Tuesday, September 9, 2008

An Apple a Day

I had posted a comic about a stick horse earlier tonight because I thought it was funny from a child's perspective, but a friend called me tonight and mentioned it had a reference to a scene in the movie The Godfather. Huh? Not having seen The Godfather I had no idea what she was referring to but I took her word for it and deleted the post before googling it. Needless to say, now I understand the comic a little more! So goodness, I am sorry if anyone read that or found it offensive in any way, that was not my attempt at all, of course! I am still trying to get over my friend's shock that I have not seen The Godfather.

On to other news. It's looking to be a busy school week, and not much of a horsey one, unfortunately. However, I had a fantastic horse-related surprise at school yesterday. Twin girls that were in my class last year have an orchard at their beach house and the girls picked apples for my horse this past weekend. They were too shy to bring me the apples themselves so their mom brought them to me after school.

APPLES? Did somebody say apples?

Do you think these will help me in the catch-me-if-you-can rodeo?? My Boy is going to have to promise to share these with the mares!

To thank the girls, I used a picture of My Boy and added some text to it. I will print them out and glue the photos onto cards for them. They just love getting mail from their teachers, and the children are always so fascinated that I have a horse, so I will pop them in the mail tomorrow.

I just love building these connections with my students!


  1. Gotta love those sweet, generous twins! (hehehe)
    And apples! Yummy! My Baby Doll will only eat them if I feed them to hear sliced. Silly girl.

    If I had a teacher with a horse I'd have been pretty fascinated, too. See. You're unique, Pony Girl! :-)

    Laughing Orca Ranch
    New Mexico

  2. It must be neat to have new students to get to know every year!

    I cant BELIEVE you have not seen The Godfather. You need to see ALL of them now!!! lol, in the second one Robert De Niro is really young and really hot! lol Al Pacino is pretty darn fine too!

    If you stop by my blog and read the comments please know that nothing I said is in reference to your dear and darling My Boy!! He is really cute.

  3. Ah - kids are great! (They're so quiet when they're in the shower not yelling about clean - wet, but clean - laundry they wanted to wear today!! LOL!)

    Caught the cartoon before it came down - I wouldn't have gotten the reference either. Have you ever read Non Sequitur by Wiley Miller? There's a little girl with a pony that's often featured on Sundays. This one is one of the more recent ones. My mom clips them out and sends them to me, so I have a bunch of them posted on the bulletin board in my office.

  4. I'm sorry, but the Godfather is completely overrated! I just saw it last year and don't get why people are so obsessed about it. No offense to any GF lovers who read your blog, PG, but it's not my kind of movie! I guess you do have to see it anyway because there are so many references to it in our culture, but that was my only reason ;-)

    My mom is a teacher, and in elementary school, one of the teachers she worked with let us come out and ride her horse. It was a dream come true for me. Your students are so sweet! I bet they will like the picture and cards you made!

  5. You are a cool teacher Ms Pony Girl. Those girls will probably never forget you. I would have loved to have had a teacher that owned a horse.

    Yes, My Boy will have to share, he doesn't want to eat too many green apples and get a belly ache like in my daughter's computer game!

  6. That was so very nice of them!! Those apples look really yummy!!

  7. Mmm, apples - my girls love them and so does everyone else in our family. What a handsome photo of My Boy - Your students must think you're pretty cool - I wish I had a cowgirl as my teacher when i was in school!

  8. The Godfather .. I have never seen it completely. I saw a few minutes and it didn't look like something I would want to see anyway, give me a romance movie with horses in it and I will watch it for sure.

    Apples for your APPY... *smiles*
    All my horses love them, but like Twinville, I have to slice them up for 3 of the horses.

  9. I second Adventures of a Horse Crazed Mind on the Appy comments! If you stop by there, you will see that I even mention you and My Boy...definitely NOT the type of horse we were talking about :)

    What sweet little girls! I am sure that they will be grinning from ear to ear!

    What age kids do you teach?

  10. It is really fun to have connections with students. I live in the same area that I teach in & the kids and I have lots in common. 15 of the 23 kids in my class have horses and are out feeding before school - so we all come in dirty already. LOL :)

  11. fssunnysd - I love when Non Sequitur features Danae and her horse (Lucy????) Unfortunately I cancelled my paper so I don't see it anymore. :(
    One of my favs had Danae trying to get her horse to cross a little puddle and saying something along the lines of there being no crocodiles in there. The horse replied 'can you be sure?' And then Danae didn't want anything to do with the puddle either.

  12. How sweet is that?! What age group do you teach?

  13. I wish my students would bring me some apples for the horses! Last year's class was the one that raised all the money for Joe at TB Friends. This year's class hasn't really gotten into the horse recycling program yet. I need to encourage them!

  14. How sweet and score for My Boy!! I'm sure you will get lots of brownie points for them!

    I know what you mean little cowgirl still takes her Kindergarten teacher things! This morning it was candy corn, she remembered how much Mrs. Shofner liked it from last year! She was such a blessing, such a great teacher! I like her 1st grade teacher too! Teachers are special people, such big hearts! Good job, keep up the great work!!! :)

  15. That is so sweet of those girls. It is really cool that you talk to your students about your horse. That may be as close as some of them ever get. Who knows, maybe you will inspire a few future cowboys and cowgirls.

    It was the opposite for me when I was growing up...I was the one riding my horses and ponies all over town and it was the teachers who always wanted to know more. At that time, a lot of the kids had horses or ponies around my town, but most of the teachers were from somewhere else and thought we were pretty interesting to have them. Now, not so many of the kids have them and Megan is constantly getting stopped by kids and adults alike asking if they can pet her horse.

  16. cdncowgirl - Non Sequitur's not in our local paper, either :(

    I think my favorite of the ones my mom's clipped & sent has been the jumping one where the two go racing up to the jump, and the pony slams on the brakes.

    Lucy, "Ah, com'on! This is hardly the Great Wall of China!"

    Pony, "Oh really? How 'bout if I sit on your back. Then tell me what it looks like."

    Shades of Thelwell :)

  17. Hi Carolyn~ I teach 4 and 5 year olds. Wonderful, yet tumultuous years!


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