Monday, October 27, 2008

Photo Caption Winners!

It was hard to judge the photo caption contest! It took me all weekend! I loved everyone's humorous entries, you really showed that you know my stinker boy so well! C-ingspots had me humming the Monkey's tune every time I read through them! But after much deliberation.....congratulations, Julie in Alaska! I chose Julie's "horsey psychobabble" entry. I thought this seemed a perfect fit for this pony girl, as I have a psychology degree and tend to have an over analytical approach to horse ownership. Goodness, yes, I think that I am the one that needs to get out of my head and just be a fun-loving horse owner again!

Here's the winning caption:

I've found myself more and more reflective, even introspective, lately.

What a minute, what am I saying? What am I thinking?

I need to get out of my head more and just enjoy being me -- a horse! Just stayed focused on the moment, Spot!

Realizing that not everyone might celebrate Christmas or does a tree, I opted for a wall hanging as the winning prize over a tree ornament. This antiqued wooden "Cowgirl" sign with a braided leather strap was too cute to pass up, and would look great in the tack room or the office. Of course, I bought one for myself, too! Julie, send me an email at so that I can get your mailing information!
Now, a special announcement, I have a runner up, in the 8 and under division! My 8 year old second cousin Hailey had a very creative entry:
Ooh, here comes my special rider that gives me everything.

What, you're not going to play with me. I'm gonna go country style on you!

I mean it. Play with me!

I loved her phrase "go country style on you!" I see a future cowgirl blogger in the making! Miss Hailey, I have a special prize for you, too! I will get it in the mail this week. I also have a huge stack of horse magazines to bring your way when I come to visit the family in November. You're never too young to start pouring over the pages of horsey magazines and start dreaming!

Thanks for playing, everyone. I hope to have another contest again soon!


  1. Way to go Julie in Alaska and Miss Hailey!!! It must have been hard to choose from all of the excellent entries! :)

    I love the introspective take on these photos too, especially since I just got into it with one of my social work professors for bad mouthing the profession of psychology (my minor).

    Apparently she didn't realize that I am only getting my degree in social work, because there is more opportunity for me to find work in that field while I am working on my masters in psych/!!!

    Oh each his own, right???

  2. Melanie -- I suggest majoring in Horse Psychology!

    Pony Girl, I am so honored that you selected my entry. As you may know, I have had horses most of my life, but currently am without pony -- a temporary (sanity?) situation. I will have a tack room again soon. I hope someday I can send you a photo of it, with my most beautiful saddles and this lovely sign. Gosh, I am honored. I will have to tell all my horsey friends! In the meantime, with my total cowboy husband, we will find it a place of honor amongst our lodge/tackroom decor here in Alaska! Thanks. I think this might qualify me to own an Appy someday? (I want to ride the Chief Joseph trail!) Julie in Alaska

  3. Love the captions! Great job winners~

  4. How much fun! This was a fun thing to do.


  5. Pony Girl!

    You've been tagged!!

    Come on over to play :)


  6. Lots of fun to read everybody's submissions - but I think you definitely picked a couple good ones!


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