Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Movie Nights

I didn't get to see My Boy yesterday. I miss him terribly. It was pouring down rain and traffic was a nightmare. If My Boy was in my backyard, or even in my city, no amount of rain would stop me from seeing him. But when it is raining, my hour-long commute (on a good day) becomes even longer and I just do not have the time after work to get up there, see him, and get back at a decent hour. I will try again tomorrow. They are predicting rain, rain, rain for the next week. Is it really June? Can someone please clarify that for me? Because I am beginning to think it is November again.

Instead, I stayed at work and wrote report cards. On my way home I hit my local one-stop shopping department store (no, it was not Target) in search of necessities like Honey Nut Cheerios and Excedrin. And while I was there, I gravitated towards the home electronics department. I saw a rack of DVDs for $5 and on it were sets of old television classics. There were several western-themed ones and of course I had to pick up a couple! I chose Roy Rogers and Gene Autry. Each DVD features around 8-10 episodes from their "classic western T.V. shows."
Now, I do not remember watching these television shows when they were actually airing, or even when they were just running in syndication. I was a little too young for that (these movies are in black and white, after all.) I do remember watching the Lone Ranger series, perhaps it was showing reruns in the 70's (the store had that DVD set too, but I decided that Gene Autry and Roy Rogers sounded more interesting.) Have any of you ever watched these classics? Do you think I will like them? I mean, they feature cowboys and wide open spaces and outlaws and ghost towns and a golden horse named Trigger. What's not to like?

As a pony-loving youngster, I loved any movie that had a horse in it. Most memorable was National Velvet. Elizabeth Taylor as a 12 year old was just a dream with that spitfire attitude and mesmerizing eyes, and I loved Mickey Rooney, too. Goodness, that movie was made in 1944! I didn't think the sequel, International Velvet, was as good.

The next big horse movie that I remember, this one I actually saw in the theater, was The Black Stallion. Of course, I had already read all the Walter Farley books (like, five hundred times) about the black Arabian racehorse, probably starting in the 4th grade. To this day, this movie is still one of my all-time favorites. Another great cast, including Teri Garr and once again, Mickey Rooney. Maybe I have movies on the brain because this dreary, wet, dark spring weather just promotes a curl-up-on-the-couch-with-a-good-movie kind of mood. Speaking of which, I won't be able to get to the Gene Autry or Roy Rogers DVDs quite yet, because I started Dances With Wolves two nights ago and still need to finish it (yes, it's been raining for days here.) I have not watched it since it was originally released in 1900. So, a good night to you all, I'm off to find a snack (Bottle Caps? Popcorn?) and hit my movie-viewing couch.


  1. I know what you mean about this crazy spring weather.

    We've had temps above 90 degrees, temps below 40 degrees, snow, sleet, ice, and wind....oh it's been windy since October! We've had gusts up to 60 mph all day today.
    Made for riding my Baby Doll a bit unplesant.

    I also like movies that include horses. But some of them drive me crazy because the horses are treated as second fiddle and not as the stars of the movie.
    You're going to call me a corn ball, but I love the movie Spirit.

    I still cry when the horses get hurt or when they beat those irritating military guys.
    I also liked Dances with Wolves, but cry like a baby when his hrse is killed. Is there anything sadder than that?

    And Hidalgo....sigh....

    Wish we could stay up late and watch a few of those movies together. I love bottle caps, too! The coke flavored caps are my favorite! Yummy!

  2. Oh-I love Gene Autry's horse-Champ. I had a Gene Autry coloring book when I was a kid and I was soooo careful when I colored Champ. I wanted him to look just like he did in real life-LOL-the things we remember...

    We are having the same weather. I swear-I resorted to trimming almost all of mom's horse's feet today because there is nothing else I can do in this rainy weather. Just wait-when we get some sunshine-I will be so busy mowing yards-I won't get to ride then either-ughhh. Darn it-it's June-it is supposed to be warm enough to be considered hot. I should be tan by now and thinking about swimming pools-not still wearing my coat!!

  3. Oh I love love love National Velvet. I just bought it in a new DVD set a couple of months ago. I love the movie, "The Horse in the Gray Flannel Suit". That is a good Disney movie. I love it. Oh I love "Wild Hearts Can't be Broken" too. Oh the list of movies can go on and on. But as far as the old old classics. I haven't seen those.
    We have just been having hot weather. It's like 90 plus everday. The horses all are so sweaty.

  4. Pony Girl, I would HAPPILY trade you some weather. I am bronze, and melting (and not just from the hot flashes either.) We are DRY here still--- way way too dry. So, I'll zap you some warm sun and heat, and you zap us some rain, and life will be better, K? ;)

    Love old movies.... Hope oyu have fun with them when you can watch them!

  5. My sis and I get together every couple of months and pig out on pizza and Ben and Jerry's icecreame and watch Horse movies!

  6. Those old Walter Farley books were the very best way to waste time laying around on a summer day. I think, but I'm not totally committing, that the Island Stallion series was even better than the Black Stallion series after the original. Nothing beats the original.
    You might enjoy Roy Rodgers but it will be kind of corny for you, and certainly predictable. And, yes, I was there for the first runs.
    I would also be happy to trade weather for a few days. Yucky hot here.

  7. I don't know how much of a reader you are but I know you would enjoy an old book by the name of "Old Bones." It is about a derby winner Exterminator and one of my all time favorite books (I am NOT much of a reader). Check it out at the library. I actually bought a book at a book sale at my daughter's elementary school. Hey, try the library at the school you teach. Bet you might just find it!

    Gene Autry is an awful singer in my opinion. I like what my dad said once "whoever told him he could sing must have been deaf."

    I liked the Lone Ranger because of the horses. It is quite corny but good TV since TV these days are so violent and stuff.

  8. Twinville: I would love to eat bottle caps and watch horse movies with ya! ;)
    Mrs. Mom: you are BRONZE? The only way I'm getting bronze around here is to use sunless tanner, lol!
    Trailboss: thanks for the book recommendation, I will check it out!

  9. I may have missed somewhere in your blog what state you live in. But I'm in the Seattle area, and we are having the same crummy weather that you are! I can't wait for a sunny day to go trail riding! How depressing is winter in June?

    Oh and I second Andrea's love of Wild Hearts Can't Be Broken. My sister and I almost wore out our tape when we were younger!

  10. Heidi,
    Oh, you haven't missed it, I just have not mentioned what state I live in. I am trying to stay a little bit anonymous. Hee hee! ;) I live in the Pacific Northwest too, there are a lot of us PAC NW bloggers out there!!
    I have never seen Wild Hearts Can't Be I'm going to look it up on Amazon! It may be my next rental!

  11. Dear Brown-eyed cowgirls:
    My horse, Okie, looks a lot like Gene Autry's champion! He is a chestnut with a silver mane. Check out his picture in Pony Girl's blog about ranch horses.
    -Saddle Mountain Rider


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