have a variety of dollar-store wreaths, with fake leaves and berries and pine cones, that I put around my candles. I can't use my big candles as the candle wreaths are too small! (My little tree is glowing pink in the background.)

I love anything rustic during the holidays! It reminds me of cozy weekends at a ski lodge. I especially like the combination of the birch, metal antlers, and bit of greenery around deer's neck. I wish I had a whole family of woodland animals like this!

That is all. For now! I need to make a cup of cocoa, put on some Bing Crosby, and continue my decorating. Oh, and present wrapping. I finally have presents! (What's that I hear? Sounds of my family members clapping in delight!)

I have more holiday treasures to share next time.....


  1. LOVE lal your decorations PG! Very cutely shot too!
    My Boy looked a bit indignant for the photo op...sometimes, they just put up with us huh!
    Well, been wondering how he is...thought about you the other day when my mare went mysteriously lame while we rode... scary lame. But...I do think it is a deep heal bruise...pasture days ahead for her!
    Thinkin of you!
    Hope your darkest day, is lit brightly with love that shines in your heart of hearts PG!

  2. I wanna come and sit in your place and just drink cocoa, listen to your music and look at your stuff....Beautiful post cousin! I love how you're able to make things look faded in the background! You have my same silver star...I'll post mine so you can see how I used it ok? (Although your's looks better...)

  3. I remember that green Christmas tree of Nana B's. Always loved it as a kid.
    You get so creative with your decorations. I might have to get you to decorate my house for Christmas next year!

  4. What cute decorations! MB looks great in that scarf :)

  5. Your mom and I pretty much finished up our shopping today! I'm always glad when I get it done then you can enjoy the holidays!

  6. Love all the pictures and you have some lovely decorations , but my faV IS your MB ! wat a handsome fella in his festive scarf! Merry Christmas

  7. Oh so pretty! My parents gave us one of the bell ringing santas last winter and we gave it away! lol! It was so annoying. Be grateful yours doesn't work lol!

    And I do remember the ceramic trees growing up, too. My parents had a green one with glowing bulbs. I wonder if they still have it?!
    Yours is very pretty.

    I, too love rustic and folk art, primitive styles, too.
    Oh and your MB reminded me of an old Russian woman wearing that scarf. lol! What a silly boy.


    and my word verification is:


    Sounds like a Russian word. lol!

  8. Poor Riley. What's a pony to do when there are no kids around for his girl to photograph but stand there and look tortured. The life of a horse.

    I remember the Santa. Your Mom chucked so many things when they moved last time. She even got rid of the Nativity Scene that was you Pops (I think). I just KNEW she would want it one day so I saved it for her and sure enough, she wanted it back this year!
    I knew you had a ceramic tree but I didn't know it was white! It's so pretty, I haven't seen one like that before. I have Buba's, but didn't put it out because of the Cub. he'd have that ting DEE-STROYED! Your other things are so pretty too! Can't wait until Christmas!

  9. {Sares}~ I am a pack-rat. My mom is the opposite of a pack-rat! There are a lot of things I wish I had, that she probably got rid of. I am not a hoarder, hee, but I do over-attach sentimental value to things that have been in the family.

    {Lisa}~ Too funny, (cover your ears, My Boy!) he DOES kind of give off the Russian old man vibe in that scarf, LOL!

  10. I love the feather birds on branches arrangement! And that ceramic tree with the red birds that light up. Actually it all looks fabulous.

  11. Your Boy in that scarf! He is so funny with his eyes. He looks at the camera like, "here she goes again decorating me up like a Christmas tree!" What a nice boy! He sure looks content munching that grass!
    Your Christmas decorations are so wonderful. You really do a nice job photographing them too. I hope you get some snow for Christmas! We have enough to share.

  12. Haha, I have a Cowboy Snowman you would love! He has a gun and holster, a cowboy hat, and even a rope! Just got him this year, couldn't resist. We have a bunch of rustic stuff also.

  13. Great shots of all your decorations! I love seeing how everyone chooses to decorate their homes. That little ceramic tree really brings back memories, my grandma made one very similar many years ago. My mom still puts it up every year.

  14. I have 2 of those ceramic trees, both green with multi-colored lights. I really like it done in white like yours. Your decorations make everything look so cozy.

  15. Very cute decorations. I like the ceramic trees too. And My Boy looks handsome in his scarf.

  16. I had a little ceramic tree, but when my sister's house got hit by a tornado, I gave her mine to replace hers that was lost. Yours is very cute with the red birds !

  17. Doesn't Appy boy look so cool in his scarf?! A guy could get used to that. Your holiday decor is awesome. I love all your snowmen. My mom has a wonderful cermic tree like that and I love it!
    I want to wish you a wonderful Christmas and hope to see you soon.

  18. I love a Christmas holiday! Is your entire house full of little christmasy sculptures and objets d'art? I too like that snow woman. Her little arms are all skinny, like Paint Girl's!
    Looks like YB didn't mind that pinkpurply scarf so much! He certainly looked very dapper in it! I'm glad his jacket was able to come off because his speckles are so spectacular. Looking at his photos is like a little gift in itself!
    Pony Girl, I hope you have a stellar holiday with your family. PEACE ON EARTH!!

  19. The white Christmas tree was a really terrific find ~ I love it because it is so unusual! I always liked Nana's little lit up tree at Christmas time. Glad to see you are enjoying the holiday spirit. I am looking forward to seeing you over the holidays.


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