Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Shining Stars

Everyone on our Pony Cousins horsey trip was a shining star in how they handled their mounts and rode the trails and arena events. Despite cooler temps and windy weather, the ponies were surprisingly on their best behavior~ except for that Yellow boy, on one particular ride- he was a bad pony and for that he got a timeout and a workout to put him in the right frame of mind. But oh goodness, Saddle Mountain Rider looks great on this handsome golden boy, doesn't she?

SMR and Yellow

Paint Girl will share the tale of her battle to retain her crown as Rodeo Queen. Her little speckled mare galloped her hiney around those barrels and poles.... ironically, this little Pinto mare was originally purchased as a yearling by her previous owners to be a gaming horse, but was never trained to be one~ only to find her true calling later in life, I believe!

Paint Girl and Brandy

Cousin E got to ride Joey, the gentle giant. The first time she brought him to the hitching post, without his corral mates, I got an eye opening regarding the massive size and strength of a draft horse. He was anxious and not happy to be alone (as most rental horses tend to be a bit herd bound.) Joey was pulling on the lead rope as E was trying to tie him, about knocking her down. I suggested we not tie him and just hold him at the post for fear he might pull the whole thing up out of the ground. And then he began to paw impatiently and it was like a dinosaur shaking the earth- after two swipes of his massive hooves and there were ditches next to the hitching post. But he was great under saddle. Saddle Mountain Rider rode him on the trails, too. He was slow and steady and happy to be the caboose of the group.

Cousin E and Joey

The Desert Rose has hardly done any arena riding on this little Tennessee Walker/Morgan mare, who is a young 5 years of age. She has been mostly a trail horse, through and through. We didn't know she had the spark in her to tightly turn those barrels the way she did! How did she do in her quest to be rodeo queen? You'll have to check out the Desert Rose's blog in the coming days to find out!

Desert Rose and Little Lady

We all adored this P.O.A. mare, Katie. Horse Dreams found the perfect match in her. She was mellow and steady to handle on the ground and on the trails. Her only fault was sneaking up on other horsey's hineys, and she got a warning kick from Yellow which knicked her leg a little, but she was fine. I really loved her spotted coloring, of course! So did My Boy, I swear every time we walked by her his head did a double take!

Horse Dreams and Katie

My auntie, A Cowgirl's Grace has been learning to ride the King, a grand 25 year old Missouri Foxtrotter, also a trail horse deluxe. King is great on the trail but can be impatient to deal with on the ground and is very attached to Little Lady, suffering from pretty severe separation anxiety anytime L.L. was five feet out of his range. This posed some challenges both in the arena and on the trail, which my auntie dealt with amazingly well! She earned some silver spurs for dealing with the King! But isn't he a handsome boy? I just think he looks so regal! Oh, how fitting, since he's the King!

Cowgirl's Grace and The King

Cousin Jamie got to ride Jordan. Jordan was a rental, and previously had been a huntseat pony and was learning to neck rein. He was a nice pony to ride, and had some arena skills. She gamed him in our rodeo and he was a well-mannered boy and super sweet to work with on the ground. When Jamie was brushing him, he'd nod his head vigorously up and down, almost like a tic. She'd stop, and he'd stop. We could only guess that he was really enjoying that brushing session!

Jamie and Joey

Dusty Devoe and her copper pony, Dusty, looked like a whole new team in the arena this year! All that work with the snaffle bit has paid off, Dusty is finally more broke in the bit and responding well. I am always amazed at how brilliant that pony glows, like a freshly minted copper penny or a shiny red Irish Setter!

Dusty Devoe and Her Copper Pony

Palomino Girl got to ride Okie, her Oklahoma State University 5 year old Quarter Horse gelding, in the gaming events this year. They were competing against Paint Girl/Brandy, and the Desert Rose/Little Lady for the title of rodeo queen. Okie has a nice long stride and a big heart. Here they are practicing the "champagne ride." Palomino Girl is smiling because on this year's trip she is not with foal-er, pregnant- so this year, she actually got to sip some of that champagne!

Palomino Girl and Oklahoma

She Who Rides Many Ponies got to ride Blue. Blue is an older Arabian who appears to have been picked on a bit in the catch pen, due to his many knicks and scars. He was a sweet boy and great on the trails. He tried his best in the arena and I believe at one point I looked over and Betsy was loping him around! He flagged his tail in proud Arabian spirit whenever she rode him!

Cousin B and Blue

My Boy was so good on the trails this year. All of the trail riding Paint Girl and I have been doing this spring and summer has really paid off. When Paint Girl's mare got a little nervous on a trail ride and we had to switch up our order, My Boy even led the troops home! He didn't spook or hesitate at anything! Here we are doing the roping event during our trail course challenge. I have never thrown a rope from my horse, just swung it around him from the ground. He didn't flinch.....and I didn't rope the steer head either. As you can see, I was close, though!

My Boy Roping

So how did My Boy and I do during the rodeo events? This year, to break up the competition and give everyone a chance to compete for crowns no matter what their expertise, skill level, or comfort zone, we divided into walk, trot, and lope categories. My Boy and I participated in the trot category.

Our combined times in pole bending, barrel racing, and the keyhole events were good enough for us to win Rodeo Princess, for the trot group! I was so proud of my spotted boy! But watch out Rodeo Queen 2009! My Boy and I might be moving to that lope category next year. That could be interesting since going fast is not my horse's forte (unless he's running from me in the pasture when I go to catch him) but I think I'm up for the challenge!

Rodeo Princess2

P.S. Why isn't this princess wearing her tiara? Well, last year's princess forgot to bring it back, so I believe it's in the mail!


  1. It looks like you all have sooooo much fun! I like to see a lot of pony cousins wearing helmets too. I wear a helmet when I ride and am in the minority.

  2. {Reddunappy}~ I finally got my new helmet, the Troxel "Dakota Duratec" in grisly brown. I love it! It's pretty comfy and adjusts great!

  3. Looks like a wonderful time had by all! Glad you are all able to get together and enjoy your Stampede!

  4. Great pictures and stories of everyone!

  5. What a blast! You are so lucky to have a horse lovin' family. Very fun that you all get together for this. Wonderful pictures.

  6. Great pictures! I finally get to see a picture of me riding! Cute stories about all of us!
    I am ready for next year!

  7. Ya...the, Princess Crown is in the mail with the CHECK!!!
    Great Post!!!

  8. I LOVE all of the pictures and the introductions of the ladies!!! Sounds like you all had a fantastic time!! Hope you have more to show and share LOL!!

  9. Great photos! It does look like you guys have a riot and that everyone helps out if needed. That kind of horse support in your family is great - you are really lucky!

    Congrats on your rodeo princess title!!!

  10. Wow!!! Looks like you all had a great time at the rodeo! I wish I had people to ride with like you do, what fun! Congratulations on your being Rodeo Princess!!! Wahoooo!!!
    Great post, loved all the pictures.

  11. You look great! I love that you won, nothing like good competetion between sisters. Oh yea right, she forgot the headset. She just wanted to keep it for herself! Just Kidding Paint Girl.

  12. You are all such a fun group of gals! I wish I lived closer! Your day looked like a blast. Congrats on your "princess" win! Great job!

  13. i was smiling the whole way thru this post. what a wonderful experience! such memory makers! congrats and i am so glad everyone is back safe and sound.

  14. Great pictures, beutiful horses, and fun cousins. Sounds like a recipe for fun to me. :)

    Thanks for sharing these with us, and I look forward to seeing/reading more on your blog...and Paint Girls blog...and SMR's get the idea. :)

  15. What a great post! The pictures were incredible, too! How do you get so many in your family to ride??? You are SOOO lucky they do! How long was your "event"?

    Every fall, about 20 of us get together for our annual Cowgirl Weekend. I took some notes from your post & you've given me some ideas of things to perhaps implement into our weekend!

  16. When the tiara arrives maybe let My Boy try it on for a photo first...since he is your Prince and all :)

    It looks like such a great time. You are so blessed to have such a cose-knit horse-loving family, PG. You took some amazing photos, too. Between the photos and all your wonderful memories, it looks like another Pony Cousin Weekend success!


  17. your reunions look like such a good time! I think your family knows how to enjoy each other and the horses better than most! You cowgirls rock!!!!!
    Well I will be anxious to see you in your tiara!

  18. Looks like a super good day! I miss the tiera though. We want a picture of you wearing it please.
    Nice to see all of the blogging cousins - helps to put a name and a face to a horse!

  19. this was a beautiful post PG. I'm glad you all had such a wonderful time. I heard there were only a few mini dramas and a few tears! It wouldn't be a Pony Cousin stampede w/o those! All that estrogen in one place and all!

  20. Wonderful photos! And enjoyed hearing about each person and the horse they rode. It's fun reading the various takes on the weekend. Common theme thought is that you all enjoyed getting together. I appreciate you all sharing this event with us.


  22. Hi pony girl! Thank you for stopping in for a blog visit. I wanted to get back to you regarding your question about the glass glitter. Do you sho at artists & supply sellers. I usually get my glitter from If you don't see a color you like, just ask her she is great to work with...or just put German glass glitter in the search for other sellers.
    Have a great day!! your blog
    xo Tami

  23. Your blog is absolutely stunning! Your layout and photos are priceless, I am just glued to every picture and word you write...
    thank you for taking the time to visit me!

  24. {Tami}~ thanks for the glitter tips! I will check out Etsy! Looking for more than my typical school-teacher glitter, LOL! ;)

    {Michele}~ Thanks for the compliments and for stopping by, I always love your beautiful photos of B.C.!! You live in one of the most beautiful spots in the world!

  25. Great pictures of all you "cowgirling-the-effing-up" gals. Awesome way to enjoy your sisters and kin and still have fun riding! I'm envious! :)
    Sorry IOU something to the cuss jar?!

  26. wow, great photos !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. {Faithful}~ Sure, you can give me the funds and I'll get it to the Desert Rose- when she mails me my tiara, LOL! :)

  28. {Queen B}~ Thanks, my cousin Horse Dreams used my Nikon after a crash course and took some of them while I was riding....and I edited them later.

  29. Those pictures are sooo awesome. I think you need an agent, I really do! YOU MUST PUBLISH A PONY GIRL BOOK!!!Pictures like the ones in this post look completely and head over heels awesome in a big book that people like to give to their horse friends at Christmas time. I mean not even people who have horses, just people who like horses would buy it! I love all those pictures so much, they are so wild and sensitive! They all tell a story and really suck you in!! I love it! I am screaming, can you hear me!?? You have mad talent, pony Girl, and I can't wait to turn on Oprah one day and see you on there making the audience weep with love for your art.
    I love the barrel racing shots the most! Don't you love Paint Girl's little carrot stick skinny arms!?? She is too cute!

  30. Your pictures and telling everyones story was such great fun to read! love it!!!

  31. {Bay State}~ You are such a doll! I doubt Oprah will be calling me any time soon....but I guess a girl can dream, eh, LOL! :) Paint Girl is very proud of those stick toned arms...I think has the same amount of fat on them she had when she was 16! Good genes, I guess!

  32. Wow! Sounds like so much fun! Can I apply to be an honorary cousin? I wanna play too!! Lol.


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