Thursday, October 16, 2008

Photo Caption Contest

My Boot Boy is doing okay. He's still sore on that hoof, I soaked it today and hope to do more thorough soakings when the weekend arrives to get the rest of that abscess to drain. He was a good boy for all the boot pulling off and on, which was easier than I thought. The vet thought he should be feeling better by the weekend. I hope so, I hope to get this taken care of without another vet visit.

Now that things (my emotions!) have settled down and my horse appears to be on the path to recovering, I wanted to tell you about a fun idea I had before all of this abscess craziness started. I have never done anything like this but I found the cutest cowboy western holiday ornaments last week (hard to believe it's almost holiday time again!) and I picked up a couple for gifts. Then I thought, why not offer a gift to my blogger friends? The particular ornament will be a surprise and I will share the ornament via photo on the blog when I announce the winner.

Then, I had to think of a contest. about, "Best written for sale ad for my hard to catch horse?" I kid, I kid!

Then I remembered the random series of photos I took of My Boy while hanging out with him last Saturday. You can switch the order of the photos as I posted them to fit your My Boy story and captions, just label each photo before your caption (i.e., Photo 3- caption, Photo 1-caption, etc.) Please share your three captions for the photos in the comments section. The deadline is a week from today, next Friday, October 24th, at midnight. This is a little tricky because it is not just one caption, it's a series. I will chose the captions I think are the most fitting and most creative. Make these pictures tell a My Boy story!
Picture 1:

Picture 2:

Picture 3:
Throughout the weekend, as they trickle in, I will post the photos and some of your captions, just for fun! Good luck everyone!


  1. Oh how much fun!! Okay here is my go at it.

    Photos in the order you posted them. Conversation between Pony Girl and Her Boy!

    Photo 1:
    "Hey, there is my very hot horsey girlfriend, Brandy! She loves me, even though she doesn't know it, yet."

    Photo 2:
    "What did you say? She doesn't even notice me? How could she not, with my handsome spots and my large Appy rear??!! It can not be true!"

    Photo 3:
    "Ha, I told you she loved me! Mom, you are such a tease."

  2. I will try:

    1. Humm-m-m life is good. Not much going one, just me at peace with the world.

    2. What?!?! You want to do WHAT!?!?

    3. Apples? Apple Mash? Now that sound interesting!


  3. Great idea, Pony Girl!

    I don't have anything horse related for my horse, though my tree is totally western with red chile lights and cowboy santas, and boots.
    I am so into your contest, espcially since it involves that handsome boy of yours :)

    So, here goes:

    1)Please Pony Girl, I don't want to wear that crummy halter thing.

    2)I mean it, Pony Girl! I do NOT want to wear it!

    3)Na Na Na, Boo Boo! You can't catch me!!!

    How's that?

    Get better quick, My Boy!!

    (And be a good boy for your Pony Girl Mama, too :)


  4. Gah...I meant to say I don't have anything horse related for my TREE. What a goober I am! lol :P


  5. Photo One/Caption One:
    See's PG approaching the gate with halter in hand.
    "Oh look! My Pony Girl is here."

    Photo Three/Caption Two:
    Just finished running away from PG.
    "Neiner Neiner...can't catch me!"

    Photo Two/Caption Three:
    Disdainfully watches as PG leaves the paddock to go get the whip to come back and chase him with(if he continues to run away!).
    "Well if you want to be THAT way about it...I was just fooling around with ya PG!"

    Have a good weekend! Glad that you Pill is doing better! :)

  6. Oh what fun - I love seeing everyone's captions!! OK, here goes:

    In original order with #1 to the old "Monkeys tune":

    1) Here she comes walkin down the street, gettin funny looks from everyone she meets, hey, hey she's my monkey

    2) Oh, **crap** do you think she heard me??

    3) Nope, course not - hee hee, I still got it!

  7. Ok Gonna try!

    Picture one: Oh Wook dares my mumma!

    Picture 2: Crwap she hash da halter!

    Picture 3: OK when she getsh cwose I'm gonna wun!

  8. #l Who goes there?
    #2 My mood stinks, leave me along.
    #3 I am saying ahhhhhhhhh, what else do you want.

    Love your blog. Read it often.

  9. Oh fun!Ok here goes

    1) Oh here comes "My Blonde Girl", Maybe she won't see me? If I stand really still.Not move a muscle...

    2)I think it's working she is moving away, She thinks I will follow her. I know what she is up to. I must train her to come to me, and bring me treats. I almost have her 1/2 trained.She is a bit stubborn,but with patience she will come around.

    3) Why is she constantly pointing the Flash box at me? Doesn't she know I can still see her!? Silly girl it is not a very good hiding place! Ah ha my treat! yum yum..plbbhgh! She mixed that nasty stuff in there! How will she find us one of those lanky, big hat, shiny buckle, hairy faced boys, if she doesn't learn to cook?!

    The End

  10. I'll play!

    #1: Uh oh, here she comes

    #2: Maybe she won't bother me if I ignore her

    #3: Pppttt! Ok, you win!

  11. Ok, Here goes,
    #1 "Gee, Is that Pony Girl I see coming my way?"

    #2 "You mean you called me all the way over here and you're not baring treats?!"

    #3 "Oh, my mistake, I didn't see those in your pocket. Those are for me aren't they?"

  12. Pic# 1 Oh~sweet joy of fall in the air!

    Pic# 2 Oh~'s a halter in the air as well...

    Pic# 3 Oh~Sweet joy for an owner I have, these things always do work out for my best!

    How fun this is..thankis for letting us all play! Oh~ Sweet joy of Bloggerdom~!

  13. Ok here goes:

    Photo 1: There is my Pony Girl-she so loves me!

    Photo 2: What the heck is that, I've TOLD her I don't like that! UGH!

    Photo 3: Well, I guess she really is my Pony Girl~I so love her!

  14. Fun!

    Okay, here goes:

    Picture 1: Is that a Pony Girl I see? Ooh, maybe she has grain or a brush with her.

    Picture 2: Wait, whaat!? You mean I have to stick my foot in a BUCKET! That's NOT FAIR. I might cooperate, but I don't have to like it.

    Picture 3: Pony Girl, I knew you were just fooling about the bucket, right? See, I can be silly, too! Bring on the soaker boot!

  15. Pic 1: Hmmmmm I think that's Pony Girl sneaking around over there.

    Pic 2: Dang, should I go right or left??? Ah ha I'll do both!!!

    Pic 3: Don't feel too bad for Pony Girl everybody, I only play hard to get so she doesn't get bored ;)

  16. Top Photo -- "I've found myself more and more reflective, even introspective, lately."

    Middle Photo -- "What a minute, what am I saying? What am I thinking?"

    Bottom Photo -- "I need to get out of my head more and just enjoy being me -- a horse! Just stayed focused on the moment, Spot!"

    (Horsey Psychobabble)

  17. Hey I wanna play!

    Here goes, in the order you posted them:

    1) Hey I have a vistor, a hot blonde coming my way.

    2) Oh, that's just pony girl sporting a new hairdo.

    3) Aw, come here girl and give me some lovin.

    By the way I tagged you for fun today, come by and check it out.

  18. My adorable eight year-old niece came up with the following captions:

    Photo 1) Ooh, here comes my special rider that gives me everything.

    Photo 2) What, you're not going to play with me. I'm gonna go country style on you!

    Photo 3) I mean it. Play with me!

  19. I'm late, I'm late, for a real important date... if I'm not too late, here's my last-minute effort:
    1) WHERE did you say you wanted to go?
    2) AUSTRALIA... are you KIDDING me??
    3) Take me with you, Pony Girl! I'll let you have the aisle seat...



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