Saturday, August 23, 2008

Pink PJ's

It's funny how family (and horse lovers) think a like! On the first morning on our horse camping trip, we all crawled out of our tipis in the morning and guess what? Five of us had on these adorable hot pink cropped PJ pants with brown horses on them!

Talk about great fashion minds think a like! These cute pants are from none other than one of my favorite second homes, Target. FUN! I just love finding "horsey" items at non-horsey stores.

I'm off to work on my classroom some more (I know, I know, on a Saturday!) and then up to see My Boy. Tomorrow I'm auditing another clinic all day, so I will let you know what I learn. Have a happy weekend!


  1. You guys would probably all like these:

    BUckaroo PJs on Sleepyheads

    I seem to get new flannel PJs from “Santa” every year, usually from that site.

  2. Those are super cute. I have a thing for pajamas anyway. Must have. Going to now!

  3. You cuzettes are the cutest pink pony girls, ever! It just shows what divine taste you all have.

  4. LOL, I saw those at Target as well and almost bought them!!!!

  5. Gotta love horsey pants! Fred Meyer has the cutest little girl clothes that have horses on them too. Katies has just about all of it!

    Good luck getting ready for school. While I look forward to life returning to normal, I will miss not having lots of homework.

  6. That is so funny! I love how great minds think alike. Plus those are way cute pjs!! I love the cropped one!!

  7. Ha ha! Too funny! Those pj's are cute, cute, cute!!

  8. So Kewt!!! I bet seeing everyone with the same PJs on just made for the funniest moment.

    I just placed an order on Target last week! durn. Now, I'll have to go place a separate order for these.
    I LIVE in PJs. My critters must think I don't have real clothes.
    Good thing my neighbors are far enough away that they can't tell what I'm wearing! hehe

  9. Cute cute cute!!!

    I haven't been to a Target or to any department store for that matter in months, oh my gosh, on better thinking since last December. I think me needs to get out more.. LOL
    I just hate traveling 35 miles one way to buy something for me.
    Oh, oh.. I have to take the little skiddo to the dentist this Thursday, since I am driving the 30 miles to there maybe I can swing around in a big circle to go by Target then, I would only be adding another 15 miles to my trek... I'ts a plan.. hehehe


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