Thursday, June 26, 2008

Wide Open Spaces

Last weekend while visiting my parents, my dad decided that we would go into town to the farmers market so he could get some fresh produce. On the way, my dad said something about the market being open on Saturday. I said uh, dad, it's Friday! Oops. My dad thought it was Saturday. I don't blame him, he is retired so it must be more challenging to remember what day it is when you don't have a work week or weekends. I know that feeling now I am on my summer schedule. I often have no idea what day it is, either!

Since the farmer's market was in the same vicinity, my dad drove us up to see my Nana's grave site (my father's mother.) I have not been there since we buried her when I was a senior in high school. The cemetery is very nice. But the tree she is buried under, with her mother and her step dad, is nothing short of amazing.

So huge that my dad is holding it up. I kid, I kid! My papa has bad knees so the tree was probably holding him up.

Wow, what a resting place. It was special to visit it. My Nana was a writer and always encouraged me to write.
It's massive, almost deformed trunk was caused by many lightening strikes.
My parents are now living in the same town they grew up in. They've come full-circle. After we left the cemetery, my dad drove me the "old way" back to their house instead of taking the freeway. It was the way he and his buddies used to race muscle cars when they were teens. Uh-oh. Dad is divulging secrets from his childhood! It's okay. I already know most of them.

I know many of you live on ranches and farms that look like many of these properties, so this is probably typical, everyday scenery to you. Lucky ducks! But I loved this drive and of course I had to start taking pictures. I am sure my dad thinks I am a fruitcake for always having my camera. He is probably regretting that he and my mom got me that digital camera for Christmas. But he was kind enough to slow down or stop on parts of the road so that I could zoom and take a shot. If any of you saw a crazy Pony Girl hanging out the window of a red truck last Friday, taking pictures of your barn or pasture, I am sorry. Take it as a compliment.
Many of the following landscapes were severely flooded last fall after heavy rains. It has made them lush with green this spring. I have to tell you about my obsession for wide open spaces. Goodness I'm sorry, now that song by the Dixie Chicks will be stuck in your head all day. But really, lately I have been craving endless pastures of waving grasses, dotted with creeks and trees, filled with chirping crickets and little green frogs and.....well, let's skip the snakes and spiders, it's killing my imagery here. I can just imagine my future herds of horses and cattle grazing out there in all of that lushness. Lately, I have not been able to look at land like this without wanting to throw myself out there and bury myself in under the shade of one of those trees with a good book and my horse grazing nearby. Think I'm getting tired of the city? Hmmm.....
Love these rolls of hay. And the little line of trees standing all by their lonesome in the back.

If My Boy was turned out here, I'd never catch him again. Ever. Goodbye, my silly spotted pill.

I saw a lot of cows. And sheep. And alpacas. And even some buffalo. Very little horses along this route, though. I am guessing the fields might be too wet in the winter for horses.

And some really neat old buildings and barns. I did not get photos of them all because they were on my dad's side of the truck and goodness, it would have been a little absurd to ask him to stop and get out of the truck for a picture. Wait, wouldn't it? Seriously, I need to know!

This could be your barn?

This red barn shop was very interestingly placed. It was right off of a side road. And in the middle of a field, with no roads leading to it from any side. It looked as if it had been dropped down into the middle of the grass from the mother ship. Maybe it was some kind of undercover alien meeting place. Okay Pony Girl, you've been eating too many Bottle Caps! More likely, somebody built it and then left it. I wondered if there was anything inside? Why do I always wonder things like this?

Sad that it is apparently not being used. Maybe the mother ship could drop it down at my sister's place. They could use a barn like that at the Painted Creek!

This brick silo was very unique. It was in the middle of a pasture. Standing alone, too. We saw another one of these on our drive to the trail challenge, as well. I wonder what year these were built? They both had the white brick pattern at the top. If you know any interesting brick silo history to share, please enlighten us.

This photo shows acreage my family is eyeing for a future ranch. It would be a family compound, of sorts. They have been out to look at it several times. The concept is mostly in the imagination stage right now. But it is possible that within a year or two, it will be a reality. Then maybe, just maybe, this Pony Girl city dweller will live among the fields.


  1. I'd take that red barn anyday! I can't wait until the day I get a barn! This could be years away. But I can still dream! My dream truck is next on my list though. Than a nice big barn.
    I am waiting for that day when you tell me you have had enough of the city and are moving out to the country. I wouldn't and couldn't live any other way!

  2. Beautiful scenery! Sounds as if you're having a great visit. And put me on the list for the Wizard of Oz (mysteriously dropped in a field... did you check for ruby slippers and squashed witches?) barn, too! I'm with paint girl, I'd love to have it.

  3. Just drop that pretty red barn right here! :) The goats would absolutely love it.

  4. Such beautiful country. I especially love the red barn!

  5. That is the BIGGEST tree I have ever seen - your dad standing next to it really put its size into perspective.

    And I will be singing about wide open spaces the rest of the day.

  6. This does remind me of my old post! Hey, when it comes to wide open spaces, I am right there with you girl! Will your family adopt my family if you buy all of that land..hee hee!! The picture of the giant tree and the brick silo are my favorites:)

  7. Hey Pony Girl. There are 4 acres for sale right beside my house. You need to buy it, have a small house built, put My Boy in my pasture with Dakota and Jones and we can ride all of the time! Ky is always needing good teachers. Come on, I double dog dare ya!

  8. I forgot to mention how great that tree is. It is SO BIG! That is the only think I don't like about living in what used to be a soybean farm, no adult trees to speak of. My husband has planted a lot of trees but they take forever to grow.

  9. I think it's very auspicious to be buried under such a magnificent tree.

    As for me, I would move out to the country in a heartbeat...if I could only figure out a way to support myself and all the animals that I would bring with me and adopt once I got there.

    It's a dilemma.

  10. That is an incredible tree.

    As for your question on Surpass: It is working for Frost, the inflamation has come down quite a bit already. The thing with Surpass though (and I dont know if your vet told you) but you MUST shampoo it off at the 12 hour mark, you cannot leave it on past 12 hours. And you MUST shampoo it off or it will cause blisters and lesion sores on the leg. Also you have to put it on the horse with gloves. Not supposed to come in contact with human skin.

  11. Beautiful countryside pictures. What a massive tree that is and just gorgeous. I hope to find something like this for my final resting place someday.

  12. Love this post girl! Got me thinking I should share some of my barn photos from here and my huge old tree. It is not as massive as that one but around 150 years old.
    To answer your question on Harley, indeed he is a mere 14.1 hands and I love it!

  13. What is up with those slivers of tree strands often seen in the country? Why not just one or two widely spaced trees...why a line...or why at all? Inquiring minds want to know.

    That amazing red barn (I've got barn envy) and that cool silo (would make for a fun recreated child's play gym with stairs inside and a slide out the top! Weee!) both remind me of our stay at Fort Wilderness at Disney World in Orlando.
    We never ever saw any actual employees pick up trash from the cans each day(but they were always emptied), or clean the bathrooms (but they were always spotless...the cleanest bathrooms in any campground probably anywhere).

    My family had a great time guessing how and when everything got done around there. We figured that it must have been done by Elves and they came up from hidden trap doors that led down into the deep underworld of Disney.

    The deep underworld is actually true. I saw a special show about it a few years ago actually.

    But really how do they do it without anyone EVER seeing them?

    Maybe this barn and silo are owned by elves with a town beneath the ground?

    So, whose got the crazy imagination now?

    And that tree is truly impressive. A friend of mine who is a Doula gave birth to twins many years ago and placed the placentas of her babies (even her first baby) underneath one tree in her yard.

    Out of the trees growing in her yard, only that one tree grew large, robust, strong, lushly leaved and healthy.

    I like to think that any bodies that are buried underneath a tree replenish that tree with their beautiful spirits. If that is true then your grandparents were truly amazing, special people....

  14. nice pictures. that's one huge tree.

  15. That tree is so tall! We get those old oak trees here that span out all over the place, but they don't get that tall!! Amazing!
    And I love the wide open spaces. Here all I get to look at is crawfish farms, they look like wide open water with a lot of weeds growing on the sides. I will have to take pictures. I am sure your Dad wouldn't have minded pulling over and getting out!! LOL!!

  16. Pony Girl- I left you a response to your comment on my blog...I NEVER know where to leave them! Sometimes I leave them with the comment that was left, and other times I venture over to whoever left the comments's blog and leave it many choices! (lol)

  17. Beautiful countryside is beautiful countryside Pony Girl. I have my fingers crossed they someday soon you and yours will get the opportunity to live in such a beautiful area.

    To answer Twinville's question about the tree rows-in this area of rolling grasslands(the Dakotas and surrounding states)tree rows are planted on the sides of the fields(usually north and/or west) as windbreaks to help stop erosion of the topsoil from the often present wind. In areas of dense trees-the fields have been cleared and the tree lines are usually left as property borders.

    Speaking of trees-that tree by your Nana is truly magnificent. It's amazing that it has survived multiple lightening strikes.

  18. BEC: thanks for the information about tree lines, that completely makes sense! I figured trees provided shade for livestock, but a line of trees like that would make a nice windbreak.

    Knutson's: I never know where to leave replies to comments, either. Some people check back, others don' least if I go to their owns blogs, I know they'll see it! :)

    Trailboss: I SO wish I could afford propery! I wish I had known years ago this is what I wanted in life, I would have planned and saved differently. But it will happen someday. SIGH.

    Carolyn: I completely understand, that is why I do not live in the country. My well-paid teaching job is in the city! And with gas prices, living in the country and commuting in is not a wise option right now.

    Twinville: what an amazing tree story! And yes, I've heard about the secret Disneyland underworld. I would love to see a show on it, so interesting!

  19. Beautiful! Lush green everywhere! Unlike my environment! Definetly Pro's & Con's to rain!
    Keep dreaming Pony will happen!

  20. I love old barns....and taking pics of them, but for some reason when they are my old barns, they are not so charming?

    What is that about?

  21. Let the cynics say what they will. It's only because they haven't gotten close enough to see or weren't paying attention when they were shown. I suppose trust might be a more accepted word than love. But isn't that a form of love? Enjoy your boy and learn all he has to offer. Great photos! Deb

  22. borninabarn@wildblue.netAugust 15, 2008 at 5:12 PM

    Cool silo, where is it located? I would like to go take some pictures of it. I can attest to the underground as I worked at Disney for years as a photographer. It was designed so that they could move maintainence personel, employees, food, freight, etc throughout the park without ever being seen. Its why you never see someone from Frontierland in Tommorrowland. Each building in the park has an access elevator down to the tunnels. Below ground, it reminds you of a parking garage or a large lower level mall. Just think that while you walk down Main Street towards the Castle, you are on the top floor of a really big building. As another quick fact, next time you look at Main Street, notice that all of the buidings are scaled so that they get smaller as they go up, giving the illusion that they are taller than they really are!


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