Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Savor the Season

Sunday was a lovely fall day. The trees were brilliant in their Autumn glory.

The sky was a sapphire blue, dotted with clouds of cotton fluff.
The cornfield at the farm store was nothing but scattered crunchy stalks, a sign of a successful harvest.

It was the kind of day where you might need a fleece jacket in you were if the shade. Yet toasty and warm in the golden sunshine. It seemed the type of day where one feels invigorated and inspired and eager to get a few things done before the wet winter rains chase us indoors.

Or so you'd think.

Around the farm, all furry critters had other ideas of what to do on such an afternoon.

Morgan the tabby cat found her place in the hay shed, against a warm plywood wall.
She appeared to not be quite comfortable enough, and stretched out in an attempt to soak up every last ray.

Still not quite comfortable. One more stretch...... "MORGAN- SQUIRREL!!" (This usually works. Not today.)

Ah yes, perhaps now I have it right....

Even the mares get in on the- uh, lack of, action. .

Every little patch of sunlight becomes a mini heavenly place.

Even boot boy is caught in the act!

Boooooot boooooy?? Carrrootttts!!?

Furry critters! Don't you know there is work to be done? Paddocks to pick? Hooves to soak? Bridle paths to clip? Lawns to mow? Troughs to scrub?

Huh? Chores? OVERRATED!

Thank you, Morgan, for that very important reminder.

Don't forget to stop and enjoy the season's sunshine, everyone.


  1. And you, too, Pony Girl!
    Grab that lawn chair and hang out in that paddock with your handsome spotted boy. :)

    All your photos are gorgeous and colorful. Thanks for sharing them.


  2. aaaaawwe!
    Lovely,sweet pics of everyone doing what they will, left to themselves. I wanted to do that today as well...curl up in the sun, stretch out in it, and SOAK in it...maybe tomorrow....Yes, in fact tomorrow, if it has not changed it's mind on us!

  3. Oh to be a cat, to sit in the sun, stretch out and soak up the rays, how peaceful. I would like to be a cat for an afternoon.

    If you would like to know how I did my fall background I could share tips, let me know.

    Fabulous fall pictures too!

  4. If you ever need a lesson on how to relax, you just need to watch a cat in the sunshine of a fall day.

  5. Yes, the days of being a cat. I have always said if I ever came back as something it would be a cat. Why? To sleep in the sun!
    I love the pix sis. Of my cat anyways! The horses look just lovely with their eyes closed, their mohawks, winter fuzz etc. I miss summer already!

  6. LOVE the cat! Of course I have a few here that do stuff like that, too.

  7. Very cool! Thanks for the reminder! :)

  8. Beautiful pics (as always) Love the colours and the ummm, errr... action (or lack thereof! lol)

  9. If only... My two desperately needed a bath, which by today seems like a complete waste of time. I vegged on Sunday, because I felt as if I had washed 2 semis rather than 2 horses. My body just doesn't take too kindly to that sort of abuse anymore.

    Like the new header pic, PG!

  10. Amen sista! I love those types of days!

    Our horses have started there annual sunning!

    Morgan looks totally relaxed! Great pics!

  11. Ahhh...the best days of the year. The morning crispness and the afternoon suns rays warming us a bit and reminding us which season is the hostess with the mostess! Great pics, by the way!

  12. I love days like that--yesterday after work was like that--we got a lot done, it was beautiful outside, etc

    But I was so busy getting things done that I did not get to take many pics, and then by the time I got home after being gone from the house for 14 hours, I was too tired to deal with them. That NEVER happens to me

    Enjoy the beautiful weather--especiallly that red tree

  13. Gorgeous photos!! I just adore sunny fall days!dpfdpme

  14. I here ya, Mine have been sunning themselves every chance they get! Glad you boy is on the mend!

  15. Adore your pictures, as always! It is sooo beautiful where you live! I've been so busy I haven't read in a while. I'm excited to have back posts to read. Hope you've been well! :)

  16. Pretty fall tree leaves!
    Pretty Ponies!

  17. I just wanted to say how much I love the picture at the top of your blog!!! Gorgeous! :)

  18. That cat is hilarious!

    Today (Wednesday) looks like another beautiful NW day! I am dying to ride since it's been over a week for me from being out of town. You should definitely go to Monterey! It was beautiful down there. If you've heard of the Monterey Bay Aquarium, that alone is almost worth the trip. It was awesome! Everyone down there said this is the perfect time of year to visit. I will definitely go back!


    Love the cat! Great post!


  20. Hi PG, your pictures are so bright and beautiful. Laziness is contagious you know, just looking at that cat makes me want to stretch out in the sun and have a little snooze too!

  21. Great pictures, Pony Girl!
    So your Boy stocks up too?

    Now I am off to study for yet another mid-term....

  22. Great photos, once again. Is there anything much cuter than a tabby cat stretched out in the sun? (besides boot boy and his friends?)

    I love those warm sunny fall days - it feels as if you are sneaking a few extra days in before the winter hits.

  23. Awww, cute pictures!

    I haven't been here in awhile...I just wanted to say...$18.25 a bale?!??!!!!!!!!! NO WAY! That's crazy!!!!! I get my hay for $3.50! Wow...I'm sorry...The highest I heard for hay before this was $11...I can't imagine almost $20! :-/ that stinks...

    Anyway, My Boy looks really good! I hope his hoof heals up good! I've had to deal with hoof soakings a lot with my mare... :-(

  24. Mellimaus~ Welcome back, I haven't seen ya in a while! Yep, I remember reading about Daisy's abscess and watching your video of her walk. She was pretty sore. I think I have now learned a horse with an abscess moves like and can hopefully detect and start soaking it right away next time!

    Yes, hay is annoying expensive here. Not all types are near $20, alfalfa would be a little cheaper but it's too rich for My Boy, especially since he's not worked so much over the winter. It's the price we pay for living where we do, there isn't a lot of hay farming around here, and, the local grass hay that is farmed is usually bought up pretty quickly because it is cheap (and not always good quality!)

  25. I love those colors!! The trees there are amazing. Here they just seem to turn brown then fall off. All on the same day. Hee hee!

    And the paint mare looks so happy to be sun bathing. Oh booot boy! I do hope he is feeling better.


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