Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Last Weekend of Summer

I hope everyone had a fun labor day weekend. Cousin T and her husband came to the Painted Creek for the weekend to hang out with Paint Girl, her significant other, and myself.

She had some bonding time with My Boy.

If it involves food (in this case, dandelions), it will usually lead you to My Boy's heart.

It was good to catch up with cousin T. She and her husband are going on an 8 day backpacking trip in Idaho next weekend. Can you imagine, 8 days in the back country? And we thought 4 days in a tipi with twin beds an outhouse nearby was rough!

Paint Girl got some bonding time with My Boy, too. I told her she should get an Appy again someday. She had Apps growing up but for some reason has traded in the spots for the patches. Don't know what that is about.

We took Cousin T and her hubby to the fair to see a rodeo. Her hubby wasn't too sure about the rodeo. But in the end he admitted that he had a pretty good time.

There was a drill team that performed during an intermission. I have never seen a drill team perform before, it was fast very fast-paced and well-coordinated. I admire the amount of work it must take to execute the timing of these maneuvers. However, two horses who were supposed to gallop one crossing in front of the other ended up colliding, and two riders fell off. Everyone held their break as the girls got up unharmed. They mounted back up and finished the last part of the routine, galloping out of the arena in tandem.

A fair wouldn't be a fair without fair food, right?

Cousin T and I shared this hot fudge sundae in a waffle cone. That was after we had the corn dog and french fries. The only thing we were missing were the elephant ears and the cotton candy!

It is always fun to spend time with family. However, my Boy was a little neglected. We intended to take Cousin T on a trail ride Monday but we all slept in and the weather wasn't so great anyway. Before I headed home myself, I did get him out for some loping on the longe line. We also went and picked him up some new bales of very green orchard grass hay. So he was happy. His Pony Girl is going to be very busy with back-to-school this week, but next weekend is My Boy's weekend!

P.S. Are you wondering about the blackberry pie? Umm. Well. Yes. The berries had spoiled and started to get fuzzy, therefore there was no pie. I am not going to give up, I will try again this weekend. Blackberry pie or bust!


  1. Oh! My mouth is watering! Elephant ears would be sweet, my favorite! Caramel apples! mmm..... I cant get over the pic of your icecream cone! We dont get cones like that here in Canada!

    My best friend Barb rides drill and grand entry (which is faster). I think she is crazy! It is really scary just watching her! They put a lot of time in to it and there is always plenty of drama but I guess you get addicted to the rush of it all! Dont you wish the summer would just keep going?

  2. All right where did you get our drill teams bloopers video?? The two horse colliding? Yep! That happened to me and another team memember. We hit hard! Her horse was not responding to her, and right as we were crossing, wham! We did not fall off, thank goodness! And neither of our horses were injured! Other than that it is pretty fun. We have the fair left and we will be done untill next year!

  3. Horse Crazed~ Oh, we saw the caramel apples, too! And, the scones! And the corn on the cob on a stick! And the Philly Cheesesteak sandwiches! And the curly fries! Just walking down the food part of the fair was torture. Everything smelled too good!

    TW~ I did not know you did drill!? Wow! You will have to post about it sometime. It was really cool to watch! I can't imagine the hours of practice though! How often do you practice?

  4. Ahhhh...drill team disasters are an awful sight to see. The barn that Katie takes her lessons at has a drill team that practices there, and her trainer also coaches/teaches a quadrille team...interesting stuff!

    My kidlets started back to school today too. I am secretly ashamed to say that I did absolutely NOTHING, except go work out :)

  5. Those are cute photos. I am surprised that Cousin T shared the ice cream...but i guess if you had already had all of those other things, she would be more likely to share.
    That photo of T, the dandelion, and My Boy is a real keeper.

  6. Drill team... something I've always wanted to try but haven't. A couple ladies I barrel race with ride drill. They've told me that for most horses the hard part is standing still in the arena (if required).
    I've seen plenty of drill teams and thankfully have never seen an accident like the one you saw.

    TW - I second PG, you should post about riding drill!

  7. How can you eat that and still look so good! The "Not Fair" pile just got higher!Ah to be a kid again!
    BTW in your blackberry pie(or cobbler)recipe- I always add a half cup of white wine( while cooking down the berries)and subsitute brown sugar for the white. Yummm!

  8. Yes, it was a fun and busy weekend.
    After seeing a few near collisions with the drill team I couldn't believe there actually was one. That is always scary. We are glad no one got hurt.
    Spots vs. patches. Well, yes, I loved spots when I was young and had 2 spotted butts but for some reason I love patches now. I have some animals with spots, some with patches and some without. I love them all. Maybe someday when I have more acreage and money I can get a spotted butt to add to my patched butts.

  9. Sounds like a great weekend with Cousin T! Fair food~yum-0, favorite is the funnel cakes as a kid!

    Drill Team~we had talked about starting one at church, just never have done it! It does take alot of time and the girls have to be good riders and have great horses! I have done grand entry several times~posting colors is a great experience~!

    HOpe you get some My boy time real soon!! I have been feeding and doing chores in the muddy drizzle outside yesterday and today looks the same. No saddle time~UGH! I'm having withdrawls!!

  10. Sounds like you had a good time. This coming week I will be at our local fair a lot marshaling the STB races. Possum will live there for the week and I am totally excited, I had so much fun last year. Also, I get to eat all of the junk that I want since I'm there a lot. My mouth is watering right now!

  11. LOL! This is my first year! The team has tried to get me to try out for the last two years! I was too worried about people watching me! Then finally this year I thought "You are so stupid Rose" no one is going to be watching "just" you! So I tried out! It has been quite the experiance!
    My "Rumor" blew up during one performance, I held her in, and kicked her up. It didn't mess the pattern up, thankfully!(bc she can run! and we caught up!) Here I finally got over the people won't be watching "just" me. And my horse makes sure they are!!
    We practice twice a week. It is sure fun. I will be riding "Jack" at the fair, If I rode "Rumor" I would be the saddle bronc ride of the evening! I will see if I can get one of our videos.

  12. Oh now I have this massive craving for fried dough... yummmm!!

    Hmmm, have to see if Mom still has the recipe and whip some up!

    That appy pill sure looks grand these days ;)

  13. Elephant ears! Yum! I got mine this year, finally - must have at least one, or it's not officially fall :)

    Wow - this must be the year for colliding horses at drill team performances. Happened to the Corn Palace team too, this year. Thankfully, no one fell off & the only casualty was a dropped flag. Scary to see, though. My worry was always somehow dropping the flag, it sticking in the flag boot, and having it drag behind terrifying my horse into bolting madly around the arena. (Can you tell I slept really well the night before performances? NOT!)

  14. I have an award for you!

    that elephant ear sounds yummie right now. Could it be summer is almost over???

  15. Sounds like a nice visit with your family! Nice photos. Funny....There was a drill team performing during the intermition of the Rodeo I went to recently as well. Yum on the icecream!

  16. Sunnysd- the flag did stay in the stirrup holder and was dragging the ground behind the horse, which did cause some additional problems as he ran off in terror and spooked a few other horses. I thought flag dragging would be part of the drill practice, too?

  17. I love fair food - yum!!! We went to our state fair last weekend as well. Ate waaay too much...but it sure was good, lucky for me the fair comes but once a year! We missed the drill team, but did get to watch the Draft horse team competitions. Wow, big beautiful Belgians and Shires. Two of the competitors are our clients here at work (I work for an equine veterinarian), it was great to see them all decked out and feeling finer than frog's hair!! Awesome horses. I forgot to mention how much I loved your photo of the grass close-up and My Boy in the background - so cool! He is a lovely specimen of the spots. We took our boys on a horsey camp-out the last 2 days and had amazing rides. Perfect riding weather and fantastic footing in the coastal mountain range of NW Oregon. We all need to get our fill of trail rides before the rains begin...sigh

  18. What a terrific weekend. Family, food, horses...fun!

    I kept looking at that photo of My Boy's rump next to Paint Girl.
    The top of his rump looks taller than Paint Girl's head!
    Is he really that tall..or is Paint Girl that small?

    Inquiring minds want to know. hehe


  19. I agree with twinville what can be any better then family, food and horses! I am drooling about all the fair food too, I want a doughboy! NOW! lol! Great pictures of MyBoy as always, he is so handsome!

  20. Twinville~
    Paint Girl is about 5'5". My Boy is 15.2. He's a good size but I think it was just the angle of the picture that made his hiney look taller than her. ;)

  21. Did you see the study noted in the paper last year or so ago that said humans prefer spotted animals? The solid-colored ones are harder to adopt out at the animal shelter, for example. This explains why I adopted a Dalmatian (he followed me home one day when I was out riding my mare). He is sweet and pretty mellow but a bit of a dummy. But oh, his spots are something else. Kids just love him.

  22. I am glad you had a great labor day weekend! Mine was filled with ground/landscape work.
    I think appaloosa’s are beautiful horses, but I myself am fond of palominos.
    That is great that you got to go to a rodeo. I wish I could go to more, I have to check the schedule for some local ones. Oh my gosh.. that sundae in a waffle cone… makes my mouth water!
    Happy horsin’ around!


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