Saturday, August 2, 2008

Take Your Shoes Off

Cute sign, eh? But my parents don't enforce this. Except for boots from the barn. Those are usually dirty and always come off at the door! I am at my parents for the weekend, so I thought I'd share a few pictures from their computer. Here is my mom's gelding Dusty taking a break on their recent trail ride. That is my mom's new Circle Y Flex 2 trail saddle. It's very comfortable!

My mom rode with our cousin C, and another friend. Cousin C has a black Arabian gelding, Atticus. Now, Atticus looks like a bit of a wild stallion in this picture, but he is really a great guy. Can you believe she got this little horse for $500 on He's a teenager that saw many kids through the show ring in his earlier years. My cousin is enjoying him, she says he still has a lot of spunk. He looks gorgeous and I can't wait to meet him for the first time in two weeks!
Taking a drink from the creek (see the Dustbuster's ear at the bottom?)

Tomorrow, my mom and I are riding Dusty. Right now, I'm off to watch HorseMaster (Julie Goodnight's show) on the RFD Channel (love this, I don't get it at home!) I'll be back next week with a historical post full of spots. And finally, an answer to the poll question about My Boy's name!
By the way, Julie Goodnight just had a great trail riding tip! She said to attach a luggage tag somewhere to your horse's saddle or saddle bag dee ring, with all pertinent contact information on it. This way, should you and your horse become separated on a ride and your horse were to run off on the trail system and get picked up by a good Samaritan, they would have access to contact information. Not a bad idea!


  1. Both of you are going to ride Dusty together. Is her new saddle big enough? hehehe
    I bet you are missing My Boy. He'd probably enjoy doing those trails with you, your Mom and the Dustbuster :)

    Hey!Great tip about the luggage tag. Thanks for passing it along.

  2. On the trail tip:
    Better yet, use a nice fancy brass or nickel dog tag! And if you are feeling particularly cautious, braid a tag into your horse’s mane up towards the poll. Handy in case you and your horse part ways and then also if your horse loses all the tack it’s wearing. God forbid anything like that happening, of course!

  3. Dusty looks good. I guess your mom got over worrying he had lost too much weight?LOL.

    Atticus is beautiful!! My favorite...a black arabian!!! What a bargain too.

  4. Here's another trail tip for you. Attach some sort of ID to your helmet. Such as your name, a ph # of who to contact, important medical info (ie penicillin allergy).
    This can be written on tape on your helmet.
    That way IF (heaven forbid) something did happen to you at least your rescuer(s) know who you are and who to contact.

  5. Great pics. Amazing about Craigslist I go there just to check, I can't afford another horse, but I look anyway.
    Julie Goodnight is great, we watched a video of hers in our horse riding class one evening when it rained us in.

    Oh, Miss Pony Girl, I have an award for you... I know you must already have it, but I want to bestow it to you anyway. You don't need to pass it along this time. *s*
    take care!

  6. Great advice from everyone!

    I was wondering about Atticus, and how exactly he fit into your life! Handsome boy :)

    Hope you have fun riding with your mom. Amber and I went for a nice, long, ride today too.

    Oh...I have some info on the upcoming trail challenges too. Maybe I will send you an e-mail. They really are a long way from your house though...mine too :(

  7. wow - love all the advice. truly going to use some of those ideas. :)

  8. Great tip on the luggage tag. Have fun while your at your parents.

  9. Thanks for sharing the trail ride tips - those are fantastic ideas. I wish we had thought of those back in the day when we used to ride all over the country side as kids. We were fortunate enough to usually ride in groups of several girls and we didn't get thrown too often. Our horses were like the ones from story books. They knew we were too young and stupid to take care of ourselves, so they took care of us. (Thank goodness!) But I will definitely use the tag tip if I ever get to start trail riding again!!

  10. That's a great tip. I love, love, love RFD and don't get it either. Sucks to be me!

  11. All of our horses are micro chipped. That way if they ever are lost the vet just checks the chip and it will read our address and our name. All horses in Louisiana have to be chipped when they get a coggins test done. It's the law. Pretty neat huh. But the address is a good idea in the back incase nobody knows about the micro chip. LOL
    What a fun ride. You guys have the neatest trails there!!

  12. Looks like a great ride. I was so bummed that the Circle Y flex trees wouldn't work on my horse...I loved the "Cactus Flower." I watch Julie Goodnight as well...can't get enough RFD. Beautiful horses.

  13. I think your parents should enforce shoes-off. It really does help keep things cleaner.

    I have an whole blog about removing shoes: Shoes Off at the Door, Please You might want to take a look.


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