Monday, April 13, 2009

Look What the Easter Bunny Brought Me!

I have been cleaning out my photo files this past week. It is so freeing- hitting delete, then emptying my recycle bin. No regrets! Really, how many pictures does one need of their horse eating grass?

Apparently, 10,092.

Goodness! Let me count the ways with a visual display.

My horse eating grass in the autumn.

My horse eating grass in the winter.

My horse eating grass in the spring.

My horse eating grass with two halters on.

My horse eating grass in the summer.

My horse eating grass close-up.

My horse eating grass while wearing a fly mask (you are unlikely to see this again, thanks to his strange aversion to fly masks.)

My horse eating grass with a goat standing by his hiney.

My horse eating grass with Brandy and Paint Girl.

My horse eating grass with Fritzy.

My horse eating grass while wearing an abscess soaker boot.

My horse eating grass with his blanket on.

My horse eating grass with his Pony Girl.

I won't show you the other 10,079.

And yes, my horse lives a charmed life.

Anyone who photographs animals knows that it takes at least 40 shots of ear cocks, turned heads, and closed eyes to get one decent one. And that might be an underestimate.

It might be time for my horse to start posing differently. After all, I've been cleaning out those photo files for another reason. Just in time for Easter weekend, Mr. Cottontail delivered this for me.

Yep, a new camera. This is a huge step and very exciting for me.

I know I look like a total rookie.
The camera strap is still kinked from being unpacked!

Don't worry. The little Sony Cyber-shot, the approximately $100 Walmart point-and-shoot digital I got for Christmas two years ago and have used for every photo I've taken and posted on this blog, including the grass eating pictures in all their glory, will still see it's share of horsehair and dust. It fits nicely in my fanny pack or pocket, and working around and riding horses I'm not about to haul out the big DSLR every time.

What camera do you use, and why? Do you have a dream camera?


  1. I use my Sony Cyber-shot. It's small and the quality is good enough for anything I might need. I went thru a phase in college (WAY before digital cameras) where I lugged around an SLR Nikon, but I'm not that into it anymore.

    Have fun, and can't wait to see all your pix.

  2. Well noone can ever say your horse doesn't eat well. lol!
    Having all those photos of your horse is no different than having hundreds of baby photos. It almost feels terribly wrong to throw them away. haha!

    And it is kind of neat seeing the differences of your horse from year to year. I, for one, can never see too many photos of that handsome boy of yours.

    And that last photo of the two of you makes me smile BIG :D


    Congrats on the new snazzy camera. I was given my Canon Powershot SX110 IS for Christmas. It's my second Canon Powershot and I love it. It's a little heavier than my previous one, though, but I can forgive that because of 10X digital zoom and 10X optical Zoom, which equals 20x zoom.....One can never have enough Zooom!!

    Enjoy it, PG. I look forward to seeing all the awesome pics you take with it.

  3. Ha Ha you are so right!!! I currently have 1788 pictures on my memory card LOL!! And yes 3/4 of them are trying to get that perfect never-ending shot!!!!

    Love the new Nikon!!! I got my new Nikon D90 a couple of months ago, and I wouldn't trade it for anything. I love , love, love it!!!!

  4. Love the eating grass pictures! Can't have too many! I'm still using my little Canon Powershot - it's easy to slip in a pocket while I'm working with the horses. Perhaps someday I'll get something a bit better - image stabilization would be nice. Fun to see your boy enjoying himself!

  5. Very cool! I have a lot of those same pictures but mine are cows. I started with a canon powershot. I love that camera. It stays in my purse at all times. I bought a Canon Rebel XSi last november. It's awesome. Now I'm working on gettin' lenses that I want. Enjoy your new camera!

  6. I don't know cameras very well as I have a Canon EOS Rebel that my family bought me a couple of years ago...but it is much different than my Fuji S5000 FinePix (I loved that camera). The main one being the shakkkkke! It's clearer with more (10X) pixels but you have to hold your breathe when you snap it or set up a tripod!LOL! I get a cardio workout to say the's a well known trick a photographer told me in a class that I took. I don't try to get in a hurry (not my nature) but it just takes lots of practice! And it's a heavy camera after a few hours! The best tip I've learned is how to hold the camera correctly. One hand under the body of the camera palm up, legs shoulder width evenly dispersing your weight (human tripod) and hold your breath ...shoot! Feels awkward at first...especially the hand up but set the body of the camera in your do get used to it. Hope this is helpful info....wish someone would have told me when I first started so I didn't have to take classes! You should see my photo bucket! Editing is NOT my strong suit! Good for you! Congratulations and have fun! Sure was a nice Easter Bunny! Lu

  7. My camera is a Lumix with a 10X zoom. Works great .I take most of my photos in "burst mode" so I get several at once to choose from . Lots wind up in the recycle as well. Nice new camera , looking forward to all the new pics!

  8. Thanks pony girl for stopping by and reading my little rant on the horse situation. I totaly agree over breeding is the main problem. I didnt put this in my post but my aunt is really bad about it. She has two unregistered pinto studs who she breeds to anything and everything she can. She breeds them to quarter horse types, appaloosas, arabians all which are low quality unregistered horses. It makes me so mad but even she only bred one horse last year which was great. People make me so mad and they are so irresponsible. My husband and I have debates daily because I think we should make everyone happy and he thinks horses are livestock and people should do what they want with them and that we are infringing on human rights when we put regulations on there own property well if people were more responsible we would not be in this situation to begin with. We have never bred anything (unless working for places that do breeding) we buy colts start them and sell them but anything that comes to our place I dont consider it livestock myself he does. I just am so bothered by this hole thing from every aspect. Thanks again and what an awesome easter present

  9. I love the photos, I am not sure you can ever have enough photos of your best friend.
    Nice camera too

  10. I use a Pentax K10D DSLR and I love it ! A lot. I also have/had a Nikon Cool Pix point and shoot, but husband o' mine dropped it and now I am searching for a new pocket camera.

  11. How exciting! Be sure to check out this guy's site for a not-so-tech-speak tutorial on your new camera. He also has some great advice on specific settings to really make your images pop.

  12. I LOVE my Lumix DMC-TZ4...we bought it last year for a big trip to Europe. Everyone in the family was limited to one carry-on bag each for the entire 5 week trip and I wasn't about to lug my huge ol' DSLR and take up precious space! In the end, I have found that the Lumix takes fabulous pictures and would recommend it to anyone.

    I've been trying to convince the dear husband that his thousands of photos of gravestones need to be edited - strange hobby (in my mind) - but he tells me that people from far away places actually request these pics. He's "preserving" pioneer history, so to speak.

  13. I love my Nikon! I got the D40x a couple of years ago and have been in love with it ever since. I did get a small point and shoot to carry around to places like the barn but other than that I take my DSLR. Have fun with your new camera!

  14. Looking forward to seeing pics from the new camera!!! How exciting!!

  15. How exciting, Pony Girl!!!! I would love a Canon (I can't think of the name of the model I like right now), but until I go back to work, I cannot afford to spend over $600 on a camera.

    My big thing is the zoom. I often find that I am really far away from all of the cool action shots, and oh how I lust after a nice!!!

  16. Congratulations! I do what you are planning on doing. If I'm at home, I use the big Canon Powershot, and if I go somewhere I tuck my old, smaller Kodak into my purse or a fannypack.

  17. I was laughing about all the "horse eating grass" photos....
    I want the Easter Bunny you have!! He is a rich and generous Easter Bunny!

  18. I have the Panasonic FZ18 and a Canon Powershot for my pocket. I love the Panasonic--but it's not practical to haul it everywhere I go. You new camera looks awesome!

  19. Wow your horse is a PIG! LOL ;) *wink wink*

    I love my Nikon and am looking forward to my upgrade... I'm well over-due! :)

  20. I laughed about the just can't take one!! I use a Nikon and love it..have that and will travel..good luck with it. Now you'll have more to!

  21. I am so excited for you! That looks like a nice camera. I use a Cannon SR5 and I love it. I got it for Mother's day last year. Actually I bought it on EBay and Joe took the credit and showed Stephanie how he ordered it. She should have seen right through that since he wouldn't know the first thing about going through EBay. Anyway, a lot of my photos don't even need to be tweaked at all. I love how that makes it so easy. I also have a Sony point and shoot that was my first digital camera (got it from Walmart for Mother's day 2 years ago). I can't wait to see your new camera in action!

  22. I want a DSLR so bad!! It's on my list. We want a full review as you get used to it.

    Laughing at your "grass" pictures. Yep, I'm sure I have more of the same, too!

  23. PG, I too have way too many pictures of Gilly eating, standing, laying down. need to clear the bad ones out and save the good ones! Oh, well, we do love our horses and you and NEVER have too many of them!!!
    Oh, my....LOVE your new camera!!! What fun you will have with that. I got my big Canon Rebel XTi last year and love it, love it! I still use my little Kodak Easy Share a lot too. It's easier to carry on the horse and I won't have a heart attack if it hits the ground, don't what that to happen but sure don't want the big camera to fall off the horse. Take lots of pictures, play with all the settings and have a ball with your new camera, instant gratification with the digital cameras! WOW, gotta love them!!!
    Jane and Gilly

  24. WHOOOOOHHOOOOOO!!! Dang girl, you went for it! Go big or go home, eh? I have total camera envy right now! And, btw, I am coming to your house for Easter next year...your bunny ROCKS!! I didnt even get chocolate!

    NICE camera!! How fat is the intruction manual that came with it? Does it make "War and Peace" look like a pocket novel?

    Lets see some photos!!

  25. Oh (((har)))!!! yeppers...the nead to delete grass pics and earshot ones is a BIG need on my computor!
    Sooo funny PG~!!! I am soo jealous of your camera!And so happy for you too!
    Someday I will get one to fit my macro lense again..but will stay with the point and shoot from Bi-Mart, for the horsin' adventures!

  26. {I forgot to mention that the photos in this post were not ones that I deleted in my clean-out. I usually pick one or two good shots and edit them a bit. So I went back and deleted all of the shots I didn't like, were too dark, eyes closed, etc.

    AHCM~ I have read the manual- once. But I need to again, and again..... Parts of it were a bit like a foreign language, LOL! I also have two DVDs and many websites to browse, including the one Linda at the 7MSN linked to in her comment, which I've heard great things about. I won't be ready to go full manual mode yet, but really want to figure out Aperture-Priority and Shutter-Priority modes.

    Lisa~ I looked into a camera similar to yours, it was the Canon Powershot SX10 IS, an "ultra-zoom." It felt nice and heavy, more like a DSLR. Nikon makes the P90 now in comparison, my friend loved her P80. But for around $150 more, I was able to get the Nikon DSLR and I figured I'd want to upgrade in another year anyway.

  27. Congratulations on your new camera! You are going to get more enjoyment out of that than anything you will have for awhile! I have had a Nikon D70s for about 2 years and I carry a little Nikon Coolpix 550 in my purse! One day I would like to upgrade to a better camera but it is good for now! Enjoy and I don't think 10,000 plus photos is too excessive of the boy eating grass! Do you???? :)

  28. I too say that you can never have too many pics of your horse eating grass or whatever...I am sooo guilty in that department. Love your new camera!! I use a Kodak Z1015IS and I love most of it...however, like most digitals I think the shutter speed is way too slow. Sometimes I click to take the picture and all I get is a tale or...
    have fun

  29. Lucky girl! I'm so in need of a new camera. My current one is a Sony FD Mavica...its ancient and I doubt they make them anymore...but its a darn good camera! But I'd sure love to have a better zoom! I'm glad Luanne gave you the tip on holding the camera to make shots steady! I needed that!
    I love thos pictures of your boy! LOL great post..your so creative!

  30. You can pass the camera down to me like you do your jeans when you get tired of them, LOL!Guess what I found on the new computer, pre- installed with the pictures, the same paint program you have in yours! Maybe it will be easier for me to play in this and then do the upgrade.

  31. Wohoo!!! I'm with Horse Crazed Mind...your bunny is WAY better then mine! Can I come over for Easter next year too? lol

    I'm totally drooling over your new camera! Very nice!!! I started my photo obsession with my little Nikon Coolpix S1, which still comes every where with me since it fits any where. I just graduated to a P80 in December and I LOVE it! I think it was the perfect step up, but I am definately lusting after the DSLRs!

  32. Great camera! I use a Canon Rebel Xti with 3 different lenses. The newest is an EF 50mm f/1.8 II, the one I have used the most is a 75-300 4.5-5.0, and the one I use the least is the 28-80 3.5-5 lens. I like the big zoom for the horses and dogs.....I can get them being natural without being too close. But I gotta say....I lovelovelove the blurred background with the 50 lens. I got mine in November 07.

    I too, thought I'd carry my p/s and only use the DSLR for formal stuff. But, the Canon is now a body extension. It goes *everywhere* with me and there are lots of shots I'd have missed if I did not have it with all the time.

    Use it and have fun with it, you won't regret the money for one NY second!

  33. I am assuming I will be a test subject for this new camera? And all the crazy critters? :)

  34. Congrats on the new camera!
    I have a Nikon S10 which fits in my pocket and goes pretty much anywhere I do. I also have a Kodak Easyshare Z710. Takes decent pics but is kinda cumbersome.

    For a non-digital I have a Pentax (MZ-7 I think). Takes awesome pics but after using digital I hate to take tons of pics and pay for them before I know if they're any good! lol

  35. what a fantastyk Easter present! I'm sure you going to love it!

    I wish we had grass like that around here. Nice green grass is kind of sparse in New Mexico unless it's in someone's manicured lawn.

  36. Have fun with the new camera! But I've enjoyed you're other pictures just fine!

  37. Great photos! I hate my camera. it's a sony cyber shot and it's got issues I tell ya (might be possessed). I would love a camera like your new one. I've got an old 35 mm nikon that is amazing, but I've been spoiled rotton by the instant-gratification of digitals. It's a terrible thing I tell ya.

    I love your spotted butt pony btw. he's too freakin cute. Give him a smooch on the nose or a smack on the butt for me will you?

  38. Have a new nikon cool pix!!! It's smarter than me, think I should read the instuction book!!!

  39. {Lorena}~ You sound like my dad! He said my pictures looked fine, too, LOL! :) I did as well. I want to get more into photography, and knew I really needed something different to accomplish that. I just have this creative edge that won't die. It started in high school, developing film in the darkroom. In college I was the "picture girl", ALWAYS had my camera, have photo albums FULL of pictures. Luckily, digital photography opened this passion back up for me in the last year.

  40. Heh, I could not help but chuckle at this post!
    But it's a beautiful camera and I hope you have lots of fun with it!

  41. That was cute post! I enjoyed the pictures.
    I hope you had a wonderful Easter!

    I have a Kodak Easyshare Z740 with works good for me now but would like to learn more about photography some day and then would have to upgrade!

  42. I need I new camera, although mine is good, or OK, it's a fuji, but I really want the Sony! Oh well , maybe for Christmas.

  43. you are so funny. i literally was chuckling the whole way through. i did the same with jess...i took about 20 shots, trying to get her eye opened while she was eating grass for the allergy entry. i too deleted my photos from my cf card this camera is a canon rebel that my good husband bought me for christmas a couple of years ago but i still use my sam's club olympus stylus 800 even though it has tape on it from over used and broken parts...thank you for joining my blog!!!

  44. I've got a Nikon D50; it was a gift from City Boy. I wish I could remember how to use it. May as well be using a point and shoot! Some day, I swear, I'll figure it out, just as soon as menopause returns my brain and I can remember things longer than 3 seconds.

    What was the question?

  45. Oh hooray!! You are going to love it!! I can't wait to see your pictures!! And yes I have hundreds of pictures of horses heads turned and ears turned, eyes closed and so on!! I went through my files the other day too and deleted some pictures. Hooray for the camera!!

    And I still keep my point and shoot in my purse. There are times when I feel like a total dork with the big camera around my neck

  46. Oh yea for you! I'm a Nikon girl myself--D300 and 700. Because of our ultra dusty conditions where I cannot change out the lenses because of all the dirt, we decided on two bodies. (really, it's that bad here!)You should have heard my old lens before I upgraded to the internal focusing kind. YUCK! Crunchy and terrible! I ended up buying a used (15 years old!)professional quality zoom lens and then a wide angle. Max and I are still learning how to use them--I don't know if we'll ever get there.

    My computer is beyond full with pictures. I had to buy an exteral terabyte to hold the overflow! I should take a page from your book and start deleting!! So happy for you! Happy shooting. (love the pictures on this post!)

  47. OMG... that is just too funny! Hubby and I just got a DSLR Nikon, looks just like yours. I had a small Fuji FinePix which frustrated me. The pictures were fine quality, but the transfer rate from taking the picture to storing on the SDisk was horrible. Now, I can just click away with my Nikon and know that when I take the picture that is what gets onto the SDisk.
    I am soon (when time permits) going to read more about taking digital pictures... hey maybe I will get as good as you. Smiles!

  48. Oh... and I use a program called ACDSee to keep my pictures organized, it works so much better then opening and closing folders and changing names of the photos is a breeze. Makes the organizing of your pictures actually fun.

  49. {Momma/Cowgirl}~ Congrats on your new camera! I will look for your post! I will check into ACDSee too. I really need to find a way to manage all these photo files. Especially off the Nikon, I prefer them to be bigger pictures for quality and possible printing, its going to drain space off my hard drive! ;)


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