Saturday, November 14, 2009

My Walk With Bailey

Saturday morning was cold. After scraping thick frost off of my windshield, I drove to the Painted Creek for a late morning farrier appointment.

After My Boy was reshod, I turned him out to finish his morning hay. My hands were cold and Paint Girl's OH has started a fire in the woodstove, but I wasn't ready to head inside just yet.

I grabbed the Nikon and took a walk around the property. Bailey, my- er- Paint Girl's dog, always takes walks on the property with me. Typically, he cavorts off into the meadow or woods here and there, on a secret mission of his own.

The big meadow was nothing but decaying grass, heavy with melted frost and littered with deer droppings. I trod through it in my muck boots, unsure I'd find anything interesting to photograph. Admittedly, I didn't see anything with my naked eye, but knew that along with a long-awaited visit with my horse, a crisp autumn walk was just what I needed to unwind from a few very busy weeks.

Then, I stumbled upon these fabulous fungi. I noticed a lot of mushrooms are growing around the Painted Creek these days. Thanks to a record setting amount of rain this autumn, I presume.

What does Bailey see? A deer? I do not know. We continue on.

The once green and toxic bracken fern is now brown, but still standing strong.

Bailey likes to hide in their tall stems, as he continues his stalking mission. He sees something again.

Could it be my pony finishing his hay in his pasture?

Beautiful, brown stained alder tree leaves catch the overcast light and you know me, I can't help but photograph a few.

Always on the hunt for some bokeh.

Here comes Bailey, running alongside the arena. Ready to keep walking, Pony Girl?

We continue on the backside of the arena, and down along the mare's pasture. We stop along the fence between the two pastures to toss some apples inside.

Within seconds of hearing the crinkle of the Ziploc, a fuzzy Appaloosa muzzle with a snip finds them.

We walk wander into the yard, where I spy hydrangeas, a delightful blend of lavender and blue hues. Goodness, how exciting to find a splash of color left from summer, amongst all the green and brown.

The guest room! I have not stayed in it recently.....I'll have to remedy that. I miss Paint Girl's OH's cooking. There trots a golden horse statue in the window.

I cross the lawn, where I let My Boy graze for a bit after his visit with the farrier. More mushrooms. Look closely, you might notice a few Aussie hairs on these ones. I am always amazed at the details my camera captures when I download photos! {click on photos to enlarge.}

Oops. Looks like Paint Girl's OH left these boots outside a little too long. That happens around these parts.

I hope you enjoyed this chilly November walk with me and Bailey!

Bye bye, Bailey. See you next weekend! I'll be getting hay. Which for some reason, always seems to make you so happy, seeing that truck of hay you want to jump up on!


  1. amazing photos as always! looks like the perfect way to spend a cold Saturday...i just want to hug that sweet Bailey, and My Boy looks so gorgeous!

  2. My Bailey is so sweet and I love your pictures of him! He loves to go for walks but he does have a tendency to do the disappearing act while on a walk. But with you, I am sure he stuck around!
    I love that mushroom picture, pretty cool shrooms! I do believe that would be Aussie hair on the mushrooms!
    Wish I could have been home to go on the walk with you guys!

  3. Beautiful pictures as always! What fun day you had. I love walking, but never seem to do it anymore. Bailey sure likes you.

  4. {DD & PG}~ I can tell that Sadie misses you (Paint Girl) She likes me, and if I am close to the house, she'll want attention and come sit and lean on my leg. But if I wander too far up towards the pastures, she goes and lays on the step in the garage, while Bailey is the only one that will hang out with me!

  5. Wonderful photos and a happy muzzle gobbling up apples. Bailey is adorable and so helpful as a photography assistant! I can't believe the ice/frost on your windshield. It makes me cold looking at that because we usually get your weather a week later. Ugh. I don't want that yet.

  6. Wow, those boots have set out just a little too long. Wonderful photo though. I'd almost want to keep them as a planter now! That moss is really lovely.

  7. Your pictures are fantastic. Love the one of the boots!

  8. What kind of "shroons" are they??? can you eat them??? Would you get "high...or die"??? LOL
    Does look very cold...but at least dry! yes Baily is so cute, glad you had a buddy for your walk!

  9. {A Bay Horse}~ They actually are planters now, LOL! There are some great succulents growing inside the boots. A fun way to recycle old boots, I think.

    {DR}~ No idea about those mushrooms being edible or not, I'd guess not. I don't think I'll be trying anytime soon! But I might find a book at the library that will help me identify them!

  10. Wow! Beautiful pics, as usual! Looks like it was a fun walk! I love the fungi, hydrangeas and boots! Fabulous job! The aussi hair on the shrooms is cute too!

    Can't wait to see your post on Thursday! Glad you're enjoying your prize! :)

  11. Lovely pictures - I've never seen boots with moss on them before!

  12. Sometimes I wonder the lengths you go to to get these great shots! Do you lay on the sopping ground these days?

    I'm also sending out reminders about my Name Party this Thursday. I hope you post something!

  13. Pony Girl, your photos are wonderful. What kind of lens did you use for the leaf shots?

  14. I've never seen mossy boots! Love them! Bailey dog sure is cute :)

    Sorry I haven't stopped by in FOREVER. :(

  15. {Mama H}~ Thanks! I used my 55-200mm. I just zoom way in. I tend to get too close and then have to back up so I can get focus.

    {Sares}~ I've been known to get on the ground for a shot in the summer~ unless the threat of snakes are around, LOL! Luckily, I have pretty low gravity anyway, so I just squat down as low as I can, like for the mushrooms. The zoom helps, although obviously I want a shot from the side, not the top so I still have to get the right angle.

  16. Pony Girl, you have outdone yourself again! Beautiful photos ! you make the simplest thing into a beautiful picture . Have you considered doing a photo book? or calender?

  17. Great pics! You are getting better and better with the Nikon. I'm still plugging away with mine...the action shots are still killing me. At least most of your subjects in this collection stood still!

  18. Wow your pictures are awesome! Thanks for sharing your walk with us!

  19. Bailey is so cute! Love the picture of the boots, very nice!

  20. PG great pics....glad you got to unwind a bit and enjoy yourself!

  21. I loved your pictures! Especially the boots!

  22. HA LOL!!!!

    the Mossy Boots.... THAT, my friends is why DH and I moved from the wet side to the dry east side. Mossy boots, mossy saddles, mossy horses, muck, mud, mire, wet, gray, drizzle..... Horses dripping wet, calves dripping, humped up from the damp.

    I'll take the cold and dry any day. Dry fuzzy clean horses, dry hard solid hooves, dry hay, dry feed and tack.

    Thanks for the reminder, and the chuckle.

  23. I like the Mossy boot! As always- beautiful!
    Thanks for letting us share in your fall walk about!

  24. love your pics...especially bailey. i did the same thing...took a nice walk and found some neat things to photograph!

  25. {Cowgirl Rae}~ Yes~ the dry solid hooves would especially be good....that is one thing that is just difficult to control over the winter!

  26. Bailey is quite photogenic! Great shots!

  27. What a fun post! I enjoyed going on your walk with you! Bailey is adorable, and I am fascinated with those boots!!! We just get mold here.

  28. So cool! What a great walk and great pictures too. I couldn't pick a favorite, they are all either funny, original or just great in focus and detail. Well, I really love those boots... that picture will stay in my mind for sure!
    :)) Bailey is really a sweety!

  29. BEAUTIFUL photos! I am just in awe of the way you find some beauty in the smallest places! How gorgeus.


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