Tuesday, March 23, 2010

My Wonky Eye Lash

Do you know how they say that your pet eventually starts looking like you? Or is that you start looking like your pet?

No, I'm not getting hairy or spotty.

Sunday morning I woke up with something in my eye. I dug around and finally got an eyelash out of the corner. Whew! Relief. So I thought. Turned out that wasn't the culprit. Or, I scratched my eye in the process. It continued to bother me all day.

I figured I'd wake up Monday morning and the offender would have "worked it's way out." No such luck. I got to work and the continuous strain of my eye contracting, squinting and being irritated had me fighting an awful headache. Everyone kept telling me that I probably just scratched my cornea, but it wasn't painful like a scratch. It felt like there was still something in there! For the life of me I couldn't find it and get it out of there!

Would you say my eyes are blue or green? Typically people say blue, but I think they are green.

I even tried to cry numerous times through out the day, hoping to wash it out. As you might know, I'm a bit emotional. I can tear up at a Coke commercial. But on cue? You've got to be kidding me. I couldn't shed a tear! I stood in front of the mirror and tried to think of the saddest thing I could. Nothin'.

Then at the end of the day I remembered
this video. It's about a father-son triathlon team. It's inspirational. And guaranteed to make you cry! Where was it when I needed it?

I put it in here in case you need to a good cry to wash out your eyes someday, too!

Alrighty then. Moving on. I found a local eye clinic through a co-worker (I haven't been to one in years) and made an appointment after work to get it looked at.

A wonderful eye doctor peered into my eye with that funky contraption they have at their offices. He immediately found the problem.

Turns out I have a wonky eyelash! (I just love the word wonky.) It was growing in the wrong way and rubbing right on my cornea. No wonder! He numbed my cornea with some goofy yellow liquid that looked like iodine then plucked it out. Voila! Hopefully it won't grow back that way again. I'll know in a few months. He told me that I can get the hair root zapped with a laser to prevent it from growing.

Do you remember My Boy's rogue, wonky eyelash? It grows curly and eventually curls in towards his eye. In the past, it was possibly guilty of irritating his eye, too! In fact, during the spring a few years ago, before I discovered it, I put a fly mask on him. I think the mask pushed the eyelash into his eye, rubbing and possibly causing extreme irritation and head shaking (you can read more here and here.) I can totally relate after dealing with this for a day and a half myself. I was in pain, annoyed, cranky, and agitated!

I now watch that eyelash and keep it trimmed for him. The eye doctor told me that I probably wouldn't have seen or been able to remove mine on my own. I felt kind of silly having this prestigious eye surgeon doing something as simple as plucking a goofy eyelash!

30 hours of eye irritation= annoying!
30 dollars insurance co-pay= necessary!
30 seconds with tweezers= relief!


  1. glad they found your wonky eyelash and gave you relief...my daughter gets a wonky eyelash at times too...very irritating.

    your eyes are a beautiful color :)

    have a great day~~

  2. Ouch! glkad you got it taken care of , sore eyes are not fun.Your eyes are very pretty I would lean to green though,I suspect they change with the light

  3. Wow, what pretty eyes! The color of the sea, a blue/green.
    I have had a wonky (I love that word!) eyelash before but I just got tweezers and pulled it out myself. Most of them are so light you can hardly see them but I got 'em out! LOL
    Hope it never comes back!

  4. Never heard of that before. He was probably thrilled to do something so simple as an eyelash--and get paid. lol. I'd say your eyes are blue/green, too--I concur with Jane. :) Cool closeup, now we can see into your soul.....

  5. You have gorgeous eyes. They are blue with green flecks in them (atleast that's how they look to me).

    I'm glad your wonky has been removed, that sounds like it was quite bothersome :(.

  6. What a cute story! I think your eyes are closer to Nana Vi's. Mine are blue (dad is sitting here arguing with me, says they look like yours), Dads are a blue grayish. Glad the solution was simple!!!

  7. I have very, very long eyelashes and every once and a wile one will turn right into my eye and I have to pluck it out. Eyelashes hurt like hell being pulled out!

  8. LOL My Hubby had to have one pulled last time he was at the eye doctor, imagine an almost 290lb man being held down by a little tiny oriental woman plucking an eyelash LOL

    Your eyes are a beautiful color, I believe that they call hazel, mine are that blue green color too, but not with the pretty patterns yours have!

  9. I love reading your blog. You have beautiful blue/green eyes. I am glad you solved the wonky eyelasg mystery.

  10. Thank goodness you found out what it was, how irritating for you. I sometimes get hay dust in my eyes and it drives me mad for ages. Your eyes are stunning close up, aren't they? Blue, I think...

  11. My Boy's eye picture looks a lot like our Stanley's even though he's a Paint and not an appy but being roan, their front half's look a like!

    I have an eye lash that grows long, curls, and is bone white. Every couple weeks I notice it getting longer than the rest of them and have to nip it off with my little cuticle snips. The eye doctor plucked it out one time but it grew right back...

  12. You Wonky Tonk Woman! Ha Ha and Your Boy too - way too funny! Glad you got relief.

    My husband, Brian, has eyes the color of yours. Today he had a green shirt on so they were green. If he wears blue, they look blue! You guys are lucky! I have chocolate brown eyes - no change - just brown. Boring!

  13. 30 seems like your lucky #!! lol!

    I'm glad both you and My Boy don't have to suffer from wonky eyelashes again.

    Awesome photos!


  14. Gosh, do you suppose it's contagious? LOL

    Glad you're feeling better - hard to believe a little eyelash can make you so miserable, isn't it?

  15. Love the pic of your eye - very pretty, in that shot I would say blue, sometimes it depends on your shirt color. Wonky is a great word!

  16. What a little drama you had going on! As for the tearing up thing, this is a bit icky, but it works, tweeze out some nose hairs. I am way serious, nothing can get your eyes watering on cue more, just don't do it in public!

  17. What a crazy story! That is such a frustrating feeling trying to find what is in your eye. I have plucked numerous pieces of fuzz out, but never a wonky eyelash. Sounds like you found yourself a talented doc! :)

    I didn't watch that video, but I've seen it before. You're so right--it causes a good cry.

    Oh, and pretty blue with really cool green accents.

  18. Oh my goodness!! I bet that wonky eyelash did hurt!! Oh I loved that video!! Yes it did make me tear up! And "I Can Only Imagine" is one of my favorite songs so that didn't help LOL!!! Your story made me think of my hairdresser a few weeks ago was having some eye pain and too thought she had scratched it so she went to bed then the next morning it was still hurting so she got to looking and found a little hair in her eye and pulled it out....Get ready for this....It was 4" long!! NO kidding!! She was freaking out! It had almost completely gone behind her eyeball! YUCK!

  19. Whatever you call the colour of your eyes... they are almost EXACTLY the same colour as my husband's!! Seriously ... the same yellow flecks through the blue. Gorgeous.

    As for the wonky eyelash... sounds cute, no doubt NOT cute to live with. Better oot than in, I always say! (Shrek quote there).

  20. Thank you, PG, for posting the video . . . I used to have to wait for hours to download it with dial-up, and this is the first time I've been able to view it with my higher-speed internet.

    I can imagine the irritation with your rogue eyelash . . . I haven't had that trouble, but stray cat hairs often get woven into my eyelashes and tickle my eyeball, and it takes a magnifying mirror and deft fingers (thankfully, no expensive doctor) to find them and remove them . . .

  21. {Sares}~ OMG, I have done that once, because I can remember the pain! Yes, does cause tears. Will remember that next time! :)

    {City Girl Turned Country Girl}~ I love that song, too. And a 4" hair? Oh dear!

    {LadyRider}~ I am usually quite adept at getting things out of my eye, for some reason, I have lashes or fuzzies or something in them constantly. This one eluded me though, because it was attached and couldn't come out. If it grows back, I may try to pluck it on my own if I can find it, next time (which hopefully there won't be! ;)

  22. you always make me laugh! So glad they found the culprit! And that the fix was an easy one.
    I loved your post about the barn bathrooms. Why do they have to be so utilitarian? Okay...forget I asked that. I know why. Because it's usually a man doing the design. But seriously, a big plastic sink?!in every one. A friend of ours has a barn dance every fall in his barn arena and let me tell you, I could have a heyday fixin' up his bathroom before the party. Thanks for always putting a smile on my face...and thank you for your sweet message at my place today.

  23. I too like to word wonky. However, I would not like a wonky eyelash, especially after reading your travails with one of them. And what's that curly eyelash doing on an appy? I am at work and afraid to watch your heartstringpulling video. Because what if my coworkers see me in a teary slump over my desk? I should try it as an experiment. Do you ever watch the Boston marathon? There are so many beautiful stories about many of the runners. They too will make you cry. But good tears.

  24. That's crazy that you and your Boy have the same affliction! What are the chances? And your eyes are absolutely stunning....Great photo.

  25. You have gorgeous eyes!

    I'm glad you got the problem solved. I have scratched my corneas many times- once in my sleep during REM- and it hurts like heck! That is one of the reasons that I gave up my contacts in favor of glasses after wearing them 20+ years. I was getting too many scratches from pieces of grit mixing with the hard contacts.

  26. I get wonky eyelashes in my eyes too (must run in the family!), but have never had to have one pulled out. I could not imagine plucking one of those, that has to hurt!
    I think my eye color is turning similar to yours now. I used to have really blue gray eyes like dad, and I used to get a lot of comments on my eye color. Now they are a three tone color, blue, gray and green! I have no idea what color they are!

  27. Ugh! I can only imagine your discomfort. I always feel badly for animals when they are ill or in pain. They can't tell us, other than their outward symptoms. Hope you are over the wonkies.


  28. Interesting that you and My Boy both have the same sort of thing going on eyelash-wise...Perhaps it happened to you so that you would be more in tune with My Boy and his Wonky Eyelash (???). (That is a strange neame -- never heard of it before...)

  29. PG! I have seen that video like 10 times and I bawl bawl bawl...

    I have wonky eyelashes too, so annoying.

    Just think we have something in common with St Bernards, they are very prone to backwards eyelashes :) LOL!!!

  30. Wow-that was crazy. Glad it was something easy though.

    I went to college with a gal that had one eye lash that grew way longer than the rest. It was very noticeable and the poor girl had a heck of a time keeping it trimmed up. She swore it would grow an inch in a single night.


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