Monday, July 6, 2009

Celebrations and Relaxation

My 4th of July celebration was mellow, yet fun! It was hot so I didn't get in much horsey time. To keep cool, I enjoyed a relaxing afternoon sitting in the shade with Paint Girl, just chatting and reading.

We did get in a few games of horseshoes. I haven't played in a year, but my first game I got several "ringers." I have sore muscles from throwing to prove it!

While dinner preparations were being made, I went and cut roses from the yard and picked daisies from the meadow for a festive table centerpiece. I used one of Paint Girl's kitchen utensil containers as a vase, it's perfect, don't you think?

Then we enjoyed a good meal, including teriyaki chicken burgers with pineapple and Paint Girl's yummy potato salad with bacon in it. Yep, bacon in it! Maybe she'll post the recipe on her blog, it was really great!

And you can't forget the brownies!

We went over and watched the neighbor's fireworks display. I did not research how to use the Nikon to take pictures of fireworks, so I did not get very many good shots. In fact, most of them turned out with weird lines of light like this:

The shutter would open and close really slow. Next year, I will research what settings to use. Besides, spending time trying to take pictures of fireworks makes me miss most of the show!

On Sunday, Paint Girl, her Other Half, and I took a scenic drive.

We saw bubbling creeks, rushing mountain river rapids, mountains, and lots of moss covered trees.

I haven't done anything like that in a while, and it was really beautiful. The air was so fresh up there, it smelled like berries about to ripen! I was thinking how it was a bit strange to see it from the car or on foot, as opposed to horseback. Not that we have ridden anyplace quite that beautiful, maybe someday! It just seems like most of the time I spend outdoors or in the woods these days, it's either on or near a horse!

I love the 4th of July. I always have. It's been many years since I have seen a BIG fireworks display. It's hard to get to them due to crowds. And, since I got My Boy, my concern is his safety and well-being, which is why I head up to the Painted Creek to keep an eye on him. During the neighborhood fireworks, the horses got a little edgy and anxious. My Boy stood in the back of his pasture, which is very open from the trees. I think he felt safer where he could "see" everything. He paced around a little and probably spooked a few times, but no major panic. I tossed him the second half of his hay so he'd have something to munch on.

After things quieted down a little, I went up to My Boy's pasture in the dark and took him some cookies. He came to the bucket and I reached over the fence and stroked his warm neck reassuringly while he munched. He kept lifting his head and looking off into the woods at the sounds of distant booms, clearly agitated, but not overly stressed. I am sure he did not sleep well that night. And it's hard when you can't make your horse feel better or understand that the world is not ending, as I'm sure it feels to them.

I hope you all enjoyed your 4th of July weekend!


  1. Glad you had a good time PG. The pictures from your hike do look beautiful. Things here were pretty tame. No kids, YEAH! There weren't as many fireworks around either this year.

  2. Sounds like a perfect way to spend the weekend,and holiday . Your centerpeice was lovely.

  3. You have a Nikon d60? Get a tripod and use the M setting (bulb photography) so you can set the aperture and f-stop higher. The tripod is a necessity for fireworks.

  4. YUM!!! Those chicken burgers looked awesome! My fav. thing at Red Robin is the Jerk Chicken burger with pineapple. So good. The potato salad sure looks good too. I definitely put in a vote for a recipe posting! :) Sounds like a lovely Fourth...that drive looked beautiful. Oh, yeah...loved the centerpiece. So much fun to cut fresh flowers.

  5. Here in the PNW the horse all stay in ALL day on the one goes to pasture cause of the fireworks. And they are in the toolies!!!
    Glad you ahd a good 4th. piantgirl will ahve to enter my new contest this summer to win an apron that about another drinkie winkie!!!

  6. It was a mellow but very good weekend! I am glad we got to go for that drive, such beautiful scenery!
    I love that potato salad, and yes, I will have to post the recipe. Too good not too. I need to make it more often!
    Your flower arrangement was beautiful! Thanks for doing that. It was a great centerpiece for our dinner!
    Auntie DR- I will enter that contest for the apron that says "how about another drinkie winkie!" I love it!

  7. Apparently, a lot of folks needed to blow off some steam this year. It sure seemed like there was a lot more banging and booming than last year. I don't have any close neighbors, but I could still smell black powder.

  8. IT was the Fourth of July? Really? Heh... obviously not such a big deal down here, but had our own fun in the Big City (story at my place if you are interested!).

    Love your laid-back celebrations - you could be an Aussie with that attitude. And love that you put your boy first...
    PS My WV is "trent"... mean something to you??

  9. Wow you made a great center peice and the food looked really good too!

  10. I love the 4th too. We were at a show and were able to see the town fireworks from the fairgrounds. A great weekend with many great friends. BTW that 4th feast looks very good!

  11. It sounds wonderful.

    I think my fireworks photos turned out pretty nice. I used ... oh heck, I'll have to check the settings.

    I love that header!

    Happy Tuesday.

  12. You and Paint Girl are some of those most responsible pet owners ever! I love how much you adore your horses.

    Food sounds like and looks delish! Great food photography! Love the flowers.

  13. Reading your blog and seeing the pictures made me VERY hungry. That food looks scrumptious! Pineapple on a chicken burger? That is true innovation.
    Sounds like you had a refreshing and inspiring day.
    Keep on rockin, Pony G!

  14. Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend! Pretty flowers!

  15. We always eat potatoe salad and play horseshoes on the 4th. It's such a tradition. Your sandwich does look yummy! Glad you had a relaxing day! Sometimes that's what it's all about.

  16. Nice flowers, i like your blog, great job keep it up:-)

  17. Your photos make me feel like I was at your picnic too! The photos of Paint Girl and her OH are really great. She is so lucky to have you capture this summer for all time!

  18. Glad to hear your boy did well during the fireworks. They echo through the valley here, but it's not so bad and our ponies seem to handle it well.

    Thanks for listing me in your sidebar! You're a doll!

  19. I don't know where you live, but your "scenic drive" is absolutely gorgeous scenery! I've never seen anything like that in person. Indiana doesn't have too many mountain streams, tall pines...ok, we don't have them at all. BTW, I love that your Appy has a dishy face like my Appy. :)

  20. Wasn't it hot on the 4th???? We had a great time as well, and thankfully our horses did alright during the fireworks too. :)

  21. PS-Paint Girl definitely needs to post her potato salad recipe!!! It looks delish. :)

  22. Oh wow! your photos were gorgeous, PG! I'm glad you enjoyed a wonderful holiday weekend. I love taking long drives into the mountains, too.
    Of course, we live in the central mountains, but the mountains of northern New Mexico are even more amazingly beautiful, with a lot of the landscapes and scenery that you mention and took photos of.

    Anyway, I enjoyed your post and all your photos very much. I am way behind after my own July 4th weekend travels and the terrible experience that occurred with Rojo last week. I don't think I'll ever be able to talk about him or look at a photo of him without crying....



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