Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A Goat Story, x 2

One of the reasons I think I am so excited to host Heidi on her book tour is that she is living my dream of becoming a published author! It must be so exciting to actually hold your first book, fresh off the press, complete with that new-book smell.

Since I was a young child, I have always been a writer, at the encouragement of my late grandmother, my Nana Vi. Over the years, I wrote my own newsletter, for the high school newspaper, in college classes, and just for myself. Since I was 16, I have started, but never finished, many novels. The last one I started around 5 years ago actually has more of a movie script feel to it, so I haven't toyed with it much lately.

Here is one of my childhood stories from my scrapbook, written when I was 7.

Here is my current day version.

A one-way conversation of Edgar the goat, to My Boy, the horse:

Man, I tell ya. I'm really, really getting hungry for dinner.

Hey! Spotted Pill! Stop standing there looking so earnest and cute! Tell that little blonde girl to put me away and bring us some grub!

Ah, I get it now. You might have something here, Mr. Spots. Lookin' cute, lookin' cute......it is my goat mantra. Lookin' cute, lookin' cute.....darn, I'm hungry! This isn't working!

Yo! Little woman! Your Spotted Stinker is standing by his grain bucket! Major clue, blondo! Hey- where are you going with that black box? This is just NOT good at all! She's walking to the other side of the pasture! How's she gonna untie me from over there?

Now she's using that black box at the other horses and goats! They're like, half asleep. What's so exciting about that? They'd better not get their dinner before us!

That's it, I'm done. I give up. I'm not working for free anymore. Hasta la vista, Polka Dots! By the way, anyone seen my horn? I'm missin' a horn.

Ah, you again! You horn stealer! I thought we were a team? Like Chips! Shaggy and Scooby! Simon and Garfunkle!


I tell ya, it's a conspiracy around here at the Painted Creek Farm! Goat for sale! Goat for sale! I'm good at lookin' cute......

Yup, there is never a shortage of fun on the farm. Thanks to My Boy and Edgar for being such good sports for this post!

P.S. Yes, they did get their grub that night!


  1. ah..that was really too cute, Edgar can come visit my kids!

    He would probably think he traded appy spots, for larger paint spots..and more funny black boxes following him around, click click click!

    Jan happy warm weather coming up this weekend :)


  2. What a hoot! The missing horn had me in giggles,and that is not easy to do. In fact I'm still smiling. Funny little goat tale. The one you wrote in your younger years is cute too!

  3. No goats! No goats! We don't like them smelly goats. Clothes eatin', sunzofagunz anyway. Get a goat and you'll spend the rest of yer life half nekkid.

    Me wantsta go back to a happy place now.

  4. Ha! FUNNY STUFF! I often wonder what my crazy animals are thinking...I think you did a pretty darn good job capturing "Edgar". Love it! :)

  5. That is it, I don't know if I can read your blog anymore! This is TOO funny!
    You always make me laugh, when I need a good laugh! I just love how your spotted boy, stands in the same spot, looks at you the whole time, he doesn't even notice Edgar! He must have been one hungry pill!

  6. {PG}~ Cheer up pop tart! :) Things will work out. Glad you got a chuckle. Your animals are always good for makin' us laugh, eh??! xo

  7. so cute! edgar is a dear and that was hilarious about his horn hanging on the fence...

  8. Poco's last pasture buddy was a goat. I was really worried I's have to bring the goat home too.

  9. LOVE IT! LOL! Just think if they really could talk. My sheep yell at me all the time.

  10. Some horses send more suttle hints like my mare, she follows me around curling her lip up in hopes I just might have something for her. Your boy has it down. He just walks over to his bucket and says "HUMAN! DINNER NOW!" hahahah

  11. Hee Hee, cute read. You are living your childhood dream aren't you? Your goat is a cutie!

  12. Funny post PG. Goats are great. I love the sound when they walk. Your Boy is such a beauty.

  13. So much fun!! Your spotted pill certainly has a handle on cute!

  14. Goats are good story builders. And they ALWAYS want food!!! Love the patience that your spotted pill is demonstrating. Now what on earth happened to poor Edgar's horn??

  15. Very cute...can I steal Edgar's mantra? Lookin' cute, lookin' cute...yep, doesn't usually get me very far either!

  16. I love how animals can't stop us from pinning captions on them. It gives me hours of endless joy.

  17. LOL, Pony Girl!!!! I love the smell of new books too, especially textbooks. I will sit there and fan the pages while my hubby calls me a "weirdo." Nice guy, huh???

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  19. I loved the story from when you were seven. What neat writing you had!!

    You're too cute!


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