Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Nearly Wordless Wednesday

Sorry, it is not in my genetic makeup to be wordless. As I have no new horsey news to report and I am cozy and warm with a cup of tea browsing and cleaning out my photo files, I decided to share a random assortment of pictures with you.

Here is My Boy the first day I started care leasing him and he was moved to his new pasture at the Painted Creek. This was taken about a year ago. Look at his short mane! Look closely at his ears! He had just been shown and his ears had freshly clipped. I forgot how nice they look when they aren't full of fuzz!

This is a mantle and candelabra I thought was rustic and cool. It's from the cabin of the character Marin Frist from the T.V. show Men in Trees (which was one of my favorites and was cancelled after it's second season.)

This is the media room from the Colorado Double RL Ranch owned by Ralph and Ricky Lauren. Can you see the movie playing on the big screen? Any idea what movie it is?

One of my darling cowpokette cousins..... these poor children don't stand a chance, the way we throw cowboy hats on them around here!

I hope everyone had a good Wednesday!


  1. Hidalgo!
    My favorite horse movie :)
    I'd love to sit in that media room and watch westerns and horse movies!

    Now thats a sweet little cowgirl :)

    Wow, My Boy looks so handsome. He looks good all cleaned up.
    Do you think you will ever show him?


  2. (Hmmm, now I'm not so sure. The hat and horse muzzle is not quite right)

    PG, Do you know what that movie is?


  3. Actually, I do not know what movie that is, that is why I was asking you experts! ;) And I have not seen Hidalgo yet, embarrassed to admit, so, that is probably why I didn't recognize it.

    I have only shown My Boy once, at a schooling show. We did walk/trot Eq. and Western Pleasure and placed 4th. It was fun. I'd like to do it again someday.....

  4. Ok the movie looks like Young Riders? It was a series though wasn't it? That's my guess.
    That is an amazing home btw
    Adorable photo of the little buckaroo!
    My boy sure has filled out! In a good healthy way!

  5. I'm saying it's a Clint Eastwood~?
    I love that room, I'm cravin' a big ol fireplace and cocoa with shot of BRANDY! and Yea, horse flicks!

  6. I liked MIT too, was disappointed when they cancelled it.

    Not sure what movie it is.

    My Boy looks cute, as always, but I think he's filled out and more healthy looking now. Are you considering pulling his mane to shorten it again?

    I have no children, and I come from a non-horsey family. Therefore I've been given "limits" on how much "horse stuff" I can give the nieces and nephews. :o

  7. My Boy has put on more weight under my ownership (Hmmm....I wonder why???? ;) Actually, last spring he got a little TOO heavy, the chiropractor recommended that he not put on any more weight! I think he looks perfect now, but I wish he had more muscle tone, of course. Sigh.....

  8. LOL...Men In Trees!!! That show was filmed in the town where I was born! It is always kind of weird to see familiar places on a TV show. I tried to watch it but never really go in to it.

    Actually, when I was a naughty teenager my friend and I thought we would be cool and try smoking. I went into the bar that they used as one of the main sets and asked a old man for a book of matches. He asked me what I wanted them for but I couldnt come up with a good excuse, my face turned beet red and he said, "No little girl, I aint gonna give you no matches so you can go out and get to smokin'!!" I must have looked guilty as sin! and walked away shame faced. Maybe he is the reason why I never became a smoker! That hotel/bar was such a dive! It is funny that they thought it looked like Alaska too when it is really only a 4-5 hour drive North of Seattle!

  9. AHCM~ I've been there, too, your hometown and where the show was filmed!! On the way to Whistler, B.C. We stopped there to eat. But we didn't see the "downtown" area. I think I also rented horses someplace up there and trail rode, many years ago, for my friend's bachelorette party.

  10. Great WW~!! Love seeing pics of My boy!

  11. Great WW! My Boy is just gorgeous!

  12. What beautiful rooms and darling little kid! Thank you so much! May I link to your blog on my blog?

    If you choose to answer me please go to this link

    If you just click on dayphoto you will get the college blog which is monitored by the tech guys. The one is my personal blog.


  13. My guess is Man From Snowy River! The hat! The horse! A guess, anyway. Isn't it a gray?

  14. Gotto love that movie pit! Wish I had one of those too!

  15. OMG, how funny, i too loved men in trees!! isnt that something, i bet so many people liked that show and they freakin cancel it bc why? who knows. then its all about how networks have no good tv. they dont give anything a chance. all it needed was some appaloosas!!

  16. Julie~ I have seen "Man from Snowy River", and it did cross my mind that scene could be from it!?!

    Amy Jo~ you are so right! I truly think MIT was one of the best shows on television! Good clean fun, quirky cast, good acting and story lines, gorgeous's a shame it's gone. On the ABC message boards fans worked hard to save the show, even campaigning a "purchase trees" campaign. Alas, it could not be saved. Some cheesey reality show took it's place.

  17. Train Wreck, I loved that movie YOung Riders!! It was the best!

    I was going to guys that it was the movie, "The Man from Snowy River!" But now that everyone said Hildalgo, it might bet that.


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