Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I won!

Seriously, I never win anything! This was so exciting! In September, Bush Babe had a mystery photo contest over at her blog and I was the first to respond with my guess. Well I guessed correctly and I won one of her prints! I was so excited and asked her to just pick one out for me. But not only did she send me a print, she sent me an extra print for the holiday! What a sweetheart. I loved them both!

Here is the first one: "Mustering at Granite Glen"

The second one is "Campdrafting at Granite Glen"

To find out more about "mustering" and "campdrafting" you can head over to Bush Babe's blog here. and here, respectively.

Bush Babe is one talented photographer and writer, and I always enjoy reading about her adventures in Australia. Lucky for us, she has also recently began offering her prints available for purchase. Click here to see a preview of her available photos!

As for the prints she gave me, I am searching for the perfect frames so that I can get them mounted. I have yet to acquire any western art since my foray back into horses almost two years ago, so I am excited to begin my collection. Thanks again Bush Babe, and keep up your inspiring and entertaining blogging!


  1. Why, you are too kind Ms PG!!! Thanks for the mention here and hope you enjoy your glimpses of bush life Down Under...

    Please show us the framed end results so I can see what you choose.


  2. Congats! I can't say I never win anything, 'cause one time I won a trip to Disneyland. But that was a long time ago.

    Gorgeous prints!

  3. What fun! The prints are beautiful!

  4. Congratulations! Those are lovely prints.

  5. Nice prints! Oh and Babe's post, wow that is one beautiful stallion.

  6. That is so great that you won!!

    I had one a print a while back and I am still waiting for it!! I can't wait to get it!! I am super excited!!


  7. This is my first visit to your blog & I am loving all your gorgeous horse pictures! Congratulations on winning the beautiful prints!

  8. Congratulations! They are beautiful! I will have to wander on over. I never win anything either,do blog awards count? hehe! It's ok I love to "give away!" I am thinking of doing one soon...

  9. Beautiful prints! I have wanted to go to Australian for years now and want to learn campdrafting there so that I can start it up here in Canada (and western wa)!

  10. Beautiful photos! I used to take so many pictures. Inspires me to get back at it.

  11. Congrats on the win! The prints are beautiful!

  12. Beautifull prints! Went to bush babes blog, good stuff, I too always wanted to go to Australia.
    Ponygirl your boy is so pretty! my girl doesnt have so many spots, but you can tell shes an Appy too!
    The only thing I ever won was a free week to a womens gym, went a couple times but didnt join.

  13. way 2 go... cowgirl up :)

    gp in montana

  14. I absolutely LOVE the second photo, and will have to go check her site out when I have a minute...busy studying and paper writing right now! :)


  15. Congratulations Pony Girl!!
    I LOVE her pictures - absolutely beautiful - but the second one is my favorite! The reflections one is really nice too...must go check her site out.

  16. Love those pics..gotta ad that one to the Blog roll.


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