Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Our Weekend in Pictures

I had such a lovely weekend with My Boy. The weather was nearly perfect, so I spent both days with my horse.

I am trying a new tactic. Once My Boy is haltered and out of the pasture, he gets his grain (supplement.) Since I do not feed him, I can't do this every day, but my hope is that it will make him a little more dependent on me.

I thought my horse would be up for bucking and running antics once we got to the arena, since he'd been mostly cooped up in a paddock for two weeks. But he was happy just walking and jogging circles.

Oh, do you like my new muck boots? The ones I was borrowing from Paint Girl were too big and I had to wear 3 pairs of socks with them. These look a bit clunky, but are much more comfortable!

Yikes, My Boy, where is your head?!

Whew, there it is. Buried in what is left of the green grass, of course!

Nope, you are not experiencing double vision. That is my silly boy double-haltered. The breakaway one is underneath and once I had him haltered, I was too lazy to slip it off. I know, isn't it mildly tacky? Get it? Tacky?? You know, horses, tack.....oh, never mind!

I had to move several of these teddy bear caterpillars out of My Boy's path as he grazed. They were crawling everywhere on the grass. Do you know what they do when you pick them up?

Oh no Pony Girl, you're putting me back into this little paddock again?

Yep, Saturday it was back in the little paddock until Sunday, the day of the big release! Besides, I know My Boy was going to really miss being pastured next to the mares. Paint Girl shot this undercover picture of them all canoodling last week!
On Sunday, this is what My Boy thought about being worked two days in a row. Uh, hello mom, I'm, like, totally recovering from a pretty traumatic hoof abscess here? Like, maybe another month off would be more appropriate?

After Sunday's mild workout, I took My Boy back to his own pasture. The first thing he did was drink water from his trough.

A-Ha Pony Girl! I'm back in the big pasture! It was so easy for you to catch me in that little paddock.....we'll see if you can catch me now!

What's the second thing my spotted pill did after being put back in his regular pasture?

Head for the closest patch of green grass!

Then he walked way out to the back to make sure his favorite dirt pit was still there.
Then, his nose led him to the fresh sweet smell of new shavings in his run-in shed.
I had a hunch of what was going to happen next, so I quickly turned on the video recorder and this is what I caught:

Ya think My Boy was happy to be back home?? No more hoof boots and small paddocks! Knock on wood! Although, the breakaway halter is staying on for another week or two while I work on dropping his head for haltering. I don't have a clicker yet, but over the weekend I reinforced this with treats on the ground after he held his head down for haltering, and already I see an improvement.

By the way, I caught Morgan in the hay shed again. This time, instead of being stretched out ten times her size, she was modeling what those teddy bear caterpillars do when you pick them up.

Notice any similarities?Hope you all had a great weekend yourselves!


  1. LOVE that video. My wasn't he feeling spunky!

  2. LMAO! On your video! What a crack up! He was really "feelin' his oats!"

  3. See he waited till he was put up and then he let his bucking go! Love the video! He is a handsome! I love to capture the spirit of horses! I need to get some video. Of course I need to get a video recorder!! LOL! I am glad his foot is better! I LOVE you boots!! I have some for irrigating. Yours are labeled! Great photos! I love to visit you!

  4. TW~ Yes, my muck boots are labeled, that'd be, labeled "chores", LOL!

  5. I love that last photo of him with the sunlight difusing the photo with the soft light. He looks like an Indian Pony. All he needs is some feathers strung from his mane and a Native American Princess (you) on his back. Beautiful :)

    And that video cracked me up. He was one happy horse, wasn't he? I bet it made you feel happy to watch him, too.

    Funny kitty/caterpillar comparisons, too. lol


  6. I love the MUCK boots! I have a pair too and I'd wear them everywhere if I could!

  7. That last photo of My Boy is gorgeous! And his tongue sticking out always cracks me up. I can never catch my horses doing that (in photos, that is).

    BTW (speaking of tack!), I have a drawing going on over at The Barb Wire if you want to enter win a freebie. :-)

  8. Oh yes, Vaquero reminded me -- I love the Muck boots, too. Not clunky at all. :-)

  9. Love the My Boy pics, but the kitty pics takes ’em all this time around!

  10. Ha! Your boys tongue is just too much! He is always sticking it out.
    I love your Morgan and Catapillar pix! You get some great pix and than never tell me! I guess it is a good surprise when I get to see them on your blog.
    I have a pair of Muckers too that I love. I wear them all the time this time of year. Have to where we live. And they are sooo comfortable!

  11. Great video...lots of spunk! The photo with the sun behind him is gorgeous...frame that one:-)

  12. Great phoots. Sounds like you had a good weekend with your boy. Good luck with the clicker training - I've heard of people having good results with it. Your boy is pretty smart, so I'm sure he'll catch on fast!

    Loved the video - that boy has some good bucks in him!

  13. Too funny! But my does he look proud of himself in the next picture. Looks like he's feeling pretty good again. Pretty "cat" pictures(all of them!).

  14. You really do have a beautiful horse! Thank you for letting us get to know him, thereby getting to know you!


  15. I felt every aspect of that huge release from My Boy. Being preggo is kind of like a cramped up horse...all we want is a nice scratch and then to be able to kick up our heels a little!

    He looks pretty good! Definitely not missing any meals! And he's not fuzzy yet--which stinks, cause Yellow looks like a marshmallow! He was keeping a close eye on my this morning when I had to go outside to load up a puppy I rescued from the Bi-Mart parking lot yesterday...the expression on his face was like, "I think I recognize that girl! I'm not sure from where, but she looks very familiar!"

  16. I LOVE that video!! LOL Talk about ONE HAPPY HORSE!! It makes your heart swell with joy to watch a horse play like that, doesnt it? I dont know about you, but that put a big ol' smile on my face! I like the kitty/caterpiller pics too! I get a rash when I pick up caterpillers but they are sooo cute I cant help but doing so sometimes!

  17. Palomino Girl- you know, it's funny that his winter fuzz doesn't show too much in the pictures yet. But don't worry, he'll be sporting his yak hair soon! ;) At least I got him clipped the other day, his forlock/mohawk was getting to be a little much!

  18. Too cute!!!
    I love how happy he is!

  19. HAHAHA! My husband walked into the room when I clicked the video..he thought that was rather cool..then The BOY kicked up and took off!! Bruce just cracked up!

    Adorable curled cat and cata"pillar"

    Lovley weekend activites for ys..thanks for sharing em!

  20. I am passing on a book tag to you. For the rules check out my blog and the post "Tag I'm It"

  21. So cute! Spunky Boy...that is what you should call him! Love the muck boots...I am rockin' out a pair myself!

  22. He looks so happy to be home again. Nothing better than some fresh shavigs!!

    Nice new muck boots!! Do those have comfy insurts? I know the cheapo muck boots you get at wal mart are just rubber, and your feet get soo cold, you need three pairs of socks. :)

  23. Aren't muck boots just the best? I couldn't survive without them here.

    He does look happy to be back in his home territory.

  24. Well he looks like he is feeling better! :)

  25. that's a great video. I love to watch them buck!
    Kitty is soooo cute.

  26. Hi, Pony Girl, thanks for stopping my blog again! Love the photos of My Boy AND the video! Isn't it just so much fun to watch horses having fun? Love the photo of the cat in the hay, too. :)


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