Sunday, June 22, 2008

Congrats, Cousin T

Cousin T and her neice, Coda.

My Aunt and Uncle hosted a lovely brunch this morning for my Cousin T and her husband. They secretly got married at the courthouse this past January (after 12 years of dating), but we wanted to get the family together to help them celebrate.

Hopefully Cousin T will not mind if I share her pictures on my blog. Okay, I will go ask her for permission. She said yes! She is one of my first cousins. I am the oldest. She followed in my footsteps. We both have psychology degrees so we like to analyze all of our family members. Oh goodness, I am just kidding! Kind of. Anyway, I will also share that she is my mother's identical twin sister's (my aunt's) daughter. Got that? I wish more of these gorgeous genes had come my way!

Congratulations on your marriage Cousin T, it was special to celebrate with you. I am excited that you have taken an interest in horseback riding. And, that your husband likes riding, too. Well, I suppose a mountain bike is his ride of choice, but don't worry, we'll get him on a horse this summer!


  1. Look at our beautiful cousin!
    Coda is getting so big!
    Congratulations Cuz T!

  2. She is a beautiful cowgirl! Does her husband really just ride a bike and not a horse?

  3. Is it just me, or did anyone else notcie the resembalance between Cousin T and the pic above the quote over yonder? ....

    Glad you all had fun, and Congrats to Cousin T and hubby!

  4. Mrs. Mom-I noticed it too and was wondering.............UHM?!?!?!
    Congrats and what fun!

  5. There sure is a likeness there! What a lovely young lady, she is so pretty. Have to get that mountain bike away from the new hubby though. Get him a horse!! :o)

  6. Ya know, Cuz T does remind me a lot of that Doreman Burns print on my sidebar! During our photo shoot we had to pose like the cowgirls in all of the pictures. I can't remember which cowgirl our photographer chose for Cuz T...I think it was one called Dakota Rose or something.
    And yep, her husband is a huge outdoor enthusiast, hiker, backpacker, and bike rider! But I think if we could get him on a horse in the backcountry, he'd be sold...

  7. okay pony girl, my "work space" is ready for you to come visit! come on over!

  8. Oh yeah, I love wedding celebrations!! Congrats Cousin T!! My husband chooses to ride his dirt bike over horses anyday! He humors me and rides every now and then!!

  9. Looks like you both got good genes to me! Congrats Cousin T.

  10. Interesting--my hubby is all about the mountain bike, the road bike, the triathlons, etc---instead of the horses too--although he does ride if you put money on the line to be won, or saddle bags full of beer to get him through it.

    I tell him it is because bikes dont think. And argue.


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