Monday, November 24, 2008

A Post of Random Porportions

Today was the first day that it really felt like winter was around the corner. I actually had to scrape frost off of my car this morning! And the sunset tonight just had a winter glow about it.

I've been tagged by my Arabian loving friend over at her Fantasyk Voyage blog. Here are the rules:

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Six random things about me? Am I only limited to six? Okay, I kid, I kid. Here are six random things coming from a pony girl who has a major viral infection brewing in her sinuses right now, so beware!

1. I am a product junkie. My bathroom shower and drawers and counter top look like the isles of your local Ulta or Sephora or drugstore. I've been this way since a small child, so I am sure it is my mother's fault. Hi mom, love you! In particular, I am obsessed with hair care products. I love the challenge of finding a new shampoo. I have used everything from products that cost $1.99 to $20.00 a bottle. I am still trying to find my "holy grail" of hair care products. The ones that don't pass? If I can't return them, I pass them on to my family members, or use them on my horse's tail. He's not as particular as me.

2. I have never been to Europe! I hope to one day. There is a slim chance I could be going to Italy this spring. Really, it's just a chance, but I'm happy to live on that chance for now.

3. Three years ago, if you'd asked me if I would ever be riding or owning a horse again, I probably would've have said "Oh sure, maybe someday." I never would have expected that someday to come so soon!

4. I love Christmas. When it's over I am sentimental and depressed for a month. I know it's not all about the gifts. But I love trying to be creative and finding unique gifts for the loved ones in my family. Some years have been better than others in terms of intuitive or inventive shopping. But last year, it was I that got the best gift of all~ MY BOY!

5. I have never broken a bone! Actually, I have never fallen off of a horse. Maybe that's why?

6. Keifer Sutherland, of 24 and The Lost Boys (the original and best vampire movie, thank you very much "Twilight" fans!) kind of hit on me in a bar in Canada around seven or so years ago. I say kind of because I don't think he had any specific intent, he just came up and talked to me. Well, I guess he did kind of put his hand on my knee when he leaned in to talk to me....hmmm. Let's just say this was before his career took off again with 24 and he was not in the best frame of mind at the time, if you catch my drift. Oh, and speaking of Keifer, the time he actually kind of left the Hollywood limelight for so many years, he was actually riding, ranching, and rodeoing. Who knew? Maybe he could have been my cowboy. Here is a piece I lifted from an interview with Keifer:

So in 1998, he took time off to ride horses; he had picked up the basics on his film The Cowboy Way, and he learned fast. "Those two years on the ranch were my college years," he says. "Three or four guys riding round in a truck from rodeo to rodeo. It was fantastic." Sutherland is genuinely modest, but this masks a formidable sense of purpose. Of his rodeo career, which saw him win the national team roping competition twice, he suggests he was really a glorified groom, shoveling manure half the time. John English, his roping partner in those victories, disagrees. "Keifer was accepted very quickly by the other cowboys," he tells me. "He's a mild-mannered guy, but he was as aggressive as any of them once he got out there. They appreciated that." Sutherland will only admit, "What I lacked as a roper and a cowboy I could make up for in horses. Roping is one of those sports like polo where you get infinitely better the better your horses are. I had some great horses."

Well, as it's nearly Thanksgiving and I am sure you will all be busy spending time with family and cooking delicious meals, I have opted not to tag anyone at this time.

I also want to thank my friend Lisa over at the the Laughing Orca Ranch for a great award! It's the Hot Blog award, hot bliggity-blog!

I want to pass this award on to the following hot bloggers:

My cousin K over at Saddle Mountain Rider

Meg over at Lucchese to Louis Vuitton

My energetic equine and canine loving buddy over at her Smrp Blog

Karen over at a great new blog I've recently discovered~ Life at the Rough String

Another new blogging friend, Natarojo at Just Horsin' Around.

Well, I am off to my parents' place in a few days for the Thanksgiving Holiday. I hope to spend some time with my mom's horse Dusty while I'm there, so I will report on how that goes.


  1. Oh PG, that was such a nice storey of how My Boy came into your life...thanks for the great flood of appreciation I got from reading your thoughts!
    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving girl!!
    hope ya get to go to Italy!

  2. What a great post Pony I sit with my husband reading over my shoulder about Keifer Sutherland...LOL...he likes this more than I do I think!!!

    Thanks for the blog award!!! You're just too sweet.

    Have a fantastic safe~~

  3. PG have a great Thanksgiving and that was a fun experience learning little known facts about you! It was very interesting!

  4. What a beautiful picture! Those colors are amazing!!

    And you have never fallen off a horse? You must have wonderful balance! I can't even count the times I have fallen off. Maybe that is due to my old riding instructor. She would use me at the Test rider for new horses!!

    And cool, he is a cutie and maybe you could still get back in touch with him!! LOL!!

  5. PG- Great post, thanks for playing along!
    My daughter works at Sephora. She has big and little bottles of everything, everywhere!!
    Keifer (swoon!) OMG! Yes, he is a cowboy!! Too bad he wasn't in a better state of mind at the time.
    My dream is running into Viggo Mortensen!!

    Happy Turkey Day!

  6. Hi I see you stopped by my blog, I have checked out this one before but did not stop to say hi. You horse is certainly a handsome dude!
    Looking forward to hearing more about him . Just curious is he OK to bridle? or just funny about his halter?

  7. FernValley~ I bridled him for a ride the weekend before last, and he was being a bit weird about me putting the reins over his head first. They are yachting rope reins, and when they were brand new a year ago (really white) he was weird and head shy about it, too.
    This time, he did give me a little grief about getting the headstall on, too. But in the past, I have never noticed this to be a problem and I am always very gentle putting it over and off his ears, etc. Any thoughts?

  8. I would like to accept this award on behalf of my friend Meg... hahahaha, Love you Meg a star!

    Oh that is interesting reading on Keifer! A team roper really?! Awesome! I too loved The Lost Boys! I had the soundtrack too.It was great music. You just got My Boy?? That's cool. Here I thought you'd had him for years! I hope you we knocking on wood, when you said you have never fallen off! I was bucked off a few years ago, and have been bucked off a couple times since! Happy Thanksgiving my friend! Love ya

  9. Awww. I hadn't read your story of how you got My Boy before and here I am about to cry at work. I've always liked Keifer Sutherland and agree about the "Lost Boys" movie as well. I like his dad in "The Invasion of the Body Snatchers".

  10. First off, I'm a little jealous that you're JUST NOW getting a hint of wintery weather. Winter came super early to Ohio and we've had snow on the ground for over a week now. I was in the middle of a full blown snowstorm up near the Great Lakes where they've got over a foot of snow. Going to be a long winter.

    I've always been a fan of Jack Bauer, and he's even better now that I know he can ride a horse. They should totally pull off some horse travel now that he's not going to be working in LA anymore. Chasing some bad guys around in the Southwest on horseback would be pretty sweet.

  11. Just wondering ,as I had one a few years ago that was head shy from the user of a nerve line . I don't know your guys history but it almost sound a little more like a control issue with him unless he is actually fearful?
    Yo might try some controlled ground work, bring him in and work him ion a small area without actually catching him. This is more or less round penning with a bit more focus, choose a space on the rail for your whoa and direct him there if he will stand quiet to handle he can stay ,if not drive him around again and ask for the whoa, again move in and try to get a rope on his neck or slow down and just rub him if he accepts it and stands press on if not push him to go around again ( the goal of this is to make the space you choose his safe comfortable space)your body language needs to be strong think Alfa horse though not particularly aggressive. I use this with unhandled youngsters and hard to catch older horses and fin it fairly successful though it can take time. Again I don't know your horses history but even if it is a fear issue it should work with consistency. Hope I explained it clearly .

  12. Thank you so much for the award Pony Girl! I feel like a star *blushes* hehehe. I hope your Thanksgiving goes well! Ours was a few weeks back.

  13. I'm a shampoo/conditioner junkie too. I have (according to my hair lady) fine hair but a lot of it. It is long and naturally blonde and extremely healthy. She just recommended a nourishing shampoo/conditioner called Phyto Organics. You should try it! It is really nice and my hair is super soft and silky. As if you needed more bottles to clutter your shower! :)

  14. I think I am gonna LOVE your blog. I just found it today via Trainwrecks awesome blog!

    I am 24yo.. I grew up riding and showing Quarter Horses and Paints. I was in a riding accident a few years back and completely swore off horses. Sold my 2yo Palomino gelding. :o( I got into dog rescue and met my hubby and sort of never got back. But the past year I have been feeling a real intense pull to get back in the barn. I even miss pitching shit. MAN! I have realized I was an idiot to ever think I could live a day without horses. Which is why I cant wait to get back to reading your blog! If you ever see mine, you'll find that its pretty much dog oriented. But there are some equine surprises I've thrown in there. Your Appy is STUNNING by the way! Talk about envy already!

  15. Wanted to stop by and say:

    "Happy Thanksgiving" and I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

    PS I used to have a huge crush on Keifer.....and to think he touched your leg.....Oh my...I would have fainted...LOL
    Lucky girl !!

  16. Oh PG, it was so much fun getting to know you a little bit better through the 6 things. I loved reading how you got "My Boy" - great story!! I love that you love your horse so much! I too, am a product gal - who woulda thought?? And...Keifer Sutherland??? you go girl!! I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family!! See you later...

  17. Ponygirl - I had only grazed your story the first time (of the best gift), but now just reread it entirely. OMG!!! I am totally bawling---reminds me too much of how I got my very first horse!! I will have to tell that story sometime. That is a wonderful, wonderful story!! I love your family too girl!! They must love you lots to give you such an awesome gift! You and that spotted pill are meant to be for sure!!!
    Sooooo happy for you!! And "My Boy" too!!

  18. Happy Thanksgiving! I enjoyed your MEM.


  19. I am totally looking for the holy grail of hair products too. 36 years and nothing. Let me know if you find it!

  20. Aww nuts ,I just read the story of how you and "My Boy" got together and am crying and typing at once. I just want to fly down there and hug you , your horse and your whole family. What a wonderful story.

  21. LOL!!! Congrats to you on your awards!

    I have broken/shattered three bones, but none of them were the result of a fall from a horse! Whenever people see my scars (I had to have surgery for two of them) they always say "Did that happen from riding one of your horses?" Nope!

    About Kiefer...I have always liked his father, Donald, as well! Great family of actors. :)

  22. The way to go to Europe, I think, is to go to Italy and go riding. Check out Il Poggio in Tuscany! They are real horse people and also have a vineyard and make cheese, have really nice horses and you ride to some wonderful places, along old Roman roads, through medieval villages, and always break for lunch in the field...a wonderful picnic with locally-produced cheeses, wine and wonderful salads and treats! Yum. The accomodations are get a day in Siena, niece and I went about five years ago and we're still talking about it!!!
    Kiefer S. used to (maybe still does) own property in NM, south of Albuquerque. People there used to see him riding. Hope he's getting his life together!

  23. Congrats on the award, PG. You totally deserve it. I'm so glad I discovered your blog this year. I have to admit, though, it was My Boy that drew me like a moth to a flame. lol!

    I had forgotten that he became yours around Christmas. How cool is that! I first me my horse Baby Doll just a month later and brought her home in February. Hard to believe it's almost been a year now.
    Keifer Sutherland eh? What an exciting life you lead, my friend! lol :)

    Funny you mention your product obsession and Sephora. My neighbor's daughter works there at the mall. I'd never heard of the place before that. Can you tell I have a bare minimum of product in my house? hehe

    And I had no idea you'd never fallen from a horse before. I figured after all your wild years riding ponies that you'd have at least fallen off once. You must be made for a saddle seat, PG!

    Happy Thanksgiving, PG!
    Hope it's filled with good food, wonderful friends and family, and many happy memories to be made :)

    New Mexico

  24. Happy Thanksgiving, PG - Congrats on the award - have fun at your parents place!


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