Friday, June 6, 2008

Finally Friday

A couple of posts ago I mentioned that my cousin is making a scrapbook of all my horsey riding family members, using Doreman Burn's artwork to represent each of us. This morning I visited Mud Ranch's Real Dirt blog and she has a great game going where you can pick which of Doreman Burn's cowgirl portraits best represent you. Go check it out here!

It poured buckets of rain again today. But by early this evening, the sun came out. I love it when the sun claims victory after a day of rain. The dark rain clouds still lingered on the horizon and the setting sun created a lovely glow of black pink sky.
This iris still had drops of rain on it. Does an iris close up to protect itself from the rain? Or does it close up at night? Is this even an iris? As you can tell, Pony Girl does is not much of a green thumb.
My parents moved a month ago and my mom needed a towel rack for their new bathroom. We went to the western decor store and she bought this great cedar shelf. It was the only one left in this design and I really liked it. Can you guess why? Last weekend on my Pony Cousins adventure, we did some shopping. Well, some of us more than others. I was not in the more than others category. I am trying to be frugal. Anyway, when we visited the store last weekend, they had gotten more of this shelf in stock, and so I had to buy myself one. I put it up and did some preliminary decorating of it. The story behind these racks is that a couple in Oregon travels around and finds recycled cedar fencing to make them out of. They are very affordable, this one was $29.

Here is a close-up of the design on the back of the shelf:

In the morning My Boy has a pedicure. I mean, an appointment with the farrier. My farrier left me a message today to confirm. He said, I will see you at 10:00, barring any rain or a snowstorm. Neither of those weather conditions seem out of the realm of possibility these days!


  1. Your shelf is lovely and all appaloosa and western. It's so perfect that it's not from China, but from local people making a living.

  2. The horses are the only ones around here that ever get pedicures! Spoiled rotten.

  3. What store please? Good luck with the pedicure.

  4. PG...I have to agree with you, we have more than just a little in common! I am just now making my way back to the world of horses after an extended leave, trying to readjust to a new life and raising kids. We need to visit, I could really use a woman in my life who knows what it's like to lay off and then try to come back! Thank you so much for stopping by my blog, I am adding yours as well, as I definitely want to read all about you! It isn't every day I get actual HORSEY women to my blog, as it's too girly for most of them, but I am so grateful for the ones I do have!

    Keep in touch, shoot me an email sometime and have yourself a fabulous weekend!

  5. What beautiful shots Pony Girl! LOVE that shelf- of course..hehehe...

    Your sunset was such a pretty shade of sky blue pink... Great timing on the shots - you got the colors perfectly.

    Hope oyu have an amazing weekend, and get in some saddle time!

  6. Love that towel rack. I wish my house was decorated in a western theme. Hey, I have an idea. I could make it that way!

    If I hear of any cowboys looking for an extra sweet and loving gal I'll head them your way dear.

  7. What a fun shelf! And it has Appies on it!! Or would that be Appeys? I think ies??? Oh well, what a great buy! Wonderful pictures of the clouds!!

  8. I loved how you wrote about the rain, clouds and setting sun. You sounded like a professional writer and even without the beautiful photos, I could 'see' what you were writing about. Beautiful!

    Love the shelf, too.


  10. Jules: No website, unfortunately. :(
    They are just a small local western decor store.


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