Saturday, October 18, 2008

Photo Caption Entry

Good morning! A few of the photo caption contest entries have trickled is the first one of them with the photos for your enjoyment! Remember you have until next Friday to think up your entry!

Andrea over at Swamp Suburbia:

"Hey, there is my very hot horsey girlfriend, Brandy! She loves me, even though she doesn't know it, yet."

"What did you say? She doesn't even notice me? How could she not, with my handsome spots and my large Appy rear??!! It can not be true!"

"Ha, I told you she loved me! Mom, you are such a tease."


  1. Good story Andrea! Allthough when this is all done, PG I think YOU need to tell us what you think he is thinking! I mean who would know better!

  2. Good idea, Andrea, you clever momma you!!

    Pony Girl-
    LOVE the new header,colors...all of it! I played around with some of the designs from The Cutest Blog On the Block, but they ended up being to overpowering for my tastes. I still want to do something different though...I get sick of the limited options that we have.

  3. Melanie~ I totally agree, blogger templates need some updates! The "Cutest Blog on the Block" templates are fun, but for some reason they load really slowly on my computer. It could be my wireless. I'm also really afraid to change the template, I heard it is easy but I'm afraid I'll mess up everything.
    I used to be afraid of changing my blog's colors and look, but then I started doing it every other month or so and now it's kind of addictive, LOL!

  4. Pony Girl-
    It is really easy, and it doesn't mess your blog least not mine, and I tried over 10 different templates/designs from TCBOTB!

    Maybe I should just try changing my blogger template so I can have two colors instead of one...similar to yours.

  5. I agree with TW!! I would love to know what he was really thinking about!! LOL!


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