Saturday, September 6, 2008

Make A Wish

This might be as close to My Boy as I get today. I am on the couch watching Free Willy 2 on the Hallmark channel. Okay, okay, so I only get basic cable and I'm limited on choices. Half of my head feels like cement and I have chills. I have only been back in the germ factory (the classroom) a week and this is what happens. I had so much to do at the Painted Creek today. I wanted to ride my horse, clean his turnout shed and water trough, winter-prep his pasture, watch my sister give the neighbor guy a riding lesson for his horseback elk-hunting trip.....but I can't even venture beyond my living room. Best laid plans. Right now, I'm just wishing to get rid of this headache so I can feel productive and horse around. Even if I could just get my horse groomed and longed and feed him some cookies, I would be happy.

Speaking of wishes, I got an email from my friend this morning who has been a volunteer for the Make-a-Wish foundation. She thought it might be helpful to put out the word of this child's wish as it is horse-related.

I can not get the pdf. document to copy or save so that I could get the girl's picture in this post, but this is what the flyer read:

Help Make-a-Wish make Elizabeth's dream come true! Elizabeth is a sweet 14 year old girl in Washington state that is battling cancer. She loves horses more than anything in the world and works at a stable teaching lessons. We are looking to buy (or hopefully have donated) a horse for Elizabeth's wish. Biz wants a well-trained Paint pony for western and english games. Does anyone you know have any connections? The horse will live many happy years with as much love and affection that a 14 year old can give! Make-a-Wish will also supply one year's worth of food, training, vet needs, saddle/grooming supplies for the horse, any connections?

If you can help in any way or might know someone who can, send me an email at and I will get you in contact with the person handling the wish. Thanks everyone!


  1. Poor baby. Just a week and the rugrats gotcha huh? Believe me, I can relate to being sick. I had a virus last Sunday and Monday that took me down bigtime. I have not been that sick in decades!

    I wish I knew someone that could help with the Make A Wish. I do not know a soul w/a pony like that.

    Hope you feel better soon!

  2. I will keep my eye out! Sure pulls at my heart strings!

    Sorry to hear that you are under the weather. I use to get sick all the time when I was in school. Free Willy two? Hmm...there must REALLY be nothing on TV. I couldnt sleep last night and there was nothing on TV but The Outsiders. I watched the whole thing and actually really like it! lol The main character is "Pony Boy" so of course I thought of you. Diane Lang is so young in that movie!!! Did you know her mother was Miss October playmate? who knew!

    Feel better.

  3. I think 4 days straight of trotting last week did me in. I had no desire to go to Heather's today. That's not a bad thing, considering I've been blowing off chores for weeks. I stayed home to clean, watch RFD-TV, and now Harry Potter & the Goblet of Fire. I only have basic cable too, but I figure if I can't find something on close to 70 channels, maybe I should be reading a book... or grooming a horse!

    Hope you get to feeling better.

  4. I feel your pain PG! I missed out on riding the last two days (which were gorgeous of course!) because my allergies were getting the better of me :(

    Today I felt somewhat better and of course it was grey, gloomy, rainy weather. But I did go ride for a short while during a break in the weather.

  5. Have some chicken noodle soup (Campbell’s) and some soda crackers and surf the ’net while watching TV. :) Or write lots of posts for your blog. :)

    My Little Cowboy starts his 2nd year of preschool on Wednesday. We’ll see how long it is before he brings home his first illness of the year.

  6. I'm going to ride with The Cowboy next week and I'll ask if he knows of a paint pony...what do you suppose english games are? Sounds like she would just want an all-around horse. Wouldn't it be cool to help out the Make-a-Wish foundation with something like that? I'm not saying I would give her my yellow horse, but I might let her ride him once or twice, which we all know is EVERYONE'S wish!

  7. I wish I had a paint pony to give that 14 year old girl - Maybe she could take Strawberry Lane's new buddy Shadow if Marvel can rescue him away and fatten him up. With so many rescue horses out there, I've got to believe there's one for her. Hope you're feeling better, Pony Girl - kid germs are hard to shake. I've been laid low by them many times.

  8. Oh man, sorry to hear you got the bug. My dd got it her first week of school too, she's just starting to get over it. Oddly enough she's the only one in her classroom who got a cold, thankfully it wasn't the flu. Hopefully you get over it quickly! Drink Airborne, it works.

  9. Oh the little germ infested sweethearts! Sorry your under the weather. If you want a good book to read while your sick, Have your sweethear go get "The Way of Wolves" by Kent Meyers. It is a great read!
    There was a women here in the Bay Area that was wanting to sponsor her very broke POA pony. But that is three states away. Can FHOTD put you in contact with anyone in Washington state?
    Feel better soon!

  10. Oooh no. So sorry you caught a classroom bug. One of the things I never miss, now that we homeschool is the constant supply of germs that used to come into our house via public school. I used to always end up being the sickest while my kids were the carriers. No more! :)

    Get Zicam! It works :)

    Feel better!


  11. Feel better! i just worked through my own virus bug this week as well. That Make a Wish dream is so sweet. Unfortunately, i am fairly new to the horse world and do not have many connections :0( Thanks for visiting Nine answer your question, i used Photoshop to make my banner! i love the picture on your banner...did you take it?

  12. I don't know if anyone would buy that girl a raffle ticket (it's $30) but Virginia NBHA-01 is raffling off a 6-year-old Paint mare who is trained on barrels and supposedly a super horse.

    Our show was canceled due to rain--we also laid around on the couch. My daughter got me to watch "Skyhigh," that super heroes movie with Kurt Russel. Wow, what a cute movie!

  13. So sorry you caught the Creeping Crud from your students! I hope you are feeling better now and on the mend.

    So hope someone comes up with a horse for this young gal. She deserves some happiness with a four legged horse friend!

  14. Awh, sweetie FEEL BETTER! I was down with a virus last week and just today I woke up with drainage and a sore throat yuk!

    Do you like to read? I have a TON of books I can send your way and would be very happy to! Write tome and let me know, okay?

    I have missed you so much! I am so glad to be back and I absolutely adore your header!! I think a girl in chinks is the absolute sexiest thing...YOU GO sista!

    Feel better soon and let me know about the books!

    Your Hill Country sista,

  15. Well that sucks.

    Rest, drink lots of fluids.

    Bounce back soon!

  16. Greeeeat!!! The bugs are already out! I wonder how long it will take it to migrate farther South??

    I love what you have done with your blog! It's really cute. Maybe you should have sick days more often...teeheehee!!!

    Good luck with the horse search. Keep us all posted :)

  17. Get better! What a bummer.

    I sure wish I had a horse for that sweet girl. I'll keep her in my prayers.

  18. Lisa~I started Zicam yesterday! I swear it helps shorten the cold. Usually I end up with a sinus infection and end up on antibiotics but I used the Zicam last year and never got one!

    Melanie~ Yep, since it was a "sick day" and I was parked at home, I was having fun playing with the blog colors. I'm not sure if the brown background/lighter text is a little hard on the eyes....but knowing me, I'll have it changed back to something else before too long! ;)

  19. Little bug carriers! Sorry you don't feel well!! I hope it doesn't last too long!!
    Free Willy? you should take some motrin you sound delirious!! he! he!
    I wish we had a "spare paint" I would certainly donate it to the little girl! All little girls need a pony! That is how I got my Trainwreck. There was a little girl here a few yrs ago that had a "condition" My husbands cousin donated Train. For an auction to raise money for her medical bills.
    I will keep her in my thoughts and prayers. Just hurts your heart to hear these stories.

  20. Will you straighten up?! You have got to be tough enough to fight off any bugs those little knee biters throw at ya! And especially dont let them ruin your weekend. Seriously, PG, get good rest today and slow down. Hope you feel better. (Paint Girl is probably riding your horse today anyway.)

  21. Oh yes... we can tell it is back to school. We have done so many visits lately for back to school physicals and now on the onslaught of the treacherous colds.
    I hope you feel better soon! My son usually gets the vitamin C into him as soon as he feels that cold coming on and it helps him.

    I hope that young girl can get her wish. I know of a family that want to sell their horse, it is not a paint and they do not have the means to donate it. So, I am sure there will be someone that will come through for her. I will keep her in my prayers.

    Take care and get well soon!

  22. Saddle Mountain Rider~ Paint Girl can ride my horse, but she'd have to catch him first, LOL! I am actually up at the Painted Creek right now, the trailer is ready and we are heading out to ride! I have the Kleenex! ;)

  23. WOW are those your new chinks in the header photo?? BEAUTIFUL!! Sorry I can't help with the Make a Wish.

  24. Get well soon.

    I hope someone out there can help the little girl in Washington.

  25. Hi PG! Oh, I hope you feel better soon!! My hubby was at home sick last week, but luckily I haven't come down with anything yet...even with the kids being back in school. I hope the Zicam works quickly for you!

    I e-mailed a friend of mine about a pony that she knows is up for lease, but I'm not sure of all the details on that pony. I believe it is an Arab cross, but it is pinto. I'm hoping the folks that have it would be willing to give her a free lease or completely donate it to her. I'd give her Filly in a heartbeat if Fil wasn't crazy. Her past has made her unsafe. Hopefully I'll hear from my friend soon and can give you an update.

    Thank you for the kind words about Buck - I'm not an eloquent writer, but wanted to share what a special pony he was. It is good to hear from you - I check your blog almost daily. It is a great read with such beautiful photos!!!

  26. Aaww, Hope you feel better soon! Lysol and Purell in the classroom, LOL. Wow, that's a great wish. Hope that someone out there can help that little girl have her wish!

  27. One Cowgirl~ Yep, those are my new chinks! I have only worn them a few times, since it has been so hot! I hope to get good use out of them this fall and winter!

    Buck Pony~ thanks for the nice compliments! ;)

    Callie~ yes, we use hand sanitizer in the classroom, and I need to remember to wash my hands more! That is really the key to killing those germs! ;)


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