Thursday, November 19, 2009

My Thoughts About Twilight

I mean Twilight the book and movie. Not twilight, the time of day. Although I love that, too.

I hesitated admitting my obsession to the public.

Coming out of the coffin is not always easy.

However, I was thinking about it while driving home from work the other day. In it's own small way, Twilight has changed my life. Goodness, that is pretty profound. In some ways, it's probably for the worse. For example, do I really need body lotion scented like lilac, honey, and sun- the scent the author of Twilight described the vampire Edward smelled like? Um, well, yes I do. It smells really good. Hmmmm....I wonder if the name "Sponge Bob Square Pants" was on the bottle, if I still would have bought it?

New Moon sweetheart treats from another Twilight fan, Patches at her Furry Four Legged Kids blog. Thank you, thank you for the treats!!

I was a late bloomer to the Twilight saga. I had never even heard of the young adult novels when a friend and I went to the movies one night and randomly decided to see Twilight, mostly based on the hype we'd heard in the media.

The movie was unique and mesmerizing from the get-go, and different that the romantic comedies or blockbusters I typically saw. Shortly thereafter, I purchased the book.

My infatuation still didn't really kick up until last spring. I finally finished that first book (slowly) but whipped through the next three in the series within a month and a half. I bought the DVD. The full-on obsession hit me out of nowhere. The movie really brought the characters to life for me. I have not felt this way about anything in the pop culture least not since I was a teenager.

So, what has Twilight done for me? Let me count the ways.

1. The series has made me re-appreciate trees. I know, how bizarre is that. The books take place in the Pacific Northwest. In fact, they take place in a town (Forks) that I lived in for a short while during my childhood. My cousins lived there for several years after we moved, so we continued to visit them there. When the book speaks of rain, trees, and ferny woods, I get it. The setting for these books makes me appreciate green, moss, rain, fog, and puddles more than I ever thought I could. Those of you that remember this post will get a chuckle out of that. That's my point- I appreciate what I have again. Trees are cool! Hug a tree. You never know what could be lurking in them. Vampires? Mutant monkeys?

The above dazzler-in-the making is my second cousin, the "man cub." You can see more creatively edited pics of this pint-sized charmer on my cousin's blog, Loveleigh Treasures.

2. Its inspired me to start writing again. I have written off and on for many years, and have always found the genre of young adult work particularly interesting to me. Now, all kinds of creative ideas are swarming in my head....

Move over Bella! Edward has eyes for Pony Girl..... alas, well one thing is for sure....she only has eyes for him.

3. Romantic notions. Okay, funny thing- but one of the reasons why Twilight has been such a hit, with fans, women in particular of all ages, is the romantic notion of the "perfect man." Edward embodies the perfect man. He is strong, loyal, devoted,and forever. He would kill or give his life to protect Bella. He's beautiful. He respects her. Given, he's a too little intense at times....I prefer a guy with a bit more of a sense of humor.

4. The bonds that form. I can not tell you how many people I ran into, and keep meeting, that love, love, love this series! We talk about the Cullens and Swans and Blacks like they are real people. It is a common, instant bond. On a weekend adventure with some cousins, we totally immersed ourselves in all things Twilight. It was indulgent and wonderful. Yes, we even took pictures with cardboard cut-outs.

Yes, I am 38 years old.

5. This series rekindled a love of reading. Don't get me wrong, it's not that I didn't ever read books. Honestly though, most of my reading in the past two years has been online~ blogs and the like. I really rarely picked up novels anymore. Now, I have a stack of 5 that I'm reading. All at once.

6. Movies don't have to be gory. While Twilight the movie (and the books in the series) do have some violence, they are not filled with gratuitous blood or gore. Less is more. That's my theory and I'm stickin' with it. Sometimes, what you don't show or say, or how you say it, can craft better imagery. The fact the movie and the books are not filled with blood-dripping fang-tooth demon vampires, yet are still liked by so many, speaks volumes to the kind of entertainment many of us are happy to view.

I realize that I probably won't love the Twilight saga at this intensity forever. Some day I will chuckle and say, remember when I thought I was going to marry Edward and that Paint Girl's dog might be a werewolf? Nah. However, I do think a few positive things have come out of this series for me. And for that, I'm a grateful Twilight fan.

The latest movie installment in the Twilight saga, New Moon
opens tonight at midnight.

I won't be seeing it tonight at midnight.

My 38 year-old body craves it's sleep a little too much for that.

Never fear, I do already have tickets to see it Friday night.

As Edward says to Bella and I'll say to you.....

Be safe.


  1. I am possibly the only person in my area who hasn't read or seen Twilight. But maybe sometime . It sure sounds like a powerful series

    I have to admit, I tried reading the books before even the last one was out and I read A LOT and I couldn't get into them. I hate Meyers writing style and don't find there to be the substance of many other books I have read. The thing that disturbs me is the following of violent fans who are devoted to it so much they will go as far as to attack people. In my little town highschool last year a girl was put into the hospital because she said she hated twilight and two others attacked her. They were in grade 12! Not some freshman kids. I was appalled. Theres a lot more reports about attacks just from twilight fans.
    All to their own I guess.

  3. Oh, Pony Girl, how do I agree with thee? Let me count the ways!

    1. I also have a new appreciation for our mossy, squishy PNW culture. I used to long to live where there's palm trees lining the streets. Now, as I wind up my fir lined hill towards home, I marvel at the rain soaked ferns and moss covered tree branches. I look at the cedar tree in our front yard and imagine mystical creatures frolicking in the branches. ;)

    2. I love the bonding that it has created with friends, family, etc. I got my mom & sis hooked on the books just recently so that I'd have some other suckers to go watch the movie with me. It's fun to hear them talking about it & to have a common interest. I also love how it's bridged the age gap.

    3. It has rekindled my love of reading too. With so many other things to occupy my time, it was nice to take a break and just sit by the fire and read a book for once!

    4. Less gore is more - definitely!! I always get so irritated at movies that would be really good without all the gore. And I miss out on plenty of movies that I might otherwise enjoy because I can't stand the gore aspect. It seems like so many movies these days are going for that "shock & awe" factor & I think it's unnecessary. Makes me grumpy. ;)

    I can't do the midnight thing either, but I have my ticket for tomorrow night tucked away safely in my wallet!

    Just one final thought, regarding the crazy fans...totally agree that a lot of them are out of control. But as far as the violent attacks, it's my feeling that those people are a bit disturbed anyway. I don't think it's Twilight that makes them act out, I think that if it wasn't Twilight, it would be something else. Unfortunately, seems to be all too common in teens (bullying, etc).

  4. Got me, too! And I got my sister in law hooked. In fact, last week's post for Favorite Things Friday was about the Twilight Series. Check it out:

  5. I am so totally and completely hooked on Twilight! Like you at first I ignored the series because it was "for teenagers" which I am certainly not. But then for whatever reason after my stepmother had read and recommended them I picked up Twilight. It was complete and utter obsession after that. The day the remaining two books in the series that my stepmother had sent to me showed up we had a huge snowstorm in Denver and my mailbox got frozen shut. I stood out there for 15 minutes beating and pounding on that mailbox until it finally gave up those books!

  6. Hey Ponygirl here's another Twilight fan for you! I'm 57 and I, too, love Edward Cullen! My 14-year-old grandson nagged me into reading the books. Normally, I wouldn't pick up a book about vampires. Too scary, too violent, too much! But Dom said, "no Mimi, it's not like that. It's a love story." So I read the first one and then read the others in rapid succession. I saw the first movie and intend to see New Moon too. I do have to admit that I told Dom that if Bella was going to end up with Jacob I'd just as soon not read I guess the 2nd book was not my favorite ;)

  7. Oh. My. Goodness. I COMPLETELY agree with you on all of that! Except, I'm forcing myself to stay awake tonight for the midnight showing. SQUEE! I have a post up today about my obsession with all things Twilight. It is absolutely amazing the power these books have! And I LOVE it!

    Love, love, love your pics too!

  8. I bet you are too too excited to see this movie! This is sorta how I feel about the Harry Potter books, you want to get immersed in the world, however the obsession centers more around the magic than the characters since they are all so young. There are no good looking men for me to obsess over. Did you know the actor that plays Edward was in the 4th Harry Potter movie? He was Cedric Diggory and he gets killed off at the end so he can move on to become what he was destined to be...EDWARD!

  9. Great insight about yourself!!! LOve you, Auntie

  10. HAHA! I am soo cracking up about your re-thoughts on trees and forests! Glad the Cullen family could show you how glorious the forests are!Love your cut and paste adventures here!
    Well, HAVE SO MUCH FUN!!!
    Some of my clients turned me onto the stories, and though I have not read the books as of yet(I will be too obessesed) I have tickets to go to the New Moon's release!

  11. {Sydney}~ I have not heard of such attacks, that is so sad. Teens tend to have a lot of emotions at their age. I did read of girls that cry and are depressed because Edward isn't real (teen angst and hormones.....) Teens also attack others because of the clothes they wear, hairstyles, and for no reason at all. If it wasn't Twilight, it'd be something's pretty tough to be a kid out there these days!

  12. Okay...voice of reason in here. I don't mean to be a total wet blanket BUT, let me just say that I absolutely do not get it!!! I saw the movie and seriously?? I thought it sucked. Big time. I kept waiting and waiting and waiting for the story to really get going, but never did. I was bored out of my ever-loving skull. Sorry if I offend, but what is it? Maybe if I was like 10, I might like it, but probably not. I do have to admit though, I saw the guy star in an interview, and he seems really normal. Very un-assuming, down-to-earth and even humble. I liked him.

  13. I can't wait to see it. Steph has read all 4 books numerous times along with watching the movie. I am taking off tomorrow and will pick her up from school but I fear that the local theater will be sold out of tickets. But, she and I will see it asap!

    PS Love the flying thru the woods/trees. WOW! Loved all of it actually.

  14. OMG! You crack me up, Cool pics, though!

  15. I won't see it.......sorry. If people new the truth as to what is really going on in the spiritual realm with the creation of this type of movie.....the hair on the back of their necks would be standing up to that revelation. Not my cup of tea. They are not harmless to the soul. Be careful what you open yourself up to. I realize this is not a popular view but I was never one to join the multitudes and go with the flow of blind followers. Hope you're not offended. I care about your creativity and inspirational ideas just don't be led astray by the masses of popularity.... that know not what they do. Take care and have a happy Thanksgiving! Luanne

  16. {LuLo Designs}~ I would be interested to hear your thoughts regarding this. As Stephanie Meyer (the book author) is religious, and some of the storylines and her themes in the book are related to religious beliefs, I never really felt like I was reading anything that was "evil", for lack of a better word. Send me an email if you wish, I'd like to chat more with you about it. What I love about movies and books like this is that it gets people talking, too!!

  17. Hmmm... were do I start? Why is it all I want to type is a bunch of eeeeeeehhhhh! ahhhhhh! *giggle* *giggle*... That reaction is the prefect example of why there is such a love affair with this series! It is about letting go and just FEELING like you did when your feelings were all that mattered in the world. It is teenage heartsick puppy love, so sweet and simple and FUN!!! I have had so much FUN with Twilight, it makes me feel like... I dont know... like that girl I was in high school when my heart would go pitter patter ever time the object of my affection would so much as sneeze. With all the stresses of the world out there to deal with day in and day out it is wonderful to have some forum where life is as simple as your first love.

  18. LOL!! So, I'm 32 and completely obsessed and in love with Edward...who isn't?!
    Can't wait for New Moon, as it's HERE!!!'s been a looong time since I can remember loving reading a delicious book like the Twilight Series. Horse crazy and Edward fact, his only flaw is he didn't ride a horse.

  19. Wow... I loved this post PG. You should call this place Pony Girl And MORE! Your effects are great...

    Now for Twilight... I have to admit that I watched it to see what the fuss was about (and while I do see C-ing Spots point) I got sucked in. (Ha, cracking MYSELF up there). I disturbed the hell out of myself by being mesmerised by Edward... felt like a dirty old woman (I am 42, he's -what- 17 in 'real people age'). I am trying to resist the next bout, but suspect I will be swept into the vortex again, and loathe myself for gazing at the body of a 16-year-old. Unfair on us aging dames!

    I'm afraid I don't see the 'evilness' in it all... its fantasy. More danger in driving a car.

  20. btw, that pic of you and MY MAN. Not cool, PG. In fact, I did a post tellin' you to back off! LMAO

    Okey, okey... I'll share:)

  21. {Chelsi}~ I couldn't have said it better! It's just delightful and fun, for sure. I will check out your post, LOL! ;)

    {BB}~ I think Rob Pattinson (who plays Edward) is like 23-24 years old, so he's actually not a teen anymore (whew!)

  22. Pony Girl I don't think for one minute these are evil. It is not the occult it is just pure fiction and based on writting by a LDS author and it is innocent. I guess some people MISTAKENLY believe Mormons are not Christian and all sorts of weird ideas like that, but they most certainly are. You be the judge and enjoy reading and your newly refreshed writting! Happy Thanksgiving

  23. lol whatever! I'd turn in to a puddle too! I walked by Colin Ferrell in a hotel hallway in Vegas but it didnt register in time and so I didnt get a chance to act like a an idiot! I swear I saw RPattz on the streets in Van (wearing a hoodie and glasses, he ducked into a store when he saw me walking with a big nikon in my hand (blast that damn camera! lol) I didnt have the guts to follow him in! lol A lot of good it would have done me if I had- I'd probably just turn beet red, stare for a second and then run away!

    Anyways, I saw a Twilight Trivia game at Macy's the other day... If I could I'd totally challenge you to a game! LOL

  24. I'm not a Twilight Fan. Maybe because I'm 43 years old, or maybe because I'm not a romance novel book reader, and certainly because I don't have much interest in vampires or Science Fiction genre. The movie characters don't appeal to me either. Edward is defintely not my type and Bella seems so....stoic? I don't know. I just don't get all the Twilight hype. lol! But that's ok. To each their own.

    But I seriously enjoyed your post, mostly your photos. Just beautiful. And it was cute to read about how the series has affected you and opened up your eyes to new things and made you appreciate many aspects of your life even more.

    Great job, PG!
    And that wicked!


  25. Quite a mixture of opinions going on here! I will admit that I saw the 1st movie when my Loving Husband was out of town on pay per view. I thought the story was charming, and having spent some time in Forks loved all the flying scenes. I don't believe that reading/movies of this kind can harm a mind any more than regular sci-fi or even romance movies (that always seem to make your own love seem inadiquet). I do love that you and the cuzsette's had a great bonding trip together and the serries has inspired you to write again. Your heart is one of the purest I know and I believe that only good things will come to you because of your "involvement" with this serries. I WILL see the next movies although will not take the time to read the books. Since i seem to run into "celebs" shall I try and hook you up with Edward...or a Cowboy from the NFR this December???

  26. oh, you seemed to have perked up some verbal interest in all things Twilight!! I read all the books before my own kids (grown Up) did..

    I had to chuckle at myself reading books for "young adults". My niece who is in her early 30's and a young hip teacher, thought Bella was a poor role model for young girls in the first book.

    My advice was, wait til you get to the last book and see who found herself!

  27. For years I shrugged off reading the Twlight books, even though I spent most of my childhood living in Forks. I also was of the belief vampires were silly and how on earth could a person find themselves captivated by blood suckers. But, my curiousity got the better of me, even if it were only to find out how the author incorporated the town itself into the story line. I was hooked 1/2 through the first book. I have had so much fun talking to woman and men about the books. And, it was fun visiting my childhood home and vampireland with my fellow cousins a few weeks ago. Thanks for sharing your stories and fabulous pictures, pony girl! I hope we are able to make the trip an annual trek...wouldn't that be fun?!

  28. WOW! lots of great comments for and against! That what makes everyone special. I have to say, I have not read the books, but loved the first movie, bought the CD, and can't wait to see the next one!!!

  29. My friends and I are gonna watch it too soon!! Some of my classmates didn't even go to class today just so they can watch the premiere of New Moon. Good thing we only had one class a while ago.

    It was just now that I've realized that the four books can really change someone. Hehe! Byebye have a nice weekend!

  30. Oh I LOVE those books too! I read them all in about two weeks!! I do have to say the first movie was horrible!! I hear the second movie is sooo much better! I can't wait to go and see it!! Your pictures are too cute!!

  31. Everyone is hooked on Twilight! My co-workers are obsessed, my stepdaughter moons over it, and my neice cannot be pulled away from the books--even at parties where people are wild and loud, she is hunkered down on a couch somewhere READING!! I love how it draws people in, much like the Harry Potter books have. I am not a Twilight junkie myself, but I am surrounded by people who are!! GO FOR IT PAINT GIRL!!!

  32. I am a late bloomer to the Twilight series. I read all four books, in the span of a week, last month. I enjoyed them all. I still have not seen the movie, Twilight. Althought I might have to, now that New Moon is out in theaters.

  33. i really like twilight also! but not quite to the same extent. :)

  34. My daughter loves them, but I've resisted reading them--not sure why. You've inspired me to pick them up and give them a try.

  35. I really enjoyed your post ;) Who cares if we have a twilight obsession, I have said it quite a few times in the past week : It is much more fun to have some fun, than to hate on the ones having the fun.
    Why not enjoy something that may be slightly frivilous. Who cares?!?!!?

  36. Bwwwaaahhhaa!!! Way to stir the pot Paint Girl! That's the sign of a great post... And it was CUTE I must say! I'm so glad you girls had a good time on your trip. I loved your pics. from it. But, my only problem is...I just can't decide if I'm on Team Jacob or Team Edward??? It's just so hard....

  37. I just discovered Twilight a few months ago when I saw the first movie. I LOVED it. I read the book and was kind of disappointed but the movie had been so incredible.
    I'm glad it rekindled your love of writing for you are a fantastic writer and weave beautiful stories.


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