Friday, August 8, 2008

Hijacked Credit Card!

So get this. It appears my horse has stolen my credit card and bought himself some new garments for our big trip next week! Do ya suppose he caught wind of my little western-wear shopping spree while visiting the parents last weekend? Turnabout is fair play, no?

My spotted stinker got some ultra chic new....moon boots. Just in case there are non-horsey readers out there, the actual term for these is "shipping boots." You put them to protect horses' legs when hauling.

For the short trips we usually take to the trail head, if anything I just use My Boy's SMB Elite boots on him for hauling. But for this trip, which could take up to 4 hours depending on traffic, I wanted legitimate leg protection. These shipping boots are awkward and the Velcro was kind of annoying but I think they'll do the trick. My Boy let me put them on without a hitch. Of course, when I led him around the arena he lifted his hind legs all goofy (working on his moonwalk?) At the end he really stamped out with his hind leg a bit in protest. Do you use shipping boots on your horse when hauling?

He also ordered himself a fly sheet! He must have gotten impatient waiting all summer for me to get this done. At least he got a bargain on this one, it is a Pro Equine brand, from the Smith Brothers catalog. It was a steal at $39.99 and seemed sturdy enough. We'll see how it holds up on a pastured horse.

The fly sheet I used on My Boy at the end of last summer was loaned to me by his owner at the time. He managed to get tangled or out of it most of the time. However, it was also a size too large. My Boy has never out of his winter turnout or rain sheet. Those fit well and never even shift to one side. I always get the European cuts on horse sleepwear, they tend to have better coverage and stay-on factor.

The other item he ordered (and I highly approve of this one, good job, My Boy!) was a new saddle pad. I had been using my sister's teenage riding club high point award fleece pad, which yes, was nearly brand new until a few years ago. It is practically an antique at nearly 20 years old. The new pad is the Classic Equine ESP Wool Top pad. The brown color I wanted did not come in the 32x32 inch size, so he went with a tan/brown/chocolate. I was dreading the light colored tan (which is really a cream color) staying clean. However, once it's on, most of the tan is actually under the saddle.

Good for you My Boy, for getting yourself some new things. I suppose then, you won't mind if I hand you the bill once it arrives?


  1. Sweet new boots! They kind of remind me of Napoleon Dynamite's!! :P I realized today that I failed to order my new summer-colored saddle blanket as of yet, so I will not have it for next weekend. Rats. One downfall to procrastinating...not getting everything done. Oh well, we do have our snazzy black saddle blanket my mom got us and we've only used it in Portland, so maybe Skyler will still think that's special?? Probably not...he's going to be very jealous of My Boy's purchases.

  2. Hey! Spiffy new duds. Lookin' sharp, My Boy!

    Sunny got a pretty new saddle blanket last year for showing - unfortunately it ended up being to long for his short Arab back, so it's still basically untouched by horse :(

    I have to confess to never having owned, or used, shipping boots - haven't used the head bumper sitting in the tack box, either.... Bad horse momma!

    I do use, and like very much, the stretchy, bungee tie that I use to tie him in the trailer, though. It looks a bit like this although I don't think this is the brand I have. I keep his lead with me in the truck, and just unclip him and clip on the lead when we unload (or vice versa). He can stretch up and down, and can't unfasten himself - he's a wizard with knots - and the quick release is handy should he get into trouble.

  3. Just found your blog! I was thrilled to find it! You'll have to check out the ongoing saga with my mare on my blog. I was so excited to see your Appy...great minds think alike! Have fun on the trip!

  4. I use shipping boots, but like you I don't always use them on the short trips. And my "kids" always step extra funny when the boots are first put on as well. Cracks me up!
    I loooove my SMB Elite's, but I don't really see much difference between them and the new SMB III's. Maybe its just marketing, trying to get us Elite owners to buy the "new" style?
    Your new saddle pad is GORGEOUS! I think "My Boy" was trying to get one that would go well with your new chinks!

  5. ffsunnysd: I can't tie Applejack in the trailer. He's broken 6 of those darn bungee trailer ties!! Yes the actual tie, not the snap.
    He's fine if you leave him untied though, tieing seems to make him claustrophobic.

  6. Hey Pony Girl! It's been a long time since I've been here...numerous ups/downs/dilemnas etc...
    Anyhow...have been wondering about your trip! But you haven't left yet! I'm excited to hear how it all goes for you!
    Especially now! Since My Boy splurged on so many cool things with your Credit Card! Way to go!Should help to make the trip even more exciting!

  7. Great shopping trip, My Boy! You picked out a gorgeous new saddle pad.

    And thanks for that shopping tip on the fly sheet. I want to get on for Baby Doll.
    I am also hoping you'll let me know (again...yep, I can't find your earlier reply) what winter blanket you use for My Boy as I'm still in the market for one.

    And congrats on all your loot! :)

  8. Did Moon and My Boy get together on the bat phone or what?? Moon has been perusing the catalogs as well, pointing out things to me that he thinks he needs...well, you know, now that he is officially a money earner, he thinks he needs some nicer things. Really!!...and I wonder where he got the idea that he needs a slinky with flames on it-LOL.

  9. My Boy sure has great!!!

    I really like his color coordination in regards to matching himself to his new saddle pad ;)

    I hope that the weather improves in time for your trip!!! I'm sure it will, but have you had to blanket these past few days too????

    I can't wait to hear about your trip. Just to let you know, I am working on my first installment of the story of Shadest...I might need to channel your story telling abilities though :)

  10. PS--I second Jaclyn's comment that your Boy's shipping boots are dead ringers for Napoleon Dynamite's!!!!

    Maybe My Boy should come down and hang out with my kids...teeheehee!!!

  11. Ooooo! I have to remember that, "hijacked credit card", it does have a ring to it! In the past I have gone with, "I clicked on that saddle by mistake" or, "I dont know how that ended up in my basket!!!" Btw, I LOVE your new chinks...very sweet. I like the saddle pad too. I like when the saddle pad ties in the color of the hores with the color of the saddle and chaps for a smooth transition from horse to saddle to rider. Hope you dont mind that I added you to my fav. blog list.

  12. Ooh, awww. Nice new things there My Boy!

    You will love the ESP pad, I bought one about 6 months ago and love it! Mine is chocolate, purple and pink. I do ride Angel in splint boots, but do not use shipping boots when we haul.

    You will enjoy your new things~or shall I say My Boy will enjoy them!

  13. Wow I wish my horses would go shopping for me!! It looks like My Boy has really good taste in equine supplies! I love the new saddle pad. I have been needing a new one. My Equine Classic pad is getting all sorts of warn out.

  14. Great taste in horse apparel! He should have his own fashion page! He could model all the items! Yes I can see a whole "new" blog getting started here! Best buys,great deals, cheapest prices, what not to buy! Marketing baby! You could get sponsors! Of course it is my idea... so you can keep 1/2 of the millions! LOL!!

  15. Can't wait to see where you are going on your trip next week! I just returned from a week trail ride at the 4-J Big Piney Horse Camp in Missouri.

    The Quiltwhinny

  16. TW: I LOVE your idea! It would be great to start a blog just for horsey shopping! ....what would I do with my share of millions? Build My Boy a castle...then I'd live in it too, hee!

  17. oh, what a hoot this post was!
    I think I would shop all day if it was for my horses, I hate shopping for me... LOL
    Good buys, and good boy MyBoy for picking out some good stuff!


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