Saturday, September 20, 2008

How to Start off A Ride

My mom and her sisters (except the tall one in the tall hat, she's my Auntie J's friend) sure know how to start off a morning trail ride in the desert.

Cowgirls L to R: my mom's twin-my Aunt J; my Auntie J's friend J; my other Auntie J; and my mommy J.

OH GOODNESS, their names all start with a J! Twilight zone!

Nothing like a little vitamin C and bubbly to start off a bloomin' beautiful ride!

Waking up to a gray, wet, cold fall day like today, I can't wait to ride in the desert again!

Five months and counting!!

What are you looking forward to?


  1. Looks like you ladies know how to have fun!

  2. It may sound funny but I like riding in the crisp, cool fall weather. (maybe because there are finally no bugs??)

    I don't mind riding in the winter, under the right conditions. Good footing, not too cold or windy, don't get the horses too sweated up.
    Especially that last one... one year it took all day to get Cessa dry enough to blanket and put back outside. Kinda a pain when I board and live 1/2 hour away. But that was a heck of a ride! lol

  3. I'm looking forward to when my Boyz come back from Heather's.

    And I'm looking forward to Fall, and riding without sweating like a sow.

  4. ooo that looks like a whole lot of fun!!

    I'm looking forward to getting my new boy Jack!! Not long now!

  5. I've always liked to ride on the holidays, esp. Christmas Day. Seemed like a nice way to celebrate. When I lived in NM, I looked forward to riding in January, usually sunny, cool on the horse, no bugs, perfect riding weather in the Rio Grande Valley. Now I look forward to a day in about two years when we've left AK and headed south, and bring home some boys to ride...and that first day, when we tack up together, and climb aboard for our very first ride in our new home. Now, that will be truly sweet! Still missing my horses, even in Alaska...

  6. I am looking forward to lots of rides this fall. I didn't get mine today but I have a blast with Abby!

  7. After reading that post, I am looking forward to the morning, when I shall make myself some bubbly and Vitamin C

  8. Yea, what Paige said!

    I'm also looking forward to a much needed vacation in Mexico this November where I hope to do some riding along the beach. I'm not much for cold, rainy rides such as I can look forward to here in the Pacific Northwest this winter.

  9. What good lookin' cowgirls! I'll bet they had fun.

  10. Thems is my kinda girls!
    Five months and counting? Did I miss something? What happens in five months?

  11. You gals sure know how to do it right! Seriously, what luck to have companions to tackle new territory with. Gorgeous scenery, too.

  12. is it too early to say spring?? No really I am looking forward to really getting to enjoy my horse this winter. We will have some awesome stuff to work on in the indoor and there are always a few winter trail rides thrown in for good measure.

  13. Oh what fun! These pictures are really great, too. Enlarge them and frame 'em. What wonderful memories they're making.

    And I know all about those imfamous 'J' names, PG.
    In my house everyone has the first initial 'J', except me.
    I kid that we are a rock group called "Lisa and the 4 'J's! hehe

    So, what do I look forward to?
    I look forward to some beautiful Fall riding and making plans to take my horse on an overnight camping/riding trip not far from here.
    We've been making great strides in a short time, so I can see the light at the end of this short tunnel :)

    By the way, I've been meaning to tell you that I like your new blog colors and template. They go better with My Boy's coloring...and isn't that the most important thing? hehehe :)


  14. I am looking forward to seeing you write about your trip to the desert!

  15. Goodness, they look adorable. We have no real experience with horses here. I worked for free at a riding stable when I was 13. In exchange for my work, I got free room and board for several weeks and free riding each evening after trail rides closed. But that's the extent of our experience.

    Of course, like most young girls my 9yo LOVES horses. She can't read enough, draw enough, or talk enough about them.

  16. Thanks for sharing the fun stuff!

    I am looking forward to getting my step done so I can get on my horse when hubby is not home.. then I can ride more.


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