Thursday, August 7, 2008

New Arrival

My chinks arrived last week and I rode in them for the first time last night. They are fabulous!

After much research and procrastination about who to get them from, I ordered my chinks through the Parelli collection, and they are made by K Bar J Leather. I am happy with these custom chinks, although I thought they would fit a little tighter around my thighs. I suppose that being measured by the actual chink maker would have guaranteed a better fit. To be measured, you have to wear a pair of jeans. I ride in a variety of jeans, all of which have different rises and sit differently on the waist. Who knows how accurate my sister and I were in our measurements. I think the chinks are supposed to sit lower on the your waist and we measured for them to sit higher (this is where they fit me better.) Also, I have gone down almost a jean size since I was measured months ago. I suppose I could have sent them back and had the thighs made smaller, but it seemed like such a hassle to do that and wait another six weeks for them. Aw goodness, it's not rocket science!

The chinks butter cream color is destined to be a dirt magnet, but this does not worry me. They are made to use, not show. I climbed up into my dustified saddle last night, which has not been cleaned in months, without hesitation. The only thing that I did was remove my leather bridle reins and put on my rope training reins. Those new reins I bought in California last year, to match my headstall and breast collar, are still staining all of my gloves and hands and anything else they touch a walnut red, I can not figure out why.

The chinks do smell a bit strong right now. They made my sister sneeze. I do not know what an elk smells like, but I have a feeling those antlered beasts are not of a pleasantly aroma. And the sueded inside is shedding horribly. I knew this about them before deciding on this hide, it is common with elk hide chinks and the amount and length of shed varies. Basically, my jeans are left with butter yellow dust after I take the chinks off, which quickly transfers to everything else I'm wearing. But they are so worth it.

I love the basket weave detail on these chinks, it is solid, heavy leather. The brass conchos have horse heads on them and are engraved with the word Parelli. I'm the first to admit that even though I am a Parelli fan, I wasn't sure how I felt about being a walking advertisement. But you can't even see the horse heads or name unless you're up close or staring at my thighs, anyway. I really like the golden brass, it is different from the typical silver concho.

Can ya tell I like them? Nope, I didn't sleep in them.

On another note, you probably noticed the new banner and blog background color. If you read my blog in the wee hours of the morning (because let's face it, you all do, right? I kid, I kid!) you might have noticed I was playing with my template and blog colors late last night. I really don't like many of the blogger templates but I found another "look" that was okay. Then after all was said and done I panicked and changed it all back to what I had before. I really have issues with change. I reminded myself of my friend who recently moved back into the condo she'd leased out for a year. She had it repainted. From white to......antique white. Yep, for some us, these are huge steps, people!
The end of next week is our family ranch camping trip.....the list of things I have to do in order to prepare has been staring me in the face for weeks. Lucky for me, I tend to work better under pressure. On that note, I'm off to start some laundry and start making my pre-packing piles of clothes.


  1. Well, they have arrived and they do look good. Do you wear them to save your jeans or to help with chaffing?

    Have you packed yet for the family camping?? I hope it is a blast!

  2. Hi Momma/Cowgirl~ I got the chinks mostly to protect my legs and to keep me warmer during our fair-weathered trail riding.

  3. My husband looked at those and asked if I'd get a pair and wear them minus the jeans.

    Hey! You should come for the Appy World Show in the fall in Ft. Worth. I have a guest room...

  4. Now, I'm not a big chinks fan (people on my side of the state rarely opt for extra layers, let alone leather layers, while's stinkin' hot!) but those look pretty cute on you! It seems like you ordered them years ago!

    I watched a Parelli thing today that I actually kind of liked! That was the first time I've watched them and saw them as trainers, not "entertrainers" as I've begun to call some of these people. You be a walking Parelli ad, I'll wear my sandwhich board that promotes snaffles on one side and tie rings on the other!

  5. I love my chinks and wouldn't be without them, especially heeling calves at branding time.

  6. The chinks look really well made AND they match your pony! You're a brave girl to go with the light color. I also like the way you can change your photo on your blog header.

  7. Hey Long time no comment! Love your chinks!! LOve LoVe them!
    LF... too funny I'm sure my husband would get along with your husband!! And they wonder why we like men in chaps!! I would totally wear those! I love the lighter color! They will "age" stain, and have a worn look, sure, but hello we are real cowgirls!! That's what we do! We work and ride and get dirty! So you keep wearin those,and take pictures as you go! They will just get better looking!! BTW they look great with those new boots!

  8. Those chinks are fabulous! And they look fabulous on you! I dont think that you will be sorry that you went for the quality. And it is easy to see that those are well made. They could easily be the hit of the Pony Cousin Weekend.

  9. Well looky what Pony Girl went and got herself...well...ordered and waited a LONG time!!!

    They look perfect, and I like that they match your Boy. I am sure that you will really appreciate them in about 1-2 months :)

  10. Loooove the chinks! I will be honest and admit that I usually find chinks kinda cheesy looking. But after your previous post about them I started surfing around and found quite a few that I liked. :o
    Yours are gorgeous, enough to make me consider getting a pair (that will have to be on the someday list though!)
    As for the colour, I agree with TW, I think it will age wonderfully.

  11. They are most beautiful. They should last a long long time. I wish I could say I have gone down a jean size or perhaps 4! lol

  12. Love them! They look great on you!
    They are must around here, I don't care how hot or cold if cows are involved I have mine on! I have a pair of chinks and then a pair of bat wings, that I truly love and they have saved my legs more times than not!

    BTW-I love the new banner and pic at top! I wish I knew how to do all that!

  13. They are awfully cool, aren't they?

    I like Pat ok, but his wife grates on my nerves like nobody's business. Really. This is what I see when I see her: Oh look, I got an exquisitely trained older warm blood gelding that someone else likely trained, is dead broke and knows more than I do, but I am going to show you how to do all this wonderful stuff because I am such an awesome horsewoman. Please!

    But, I do like Pat pretty good! It's too bad he comes partnered up with such a nincompoop.

    Sorry. Don't hate me.

  14. Those are lovely chinks. I've attempted to change my blogger template multiple times, and somehow everything doesn't migrate over seamlessly, so I gave up.

  15. Love the chinks PG. Well worth waiting for!!

    Pant sizes drive me nuts. I love Cruel Girl jeans, they feel like you have been wearing them forever from the first time you put them on, but I seem to be right in between sizes. One size is too tight and the next size up is just a little too big.

  16. Love the new chinks! Train wreck's right, worn-in leather has a charm all its own, so you'll be looking good even when the cream is no longer pristine :)

  17. browneyed cowgirls said, "I love Cruel Girl jeans...."

    Me too! I love Cruel Girl's inseam lengths (up to 36") for my long legs - especially for riding. (My only real complaint is that their sizing isn't true across their styles! Should I really wear one size in one style and two sizes up in another? From the same label?)

    But they do wear really well, so I can't complain too much!

  18. BEC and fssunnysd~ I love Cruel Girls, too. The first pair I got a year ago was the Madison style. Then I started wearing the Georgia stretch, which sits higher on the waist. When my sister measured me for the chinks I was wearing the Madison's, which are lower on the waist. Then, when I was on the phone with the gal from Parelli ordering the chinks, I didn't have a few of the measurement they wanted so I had to throw on a pair of jeans and do it myself~ not the most accurate way!

  19. I think the chinks look great! Great choice on the colour too...You can't tell from the pictures that they are a bit loose. I usually have the opposite problem - everything is too tight! lol.

    I don't ride out on real trails enough to justify a pair, but they sure look cool! I can see how they would be practical while riding and working outside.

  20. Very stylin'. Love the leatherwork.

  21. Love the new Chinks! The leatherwork is GREAT!

  22. The chinks look amazing on you! They almost look too nice to wear out and get dirty....more like 'show chinks'! hehe
    And it all looks so good on My Boy, too..

    Congrats! And have a great time with your family coming up.


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