Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Blogger Celebration?

OH MY GOODNESS! I am rapidly approaching my 200th blog post! In like, 7 posts! Is this a big anniversary or what? No wonder I have some kind of carpal tunnel syndrome or bursitis going on in my arm right now!

How should I celebrate?? Should I play blogger hooky for a while? Right a rip-roaring amazing post? Go buy myself something bloggilicious? I don't know. I need your help! But I must celebrate. We must celebrate! Because without you reading, I wouldn't be blogging. Then again, knowing me, I would probably just blogg on and on and on to nobody.....

Write what you think I should do in the comments section. If there is a particularly good suggestion and I chose it as my method of celebration, well, you win! I don't know what you will win yet. Maybe just your name in glittered lights. Maybe something I find this week while shopping with family over Thanksgiving. Maybe a white elephant gift, it is that time of year, you know. Oh- and don't get all clever on me and suggest something like "Pick a blogger buddy to hit the best spa in the country with!" I mean, great idea and all but who do you think I am? Wait, that is a really great idea...hmmm...hee hee! Have fun!


  1. Hey Ponygirl, nice to meet you. I came here from the Old Red Barn Co. blog. What beautiful photos and I absolutely love the cowgirl pic on your profile! My dad loved Appies and we had many of them when I was a much younger girl. I loved it, but my life has taken me away from the horse life and I regret that so much. I raised 3 great kids but they missed out on the horse joy, mostly due to financial limitations. Thank you for sharing your activities through you blog and I think you should do something fabulous in celebration of your 200th post! Keep up the great job!! Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

  2. I can't believe you are so close to your 200th post!! Already!!

    At my kids' school they have a 100 day. They all make posters and have a party, it's so much fun.

    Now, for an idea for a 200th post?? Uhm....let's have a Pony Girl PJ party!! Okay, so that is totally a lame idea. I am not soo good at this.

    I hope someone has a better idea than me!!

  3. How about a contest? Lisa at Laughing Orca did one where you could find the answers to her quiz in her previous posts.

  4. How about a contest? Lisa at Laughing Orca did one where you could find the answers to her quiz in her previous posts.

  5. How fun! That reminds me that I need to check my posts as well. I am sure I am nowhere close to 200 though. What to do....hummm.

    I think you should take some posterboard to My Boy, let him step into some paint and then step on the posterboard and make a really cool picture. Then you could get the barncat to join and perhaps a dog or two.

    Whatcha think?

  6. Happy Thanksgiving PG and almost congratulations on the big 200!!
    In my humble opinion, I think you should hook up with a good-lookin' cowboy and have yourself a rip-roarin' good time!!! You only live once girl!!! Live a little!!
    :) wink

  7. Oh Huh! C-ing spots!

    Congrats on the nearing of 200 bloggerville Posts!
    Hum well, er, a...

    How about a 2oo word post
    on a certain subject that
    all your friends here get
    to choose.
    We may want it funny or
    we may like it to be serious..maybe a bit of both.
    Maybe it could be a fantastical
    wish or desire/dream that you'd like to fulfill.
    That was off the top...

    Run with it Pony Girl!

  8. Launching from Allhorsestuff's comment, how about you do a post that is exactly 200 words on the subject of your choice. Whomever comments has to also use exactly 200 words. You can make it a contest to see who makes the best use of their 200 words, or just make it a Blogabration or Blogarama.

    Although I like to think people are reading, ultimately my blog satisfies my passion for writing more than anything else. I don't have a counter on my blog, so unless people comment, I just assume no one's looking.

    Congratulations on nearing this milestone, and thanks for your willingness to share what you know.

  9. Oh my, I think C-ing Spots' idea should definitely be in the top 3 as Best Idea. :o)

    I'm with Leah. I write because I have to. I'm delighted if my writing strikes a cord or gives a giggle to anyone who swings by for a visit. I love having company.

    Happy Thanksgiving & I'll be taking note of how you finally choose to celebrate your 200th...mine is coming up soon, too.

  10. Well, I'm new to the blogger, and I'm quite sure that I only have one reader....oh well! I only have about 12 blogs so far....I aspire to be like you and have 200! Maybe you should adopt a new blogger for your 200th post...hint,hint...grin!!
    Seriously, my idea is that a nice new piece of tack is in order for your efforts! After all without your horse where would you be in your blogging endeavor??? The tack is for both of you, but My Boy would prob. appreciate a bag of peppermint treats as well!!!!

  11. Well this my seem like a lame suggestion ,but seing as the blog is about you and your handsome horse, maybe you could celebrate with him. Go for a nice ride and soak up the moment ,you deserve it . Take lots of photos for us!

  12. I am so not clever, and could never come up with a cool way to celebrate your 200th post...lol!!! I say go with what everyone else says!

  13. Silly woman, of COURSE you should celebrate by making a big carrot cake with yummy vanilla frosting and bring it out to your inspiration for blogging: Your Boy! It should have 200 carrots in it and 200 candles :D

    Congrats! What fun to reach a big milestone like that!

    Happy blogging and hope you had a great Thanksgiving :)
    Woofs and whinnies,
    Your energetic buddy, Suebeedoo

  14. Congrats on the 200th! I was all for a party, but I like the contest idea too. Hmmm. Tough call!
    Whatever you decide, we'll be here!

  15. OMG I am so totally a Paul Mitchell junkie for my hair.... have not used any for ages though. Guess I just got too wrapped up with the kids to spoil myself like that. Gotta fix that! LOL

    Mega congrats on heading for 200 posts!! Dont have any suggestions though.... (Not enough coffee yet...) But keep on posting! ;)


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