Sunday, June 29, 2008

Lots to Do

I am off to the Painted Creek for a few days to spend some quality time with My Boy. My sister and I have a gazillion things we want to do. Let me tell you some of my plans so that you can hold me accountable for getting them done.

1. Wash and condition My Boy's tail.

2. Get a new bag of shavings for My Boy's shed.

3. Get pictures of the tack and feed area for Twinville's barn and tack room photo tour idea.

4. Look for a new saddle pad for My Boy at the local tack shop (more on that soon.)

5. Switch my snaffle bit onto a different headstall.

6. Get a plastic bin to haul supplies in for our horse guest ranch trip in August, and start organizing it.

7. Rehearse our guest ranch opening ceremony routine, using the song I have chosen for to represent me and My Boy.

8. Take My Boy for a ride out of the arena and off of the property.

9. Watch a showjumping competition my sister DVR'd the other day.

10. Visit my hay provider and check the current prices so I can comparison shop (they have not updated their phone message, I know it is an old recording because I am pretty sure the price of hay has not gone down!)

11. Head over to check out the new co-op remodel and see if they have the clips we need for the hay bags.

12. Visit the other farm store to pick up My Boy's winter turnout and summer rain sheet, which I took in for a cleaning last week.

13. If it stays warm, wash the winter grime out my saddle pads, halters, and splint boots, and lay them out to dry.

14. Look through catalogs and determine where to order the hay bag, horn bag, and shipping boots I need for my trip next month.

Goodness, that sounds like way too much to do. Maybe I should just stay home?!

I rode My Boy on Friday and that turned out to be a little more interesting than I planned. I will share that story tomorrow.


  1. You have a lot to do!!! Much shopping and thats always fun. I must say I really like to buy my horse stuff hands on as much as possible or at least check it out in person and then buy from a catalog. I am fussy that though. i hate to be dissapointed.

  2. I wish I could hold you accountable, but geehaw! You've got some lofty goals!

    My suggestion:
    Just get as much done as you can, but mostly just enjoy My Boy and spent quality time together.

    I also want to ask you if you and others have a favorite winter blanket and rain/mud sheet?

    I really want to get one for Baby Doll, but there are so many choices.

  3. You are going to be one busy girl! Make sure you save time for fun! (But I bet doing all that is fun for you.)

    Have a great time.

    :) Michelle

  4. Such a lot planned, but it mostly sounds fun stuff! Yeah its mid winter over here, and there has been a heap of rough weather, can not WAIT for the warmth of summer :-) Of course come mid summer I will be saying that its too hot ... lol Hope you had a great day.

  5. Yep...better double check those hay prices! They've gone up...wayyyy up here! Pretty scary!
    Where are you going to a guest horse ranch? Sounds like fun! Maybe you'll meet your Cowboy there! :)
    #7...? what do you have to do?
    Sounds to me, like you already are having fun..just the preps and planning!

    Happy Trails Pony Girl!

  6. so how much is hay in your area? i want to say it was up to around $11 a bale (square bales) here in Indiana last summer, and i haven't heard about this year yet.

  7. I think it was Billie at camera-obscura who said earlier this summer - "eat dessert first" (ride) and do all the other stuff later. If you run out of steam, you'll at least have done the most important thing.

    I love making lists - checking things off is just so darned satisfying.

  8. Good idea. I will try to get some shots this evening when I get home. My husband built my entire barn. It isn't a lot but it does the job and I LOVE IT!

  9. That does not sound like too much to me--lots of it is fun stuff so it does not seem like work--like washign the tail, getting new stuff for the trip--that always makes me smile.

    I have screwed up almost as many things as are on your list, already today and it is not even noon!
    Good luck!

  10. Oh thanks now I need a NAP!!! I think you need to have a glass of Ice tea, or Lemonade in there somewhere!! NO maybe a RED BULL!!! Don't work too hard it's only Monday!!

  11. Wow! that is one big list! I do love lists though, I seem to get more done when I have things written down and can cross them off one by one! Makes me feel powerful! I'm a middle child you know, we like to feel powerful! lol!

  12. Sounds like you will have fun though! Take time to enjoy all of your "chores." Maybe you and your sister can go enjoy a nice lunch or something:)

  13. Just so you feel better, folks, up in here in Alaska hay from Oregon generally runs about $30 a bale...sometimes a little less. Not sure where the prices will go this winter! This is why I don't have a horse in AK.....Imagine, seeing a truck on the road with three bales of hay and knowing it just cost $90!!!!!! Feel better now?

  14. Get your horse time in first, that is the most important! LOL! Sounds like you have lots to do, just have fun and relax getting them done. Enjoy your time with your sister and of course My Boy! I do love marking things off my list, very satisfying!

  15. We saw alfalfa today for $16.99 for a 97 lb bale at one co-op, and $19 at a different co-op. We are picking up baled local grass hay out of a field tomorrow for $5 a bale.

  16. I got really lucky this year. My husband helped our neighbors bale hay for several days and we got 11 large round bales. We tried to pay them but they would not hear of it. They said they have never sold hay and are not about to start now. We also got about 47 square bales. They are good ppl.

  17. Oh yeah shopping!! I love shopping for my horse!! That is the most fun thing!! I will have to take up the challenge of photos of our barn and tack arean!! It's a mess, but I will share!!

  18. I have a similar list...feels like I am always trying to "organize" my horse stuff and then there is always something more to buy:-)

  19. WOW! "..for $16.99 for a 97 lb.." =$350/ton! Don't know where you are at, but that would put us out of the horse "business"! Thought ours was high! (no wonder you are going the $5/in field route!) We go through 45-50 ton a year and at $240/ton...that's stretching things very very thin! Last yr was bad at $155...the yr before $90/ton ...much more do-able!

  20. My sister feeds the $5 grass hay. My Boy is still on alfalfa, it was $11.50 a bale when I first started leasing him, now that I own him, it's gone up (of course. :) Last month when I got hay it was $18. I just found it for $2 cheaper a bale, I hope it stays that way! You get more for your money w/the alfalfa, the grass hay bales are really small and they go through one bale a day with the horses and goats. You also have to feed a lot more grass hay. But not all horses do well on alfalfa, it can be too rich. It's a toss up.


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