Wednesday, April 8, 2009

I Wonder About Paint Girl......

When Paint Girl told me she was goin' public with her blog, I said ooh, ooh, let me interview you! Then everyone can learn a little more about you and the great stories you'll write about!

And really, I just like to interview people. What can I say, I was a journalist-publishing-mogul-wannabe when I was a teen.

A great interviewer always needs a great location. It was too nice out to sit inside at Paint Girl's desktop. Besides, after a very adrenaline packed hour-and-half of Appaloosa Vaccinations and Teeth Floating Rodeo, we settled for nothing less than Gatorades, sunscreen, and the warm sun on Paint Girl's deck.

Every great journalist needs an assistant, and Simba the cat was more than willing to help out.

I should add, just for you Paint Girl, I put in some of my favorite photos I've taken of your pets.

Pony Girl: If you weren't into horses, what would you be doing more of?
Paint Girl: Well my house would be cleaner! No, really, probably riding Quads, shooting guns, playing more sports like basketball or horseshoes (Paint Girl is not a girly-girl, no siree!)

Pony Girl: If you could live someplace else, where would it be?
Paint Girl: I researched this place in Colorado, I think near the city of Pluebo, maybe southeast Colorado? Where it is sunny 330 days of the year. I would live there!

Pony Girl: What has been your scariest moment with horses? (besides getting a vet bill.)
Paint Girl: When I was 15 I took my horse on a camping trip with my friend and her family and I rode my horse in the water and almost drowned. (Okay sis, you will have to tell us the whole story on your blog one day!)

Pony Girl: What do you like best about me?
Paint Girl: (Pauses. A little too long. Just kidding.) I like that we share a passion for horses and can spend time together enjoying them. I like that you are easy to talk to.

Okay so this guy isn't really her pet, but he lives on the farm!

Pony Girl: I know you practically have a zoo at the Painted Creek, but what animal would you like to have that you currently don't?
Paint Girl: Let's cow. No pig because I'd get too attached and couldn't eat it. Maybe a bird, a big bird. Like a blue and gold macaw. (This is interesting. When Paint Girl and I were kids, our family had a blue and gold macaw named Chico. He loved bananas and french toast with syrup and was very, very loud. Paint Girl, do you remember how loud he was?)
Or chickens. We could do those, it'd be nice to have fresh eggs.

Pony Girl: What would be your next breed of dog?
Paint Girl: A Boston Terrier. Or another Australian Shepherd, but I'd check into the breeding and temperament of it's parents better next time.

Pony Girl: What is your dream job?
Paint Girl: Working with animals. (Paint Girl is currently not working with animals. Well, maybe of the human kind. Meaning, she works in retail.)

Pony Girl: What is a goal you have for your horses?
Paint Girl: I would like to have my horses finished and not perpetually greenbroke. Oh, and I have one for my other half (Paint Girl's cowboy.) I'd like him to learn to tack up his own horse! (Oops, I mean Paint Girl's boy. I think cowboys can saddle their own horse.)

Paint Girl Short Takes:

Beer or Margarita? Beer
Wrangler or Cruel Girl? Cruel Girl
Saddle Seat or Hunter/Jumper? Saddleseat (I'd do country pleasure on an Arabian.)
Mexico or France? Mexico
Chocolate or candy? Candy

Alright folks, that's it. I hoped you learned a little more about my sister. I tried to be nice and not drudge up any really embarrassing stories or factoids. I figured I'd let her decide what crazy tales she wants to share on her blog. But trot on over and say howdy if you haven't already!

Love you lots, little sis!

P.S. In the end, Simba was not such a great assistant. Her note-taking abilities were hindered tremendously by her falling asleep in the sun!


  1. Great post! You two sound like you have a really neat relationship and enjoy each others company. Loved the scariest moment with horses..the vet bill! How true!!

  2. How cute is that assistant of yours?!? Nice interview. One more question for Paint Girl--Did Pony Girl beat up on you a lot when you were a kid like my big sister did?

  3. OMG that was a great post! FUN!

  4. That was a great post. Thanks PG and PG...hehe

  5. Linda- I don't remember PG beating up on me, more like getting me in trouble with the parents.
    Love the goat picture! I never knew you took that one. Oh, and the bell bottom pants? At least mine weren't highwaters! But I do totally remember that day!

  6. Great post, love the pictures, the goat has to be the favorite! But then kitty at the end is too darned cute too, what an assistant! LOL She has her priorities straight!
    You gals are soooo lucky! My sister doesn't like horses and doesn't like to hear any of my stories about my boys :-( No one in my family is a horsey person not even cousins, they all think I'm nuts. My husband will only take so much horse talk then he doesn't want to hear it either. I only have horsey friends and only one close by. Yep, you two are soooo lucky!!!
    Hugs to you both Paint Girl and Pony Girl love both of your blogs!!
    Jane and Gilly (Pokey too!)

  7. That first picture is ADORABLE. Love it. Excellent interview too!

  8. WoW you girls are taking blogland by storm ,you,your mom now sister ! Looking forward to it I am sure it will be great fun!

  9. Oh what fun!! Great interview, and girl those pictures are so fun!! I love the goat one!! And your assistant is prrrrrfect!!

  10. What a sweet post! And I think I love Simba. I may need one just like her(him?). So cute!!

  11. I love that picture of the two of you! What a fun interview!

  12. Ha that was too funny!!! I love all of the pictures!!! You guys are a blast, I love both of your blogs!! And I too am glad other PG joined the public world :)

  13. Its so cool that you are close with your sister, I have a younger sister but we dont get along, its my choice, just found out she got her second DUI and driving while suspended, I was hit head on by a drunk driver in 2002 and I just cant forgive her for this, and other things. I do wish I had a sister I could get along with. Its so fun to read your stories.

  14. Love that interview! Great questions and great answers. :) Nice to "meet" you, Paint Girl. I'm excited to go snoop around.

  15. Well at least you let her answer one question at a time. You have so many questions, sometimes they just come flying and I can't keep them straight. Great way for everyone to get to know the other PG!!!

  16. {DR}~ Paint Girl always teases me about asking too many questions. Please! That girl just doesn't know how to get information! ;) I hope she never considers a job as a private detective....

  17. Awe, what a cute pic! Love the aviators! I'll trot on over to say hello! You ARE very lucky to have a sis that shares the same interest! I have two and neither like horses.....none of my family except my husband thank goodness! He saddles his own horse too! LOL! I think it's pretty nice that he has joined me since he's really green!! Rode a couple times as a kid, that's it! Looking forward to hearing more of your horsey adventures together! Good interview Pony Girl! Are you sure you don't want to be a journalist when you grow up? LOL! Luanne

  18. Great, great photos! Terrific interview! And what a fascinating sister and assistant! Love your blog, Ponygirl!

  19. Nice to meet you, Paint Girl! And Pony Girl, thanks for telling me about the twitch! I'll have to look it up sometime.

  20. Loved that post!! Great questions -- love the side comments!! The pictures are really neat, too. The goat one made me laugh, and Simba reminds me of my Sonja.....Life is wonderful, isn't it??

  21. Nice to meet ya, Paint Girl!
    Nice post, by the way. I wish more people would do interviews and post them on their blogs with interesting people in their life.


  22. Oh I keep checking on her? It always says invited readers only...then i feel sad like in school wehn I was the last one picked on a team...he he Ok the baby is NOT mine! He is our friends little fella. Nope no more for me. No matter how cute they look in the arms of my Cowboy!

  23. What a great interview! Loved the photots:)

  24. Very cute - maybe Jeanie and I should do this?? Might be scary though - she and I are chalk and cheese, you guys have much more in common!

    Loved the first pic of you two... so sweet. Hope Paint Girl is enjoying public life over at Painted Ranch.

  25. lol! Those pictures, especially of the two of you together cracked me up! I have pics of me dressed very similarily. Crazy clothes! lol! You guys were too cute, though.

    What a fun interview! I'm so happy that Paint Girl's out of the blog closet now. She's been leaving me comments for a while and I've been so frustrated that I couldn't visit her, too.

    I'm a Follower of hers now. Just need to add her to my blogroll visitation schedule! hehe


  26. Ummm, it's Pueblo Colorado ;). Yep, lots of sunshine, great riding, good people.

    Great interview!

  27. The joy of sisterhood, how nice. You make sure you cherish each other as long as you can. I lost my sister when she was 44, I was 35, just 4 years after my mother died.
    thank you so much for sharing.


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