Monday, June 9, 2008

Goats, Shavings, and a Purple Eye

My Boy met one of the goats, up close and personal, for the first time on Sunday. My sister's boyfriend was cementing a support post in the middle of My Boy's run-in shed. My Boy was very curious as to what was happening to his shed. He left his tree and came down to investigate.

He could not figure out what all the fuss was about. There didn't appear to be any food involved. But he wasn't quite convinced.
Deciding there was nothing there for him, My Boy headed down to his grain bucket, to check if he'd missed anything from his last meal. The Boyfriend hadn't shut the pasture gate completely, it was chained so that he could open it easier to get his supplies in and out, but my horse couldn't. Meanwhile, one of the goats, which had been tethered to graze outside of My Boy's gate, had suddenly squeezed himself into the pasture.
It was Ralph. Ralph has long curly hair on his hind legs and like to climb on stumps and chew his cud. He also has very big horns. I don't remember inviting you in!? You aren't trying to get to my grain bucket, are you?
My Boy has to give Ralph the sniff over.

This is very strange. I can not figure out this smell. And where is the rest of your tail, anyway?

Oh Nelly! Watch those horns, My Boy!

Aww, look. It's Big Pill and Little Pill.

After I snapped this picture, I quickly climbed over the other gate and went around and extracted Mr. Ralph from My Boy's pasture.

Now, the following two goats are my favorite on the farm. This is Edgar.
He is a very kind goat. He is the Golden Retriever of goats. He does not have any horns. Now do you know why I like him so much? Well, he does have this little nubbin on the left.

And this is Walter. He is also a sweet goat. Aren't those long ears just dang right irresistible? And goodness, I just love rubbing that course gray hair on his nose. Notice how he is hornless, too?
At the end of the day, after the cemented post had dried in My Boy's run-in shed, I spread two bags of new shavings inside. Guess who had to come over and check it out?
Hmm...this is interesting. What's something horses like to do in new bedding?
I'd really like to have some privacy for this, do you mind?
Put down that apple picker! Poo presents are not in my game plan. I'm going down, baby!

Uh, Pony Girl, this is nice and all, but do you think I could get, uh, like, one more bag of shavings? However, I will say that my shed gets such delightful afternoon sunlight, thank you very much! Tomorrow is My Boy's vet appointment. He gets his strangles booster and an eye exam. I will let you know how it goes!


  1. As usual I truly enjoyed your post. You are a pretty little thing too, even with your black/blue/purple eye! I wish I knew a cowboy for you!

    My Boy surely loves his new shelter huh?

  2. WOW! Thats a dousy of a black eye. thanks for the evidence. hehe.

  3. Dude. Poor Pony Girl!!

    My Boy sure looks darn happy there though!! His shed is lovely. ;)

    Heal up fast there girl!

  4. I loved loved the pictorial story with Ralph and My Boy! Too funny. I could just sense them conversing and all that.

    nd I can see why you like the othe two goats better. They also have softer eyes and expressions. Ralph has a lot of mishief in his eyes! haha

    Man! That is one doozy of a black eye. I wasn't expecting to see something as.......bruised and bright! Poor thing!
    I'm glad you didn't delete the picture before I saw it, it was still great to see your face. You are so beautiful, even with a bruised eye.

    We've got to find a cute and kind cowboy just for you, girlfriend!

    Ummm....maybe we should wait until the purple and red goes away, though. hehehe

  5. Great photo post! Your boy is so cute.

    Goats fascinate me - I've never really been around them. They look so cute and mischevious... :-)

    Hope the eye heals up quickly...

  6. Yikes-hope that your eye is not still sore. So whats the deal there Pony Girl? A pretty thing like you should have cowboys lined up.
    Personally, I have never been a fan of dating cowboys but that is probably because I grew up with them and found my brothers irritating. Put me off of them for life-LOL.
    YOU on the other hand should have no problem. You just need to get to some rodeos and hang out at the appropriate place-bucking chutes if you like "roughies" or roping box if you like "timies"-hehehehe. All it takes is the right pair of Cruel Girl jeans and a lot of "oh, ah, wow" and will have yourself a cowboy-LOL.

  7. My Boy's new shed looks great! And he looks like he loves it!
    The hornless goats are the cutest! I wanted to rub there noses!
    Girl, the eye, Wow! HOpe it gets better real soon!
    BECG-I agree you should have no problem with the cowboys! We have quit a few single ones done here! And they are cuties!

  8. Nice photo essay! Loved it! Oh that is one hell of a shiner!

  9. Hello GORGEOUS! You are beautiful sweetie, even with the shiner!

  10. He gets an eye exam or you do??

    Poor kid. I hope your eye heals up fast. I love Ralph and My Boy pictures, especially the one where he is afraid of the horns!

  11. Love your blog! I have two goats as well, a pygmy and a regular (not sure what breed hehe). They have the best personalities! I have a horsey blog as well, The Dancing Horse about my horse Pilot, maybe we can be affiliates (or whatever it is called, im not quite sure!). Ttyl!


  12. Wow, your sister's boyfriend sounds like a sweetheart doing all that work around the place for you and My Boy.

    My Boy is quite the handsome fellow. We must live in the same part of the world - we're getting cold, wet November weather here as well. Makes for beautiful greenery, however it would be nice to see the sun again.

    Good luck with your search for an available cowboy. If you find one and he has a handsome available brother/friend, keep me in mind!


  13. I am with you on the goats with no horns!! I do not like the horns!!

    Your eye is very nice!! I guess I still have some back reading to see what happened! It's sure is a nice shiner!!

  14. I think you look tough and beautiful at the same time!

    Thanks for sharing.


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